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29 June 2016


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A truly interesting story. I recall reading it and will try to reread if I can find it in the Tribune archives (as I am a subscriber). Who was the publisher at the time?

Also, I'm surprised about the NY Times assertions. I had been a daily consumer of the Times since its newsprint was distributed nationally in the early 80's (didn't care for the WSJ, so I guess that shows my position on the political spectrum). It was reading about the "mysterious disease that afflicts gays, hemophiliacs and Haitians" in the NYT that introduced me to the AIDS issue.

I believe that another more recent example, and I wonder whether you concur, is the controversy with the 'Innocence Project', wrongful conviction movement, Anthony Porter, Jon Burge; formerly initiated at Northwestern University journalism school. This seems to be a news item that has been recently accused of malfeasance.

Please note that I make this observation as a supporter of law enforcement (minus the military gear)

different clue

SoCal Rhino,

Otto von Bismark would be considered "left" in America-today's manufactured political landscape.

Larry Kart

Two pieces about how pervasive the effects of Rosenthal's homophobia were at the NYT when he was managing editor -- in general and in terms of the lack of coverage of the AIDS epidemic (until Rosenthal retired).



If those pieces seem at all tendentious, I can assure you that what they say about Rosenthal and the NYT was fairly common knowledge among many journalists on many papers at the time. There's nothing that journalists like to talks about more than the behind-the-scenes crap that that's going on at their paper and at other papers.

I know of the kerfuffle over Northwestern U. and the Innocence Project but don't know enough to come down on one side or the other or even to be sure what the sides actually are there (there may well be more than two or even three sides to it now) .

I'll have to check on who the Trib's editor and publisher were at the time of Gallo series, though I doubt whether the publisher would have been involved in it that much or at all.

BTW, in case anyone who read my initial reply to Ramojus is curious, I, and the two science writers and features editor I mentioned in that post are all straight, as they say. I feel somewhat silly in saying that, but there are some conspiracy-minded minds on SST, and why not set them to rest?



TBF it was already done. Trump said he looked forward to working with Cotton in the future. So no.

To answer your first question: a lot of virtue signalling.

Larry Kart

The editor of the Tribune at the time of the 55,000-word John Crewdson series on Robert Gallo was Jack Fuller (who recently passed away), though there may have been some overlap with Fuller's predecessor Jim Squires. The publisher of the paper at the time was John Madigan.


Col. Lang,

Turkey, Bangladesh and we're next again? Not a thing would shock me.


was thinking this was the Borg pulling a Predator Pee Deterrent type maneuver.


but flippancy is the first phase of denial.

WTF is Rumsfeld doing in Caucasus and Central Europe.


The past 48 hrs CNN says sources say no charges against HRC. FBI Director begins his announcement today with "No one knows what I am about to say".....I call whitewash and BS... No charges recommended... she broke laws but no charges because ignorance or even feigned ignorance is an excuse. The FBI is now confirmed as a Borg tool of "governance".

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