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18 June 2016


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Bill Herschel

If b's post on his blog is to be believed, the Russians have bombed explicitly U.S. supported and organized jihadists, had their planes "chased away" by American planes and when the American planes left come back and bombed the American Jihadists again.

If true, these are not the actions of a military who are particularly scared of the American forces in Syria. Nor is it possible to rule out a Russian strategy to make it politically possible in the United States to introduce American ground forces in Syria, thousands of them. When you stop to consider that, all told, the U.S. is currently spending a trillion dollars a year on "Defense" this is probably a winning strategy. It's even better than that. It may in fact be brilliant. The second foreign military adventure becomes the major issue confronting the electorate, the electorate will be able to see the stark contrast between Clinton and Trump.

On topic, there was wide divergence between exits and votes in Florida when GWB got elected.

Seamus Padraig

They speak French in Quebec.

Babak Makkinejad

And the ballots have to be available in both English and French.


Nixon would have won the election in 1960 if the Outfit in Chicago, and Landslide Lyndon in Texas, hadn't stuffed sufficient ballots to win Illinois and Chicago.

robt willmann

The lawsuit that is contemplated is welcome news. It will be interesting to see what relief will be asked for when the paper is filed.

Germany outlawed electronic voting machines in a 2009 ruling from the Constitutional Court. The press release is here--


A translation of the court's decision is here--


The Ohio State University Law School has a website that keeps up to date on election law and election lawsuits around the country, and is a good resource--


Time goes by very quickly. Back in 2004, when I began to complain about electronic voting machines and the federal Help America Vote Act [sic], I was asked by a man who was active in an organization that advocated for minority rights to look into it. The ethnic group was actually a majority of the population of San Antonio, but on some subject areas, they had a point. He then said they would like to go ahead with a lawsuit, so I worked up the document to file and would do it pro bono (for free). Then I was told that the County Commissioners, which is the governing group for the county, offered them some money "to educate" that community about the voting machines, and so they decided not to do a lawsuit after all.

Then before the 2008 general election, I did an editorial and submitted it to the San Antonio newspaper about the electronic voting machines. The person in charge of the editorial page that week accepted it and told me it would be published. She called me later to say that a person higher up at the newspaper had spiked it and ordered that it not be published, because it was "too controversial".

The Help American Vote Act (HAVA), Public Law 107-252, was signed into law by president Bush jr. in October 2002. That devious and diabolical piece of legislation tries to put electronic voting machines everywhere in every state.

If Donald Trump actually receives the Republican Party's nomination at its convention, his main opponents in the general election will be electronic voting machines and the tabulating computers.


I'm afraid the real problem here is that chart. Clinton's CNN exit poll numbers in Virginia were 57% of men (43% of the electorate), and 70% of women (57% of the electorate). Unless my math is off (possible), that gives her around 64.5% overall vs. the 62.2% reported by "Trust-vote," and right in line with next-day totals. On Georgia, the actual number is 72%, not 64.8%, again right in line with the result. The Alabama numbers are obviously inaccurate, since she exit-polled 73% of men and 80% of women, while the chart has her at 70.6%.


different clue

Babak Makkinejad,

A return to Legal Paper Ballots and hand counting of the Legal Paper Ballots would remove from existence the problems that were engineered into existence with the invention of digital fraud-based electronic voting and/or counting.


Would not a candidates name be the same in either language? (Ballot propositions would of course be a problem)

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