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14 July 2016


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David Lentini

C'est ironique aujourd hui, n'est-ce pas? Je propose:

"Allons enfants de la Patrie,
Le jour d' UE est arrivé!"

Babak Makkinejad

Le problem est: "Ou est l'egalite mataintenat en France?" - je pense.


Alors, Vive la France, la patrie de la liberte, l'egalite, et la fraternite (presque mais pas toujours).

Bill Herschel


Bill Herschel

In addition to Pence being a John McCain-style warmonger, his social views would be more acceptable in Saudi Arabia than the United States. He is unfit to be President and would have been eliminated in the first round of Republican primaries. Frankly, I would prefer Jeb Bush.

Goodbye, Donald. I hope you don't win.


100 years after Verdun and now in the city of Nice "tyranny's bloody standard is raised" once more

Lord Curzon

Reports coming in of what French Police are calling a terrorist attack in Nice, 12+ people reported dead run over by a truck - apparently shots have been fired by the police to stop the driver...


Death toll being reported as 60.
Live report on:


I look forward to another 200 post thread where the Fifth Column Enablers on here pontificate about what the shooter's true motives could be as they moral signal to each other.

Bill Herschel

I have really only one further thing to say, basically ever.

A rapprochement with Russia is necessary. The longer it is delayed, the more the world will suffer. It is that simple. Given that I will vote for Hillary Clinton, it is my hope that this gets through her thick, corrupt skull.


Current reports give 84: http://tinyurl.com/gnpgbwo

This gives a bit of insight into France's problem: http://tinyurl.com/gmmyepf

Babak Makkinejad

They need a rapprochement with Iran and Syrian Arab Republic.

Russia cannot do anything for them in this particular case.


I've heard conflicted reporting about the weapons in the rear of the truck:
were they real weapons or "toys"? If they were real was there a way to enter the rear of the truck from the cab? Was the back loader of the truck unlocked?

Who was the motorcyclists who attempted to enter the cab of the truck @ the beginning of the rampage? So many questions & a heart full of grief for the victims. Please
pray for the survivors.

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