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18 June 2016


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I have followed Greg Palast for a number of years since 2000. He has been on about vote suppression for many of them. Here is his take today: http://www.gregpalast.com/california-primary-returning-to-the-scene-of-crime/

Both parties have participated. I recall from my time in Chicago in the early 1970s with détente with the USSR that a standing joke was that Chicago had participated by donating voting machines to Moscow for their mayoral election and Richard Daley had been elected Mayor of Moscow.

Babak Makkinejad


Will it make a difference?

You tell me; the "Landslide Lyndon" whose election to US Senate in 1937 is claimed to have been rigged.

Or the 5000 votes cast in Cook County which sealed Kennedy's election?



Irony Alert - Yes, Babak we are hopelessly corrupt and hypocritical. Feel good to have gotten that off your chest? pl


Given the much better machine HRC has I'd look at the absentee/early balloting to see if that is a factor. For instance the Metro areas in Georgia opened up a lot of places for early voting compared to the past and you no longer need a reason to vote early. You can just show up. With the growth of early voting exit poles are becoming less reliable. So the notion of 2% variance suggesting election fraud is, IMO, no longer compelling.



TTG, Sir

It seems there is a lawsuit every election about nefarious machines and nothing comes out if it.

I know that in the primary couple weeks ago, Hillary won my county's Democrat primary by a decent margin. I don't know anyone who voted for her. Most of my family, friends and neighbors are Democrats and they all voted for Sanders. I think I saw 2 bumper stickers and 3 yard signs for her relative to the many tens for Sanders. She sure has a lot of stealth support here.


TTG, IMO a direct voting fraud like that is not in the cards, it's too dangerous and not really necessary. Observed exprinces tells me, that they have such firm grip control on this nations Main Stream informatiob broadcasting systems, that they can turn on, or turn off the (minimum number of ) voters in any which way they wish. In my observatio, in matter of few hours they can turn the majority of this country for or against what they want, having power like that makes it unnecessary and unpractical to change votes on ballot boxes after they were cast. IMO our problem with this rigged system is much more deeper and more aggressively challenging then just a childish last century style voting fraud.

William R. Cumming

The 50 States control federal elections. Need we say more? And this is not a Constitutional mandate but continued inability of the federal government to reform itself. Also one of the key basis for our system of federalism.


We still have all-paper votes in the UK. If an election result is challenged you still have physical evidence of how people voted. Provides nice little earners for all those banks clerks too - if such people still exist.

Lloyd D. Herod, Jr.

TTG, and all
One of the tricks to hacking an election is to generate a vote total wherein the winning margin exceeds by a goodly amount the automatic recount trigger that most election laws provide. This forces the cost of the recount onto the putative loser. Another, as has been used in the past, is to destroy any paper ballots used or machine logs generated before a recount can be called. Even if so doing is in violation of the law. After all, in for a sheep as a lamb. Also, many of the voting machines commonly in use leave no verifiable audit trail in any case.
Easy peasy.

Lloyd D. Herod, Jr.

Col Lang and those here able to answer:

As an officer's oath of office is to the Constitution, if it were proven beyond the proverbial without doubt criteria, that a Presidential election had or was being stolen, what would be the possible reaction of the Officer Corps? This may not be as hypothetical a question as we might wish...
I understand as well as a civilian does understand such things that this intimately involves the subordination of the military to the civilian authority.

Peter Reichard

Electronic voting is inherently hackable and insecure. The only safe solution is paper ballots, hand counted in the presence of multiple interested parties and immediately posted where the ballots were cast.


An organization that has been trying to challenge the safety of electronic voting is blackboxvoting.org. On their website they present some videos which claim that the Diebolt voting machines can multiply voting results by a number to alter the results.

ex-PFC Chuck

To pick a nit, IIRC it was in 1948 that Landslide Lyndon was elected to the Senate by less than 100 votes.


Well said, Dr. Cuming. How many of our fellow citizens understand that? How many think the two party system is a constitutional artifact?


Agreed and I hope we all know that the howling from the MSM would be deafening. The barely restrained frenzy on their part to call the results of an election whould be seriously crimped by this return to sanity. On the other hand, we would then miss Wolf Blitzer doing his election night impression of a gerbil on amphetamines.



There was also this statistical analysis:


Babak Makkinejad

In certain district in Quebec, during the last Quebec Independence referendum, there were no English language ballots.

And you saw what happened in Florida. Paper is no panacea, look at elections in Egypt.

Babak Makkinejad

Thanks, I did not know that.

William R. Cumming

48 to be exact!

William R. Cumming

Thanks for the Dr. but no thanks. I graduate with the more honorable bachelor of laws degree in June 67. 5 years later the ABA lobbied the academic world to make the first level degree in law a Juris Doctor. It did so. And I was contacted by my law school that if I sent $25 to them I would have a totally new parchment degree issued reading Juris Doctor in 1967.

Thus, I have two officially issued law degrees.

Many Doctors of Juridical Science exist in fact like the PhD.

But hey before the first WW almost no real law degrees or medical degrees existed in our U.S.A. Again IMO!


And there were persistent rumors that, in Hill Country TX, there were entire counties (with only a few hundred residents each, admittedly) where all the voter affidavits were signed in the same handwriting, where a good deal more than 48 votes were supplied for LBJ...


It is well known that the voter fraud which occurs in the US occurs with absentee ballots and with fraud involving the voting machines. Yet, we never see attempts to change this.



I tend to agree. There is probably some other type of laziness which explains the exit poll not matching the vote tallies.

However I do not that Dem turnout is substantially compared to the election that Obama won. Two possibilities. Black people dont care if there is no black person standing, or there were some very effective vote suppression tactics designed to keep the kids from voting. The postal vote favored HRC by more than 2:1

robt willmann


Good. I was wondering about that recently because of the vote coming up in Britain on leaving the (awful) European Union. I had found an article from several years ago saying that paper ballots were used, but I was not sure if that was still the case. Electronic voting machines make voting fraud easy; a lot more work is necessary for fraud with paper ballots.

robt willmann

Babak M.,

I think that "Landslide Lyndon" Johnson got his nickname in a runoff election against Coke R. Stevenson in the Democratic primary in Texas for a U.S. Senate seat in 1948. LBJ got some "extra" votes in Duval County and in Jim Wells County. The "corrected" vote total from Jim Wells County came from around 203 names that had been added to the voter sign-in sheet, and each "voter" signed in the same handwriting, and the names were in alphabetical order, as if the voters happened to show up to vote in alphabetical order!

There was a lawsuit over the mess, and at some point a court issued an injunction order to prevent LBJ's name from being placed on the ballot in the general election that fall. But before the general election, the injunction was lifted and Johnson's name was allowed to be on the ballot. He easily won the general election, since at that time the Democratic Party was dominant in Texas.

I am not aware of an article or book devoted to the lawsuit(s) that occurred after that primary race when the voting fraud became known.

See also, "The Duke of Duval: The Life and Times of George B. Parr," by Dudley Lynch (1976).

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