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19 July 2016


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Babak Makkinejad

"Opposition to tyrants is obedience to God."

A fine Shia sentiment.


The effectiveness of the Islamic State's strategy for inciting a reactionary response from the West can't be denied. These continuing attacks in France and the US have already manipulated Obama into dropping his 'no ground troops' pledge and US troop deployments are increasing especially in Iraq which is what the IS wanted from the beginning. Even Muqtada al Sadr is responding to this reoccupation with threats to target these troops. France has no real option but to increase their involvement in the MENA because these individual and small group attacks are nearly impossible to interdict.

The other very effective part of this strategy was explained by OBL as helping the West to restrict and eventually destroy the liberty that they are supposedly fighting for and since 9/11 that destruction has increased rapidly in the US and France is heading in that same direction.

It's quite amazing that this small Islamist group has been able to so effectively manipulate the most powerful nations in the world to do their bidding.

David Habakkuk

Colonel Lang,

It is a complicated history, particularly as many of today’s ‘public schools’ – which means ‘private schools’ – started out as ‘grammar schools’. (The King’s School, Canterbury, dates back to AD 597.)

But an underlying principle was that such schools could provide an education, ultimately based in the ideas of the Roman ‘grammarian’, to academically gifted pupils from families without means.

An ironic feature of the Welsh ‘county schools’ was that the initial intention had been to emphasize the technical aspects of education.

And Major Edgar Jones, who created one of the greatest of them, Barry County School, did not in any way despise technical education. He always believed that the ‘grammarian’ style of education was appropriate only for some of his pupils, and in 1914 reorganised the school into General, Technical and Commercial departments.

However, Edgar Jones also did not see any reason why Welsh boys who did have academic aptitudes should not get a free education as good as any that an expensive English public school could provide.

From an account of the history of the school he wrote in 1939:

‘A notable feature of Academic achievements is the varied character of the subjects in which success has been attained. In addition to the more usual subjects of Modem Languages, the Classics, English, History, Mathematics, and Science, marked successes have been gained in Medicine, Engineering, Economics, Law, Archaeology, Philosophy, and in such an unusual language as Russian.’

(See http://www.garethjones.org/margaret_siriol_colley/barry_schools.htm .)

One pupil who gained a ‘marked success’ in Russian was the headmaster’s own son, Gareth, who went from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, to Trinity College Cambridge, graduating with First Class Honours in French, German and Russian.

As a result, he was responsible for the only significant on-the-ground reporting on the ‘Holodomor’.Subsequently he took one risk too many, and was murdered by bandits in Manchukuo in 1935. Whether this was at the instigation of the NKVD I am not clear.

I must declare an interest in this, being the son, and grandson, of former pupils of Edgar Jones.

different clue

David Habakkuk,

Do the words "public school" and "grammar school" have different meanings in Englandish as against Amerenglish?



Thanks for the background. "Regicide Trail", I love it! I grew up in a very different part of the country where our focus was more on Mexico than England in the colonial days. I had no idea of the extent to which English politics and score settling had carried over to this side of the Atlantic. The next time I am in that part of the country I definitely will have to check out the trail and the cave.

I know Republicans that were chagrined when Shrub went around the table to massage Angela Merkel's shoulders. The same way Republicans, as well as Democrats, were put off by the plagiarized speech on prime time. (Do we still use that expression in the internet age?) Whatever the politics of the individuals, we have certain expectations of those who occupy the White House. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3610965/Sexy-photo-Melania-Trump-pointing-gun-thong-bra-runs-Michelle-Obama-dress-pearls-meme-calling-Lady-haters.html

The other day Richard Sale wrote a piece for SST that bemoaned this cultures, "drive for superficiality." Along that line, I found this to be quite interesting: http://www.cnn.com/2016/07/14/health/boredom-extreme-politics/index.html



lmbo more taquiyya disinformation.

1) I doubt that his family is going to admit to anything. Like saying that because the San Berdoo shooters family denied anything, that Omar Marteen's family didn't hear anything, he's not a terrorist.

You're full of it.

2) Now you're claiming to know how someone should have spent money? Get out of here you friggin dhimmi.


Interesting Tyler, admiration? Something like cognitive empathy? If admiration you share that with John Milton and Leon Trotsky. I am more with David ...


Actually, it was three Puritan Parlimentarians who had voted for the execution of Charles I who hid out in those caves on the outskirts of New Haven.


In reply to different clue 20 July 2016 at 02:16 PM

Yes "public schools" are elite, private, fee-paying, schools such as Eton, Harrow, Winchester, Rugby, and so on.

Grammar Schools were and still are state secondary schools that, unlike the majority of state schools in the UK select their pupils using an exam. The curriculum tends to be more academic than the typical UK state school.


In reply to David Habakkuk 20 July 2016 at 11:21 AM

The UK educational "reformers" have a lot to answer for. I've had to interview many UK schools' products for job (apprenticeship) interviews. They can't read what they call "joined up writing" and they can't do "joined up thinking" either.

different clue


Interesting. What exactly did Crosland have against the grammar schools?
What did they represent to him at an emotional level in his own mind? Who did he think he would help by shutting them down? Who did he think he would hurt?



Cromwell knew how to make a decision. What can I say?



The same people who called Clinton's escapades a non-issue are losing their minds over a few lines in a convention speech.

Do you realize how mendacious and ridiculous you people look to America?

The Twisted Genius


I don't know how much you know of the Puritans, especially the early New England Puritans, but you would be surprised how similar they were to the Shia.

The Twisted Genius

Dubhaltach and different clue,

In my Connecticut town in the late 50s and 60s, grades 1 through 8 were considered grammar school. We didn't have a high school, grades 9 through 12. When I first met my future SWMBO in college, she could not tell where I was from. I still had a New England accent of sorts and talked about grammar school and other Connecticut oddities. She thought I might be English. Seemed this was all strange to this Saratoga County gal.

The Twisted Genius


The true believers on both sides will never understand how "how mendacious and ridiculous" they look. But to compare the inadvertent plagiarism of a woman not running for public office, not used to public speaking and speaking English as a foreign language to the actions of a sitting Secretary of State amounting to gross negligence as a minimum and criminal activity to many is beyond ridiculous.



Oh my, we are going into Defcon 4, are we. 1. I do not appreciate being called mendacious. 2. Despite our heavy electronic invasiveness, plus eyes in the sky, I rather doubt the American public can see me, nor be very interested. 3. The only thing that would bring me to vote for Hillary would be if through some miracle my solidly, deep crimson state were to have the pre-election polls at 49-49. Then with barf bag in hand, I would enter the booth and vote against Trump, rather than for Hillary. In case you missed it in my previous comment, I do place a certain value on having presidents know how to act. Hillary may be despicable, mendacious, and traveling with baggage that includes bad decisions from Afghanistan west to Honduras. But she isn't a clown. She is not espousing building a wall on the Mexican border, though I can see some merit in the latter if they made it of stone. As my nom de net may imply, I deal with the construction industry. I don't cut much slack for people who stick it to their contractors. I find it immensely unsettling that there are days when I'm tempted to sound like an old fart muttering about how the republic has gone to hell in a hand basket. And for what it is worth, I plan to vote for Gary Johnson out of protest.


Malania's speechwriter is a Democrat and Trump is not going to fire her.


In reply to different clue 20 July 2016 at 07:43 PM

Grammar schools were seen by Labour (which was far more of a left-wing and socialist party then than it is now) as a bastion of conservatism.

Perhaps Mr. Habbakuk will chime in here but briefly grammar schools were seen as providing a better (I mean more rigorous) education and that pupils who'd been through grammar school were far more likely to go university and enter the professions.

Crossland saw them as entrenching privilege - in this case middle-class privilege, although I suspect the fact that they also adopted many of the forms of Public Schools such as school uniforms, "houses" and so on deepened his loathing of them.


English educational structures are weird as is their terminology.

Calling grades 1 -8 "grammar" as presumably you learnt the basics of language reading and writing seems entirely reasonable to me.

Your accent story makes me smile. When I was younger I didn't have standard "Danish" ('pære dansk') accent I liked to think that it would make me more interesting to girls. But as I got married young to the (literally) girl next door whom I'd known since we were babies I never really got the chance to put this theory to the test.



You mean you are Christians at heart?



I feel sure that none of the department trained abroad.

Not so here

An internal police report exposed by the Tel Aviv newspaper Haaretz this month, revealed that Israeli Border Police in Jerusalem “deliberately provoke Palestinians” in order to get a violent response.

Mimicking Israel

The Atlanta Police Department has been sending personnel to Israel since 1992, as part of the Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange.

GILEE, a project of Georgia State University’s Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, sends high-ranking public safety officials to Israel for “counterterrorism” training every year.


Now this insanity


The Twisted Genius


I don't think they do. Being just south of the FBI and DEA training academies, we really have no reason to send officers to Israel for training. We are now building a new tactical training facility in Stafford that will primarily be used to teach de-escalation techniques. Sheriff Jett said he wanted something like this for five years when it was announced last year.

That incident in Florida is unbelievable. I watched the video and thought those officers must have gone insane with fear to act that way. I heard a commentator say they weren't sure whether the officers violated the victims civil rights. Sounds more like assault with a deadly weapon at a minimum.


After delivering a speech promising America the moon, with balloons floating down and standing next to his running mate The Silver Back, they play the Stones' "You Can't Always Get What You Want." A soundtrack is supposed to support a narrative and not undermine it. Very strange.

The Miami cops need training to learn how to listen to people instead of just barking orders. The Cleveland police, on the other hand, are doing a great job of stopping potentially volatile situations early before they get out of hand.

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