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07 July 2016


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--- "No word from Cheney, yet. He's probably still looking for those WMDs."

As much as the WMD and Cheney et al jokes are funny, WMDs were not the prime motivation for taking out Saddam. WMSs were the sales pitch. FUD works. It became increasingly clear to me in late 2002 and early 2003 as the weapons inspectors saw cooperation in Iraq increasing to unparalleled levels resulting in the US and it's limited coalition ignoring this unpleasantness and having to go forward without even a plurality of support in the UNSC.

And, of course, the incessant nattering by the press at Rumsfeld's frequent updates about the status of locating the WMD unicorns. It was "the thing" for the press and quite obviously less than important for Rumsfeld.


Not a day goes by I don't recall the Gilbert-Goering dialog. As the old lefties used to say: "What is to be done?"

Babak Makkinejad

That conversation is an attempt at absolution of the German people and their collaborators across multiple countries: in Austria, France, Holland, Italy, Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Ukraine, Bosnia-Herzegovina and a few others.

The legal doctrines of Christianity and Islam and what was derived from them leaves the determination of collective guilt, its adjudication, and its just retribution in the hands of God.

Not so the Romans or many an oriental potentate - be they Muslim or not. The retribution was collective.

Germans are lucky that their country was not dissolved and they themselves were not dispersed all over the world so as to never be able to reconstitute any Reich.

Likewise for the Japanese; unfit to rule over foreign people.

In my opinion.

sans racines

I can understand the vengeance, the crime is that they were steam-rollered into it by being fed fear and half-truths



"The legal doctrines of Christianity and Islam and what was derived from them leaves the determination of collective guilt, its adjudication, and its just retribution in the hands of God."

Points lost on the current secular American left.


Generally, ruling over a foreign people comes to no good end for any country.

Babak Makkinejad

I remember Sabri, a Christian, when he travelled to Iran before US invasion. In Tehran he was told that the war was inevitable and they could do nothing. It was sad to see a decent man so shaken after his meetings with Iranians; he was, I am sure, an Iraqi patriot.

I hope he an his family are well somewhere.


Blair needed no persuasion. He was gung ho from the start and carried most of his party with him, albeit against substantial resistance.


Article on Murdoch and the war, Oz edition:


Babak Makkinejad

I think the best course of action for US, EU, and Russia is to agree to bring the wars in the Middle East to and end; it would be good for US, for EU, for Russia as well as for the inhabitants of the Middle East.

Some places, like Afghanistan, have been at war for 36 years, some places only a few. It will be of great help if those wars are ended; be that through rickety cease-fire deals.



Attempt to censure the Blair creature by passing a contempt of parliament motion.

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