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06 June 2016


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I mean doesn't voting for Sanders improve Clinton's chance of being elected?


How would that (Clinton's election) be a feel-good experience?


I wouldn't expect the FBI coming in as angle force, steve, either. Not least since there is some type of national interest connected to matters.

Strictly, the larger surveillance state issue may find us in paradoxical fix occastionally. We do not like to be surveilled, but in other cases we realize it could provide some type of ideal solution to matters, or our desire to understand. ;)

No doubt hard times ahead for voters. On the other hand over here hard times for voters too, the center, comparable to your two parties, may not hold in Third Way* times. .... (Without intention of any type of historical parallel in vaguely alluding to a poem - on the other hand maybe?)

* Blair



this Clinton e-mail ting has nothing to do with the surveillance state. Clinton voluntarily as a pre-condition of her position as SECTATE signed legal papers agreeing to certain conditions with regard to classified information and its protection. She broke the oaths involved in that and should be punished for it. These are felony crimes. she will get away with it because Obama wants here as his successor and has the power to suppress prosecution. pl



she is going to win because Trump is an even worse candidate than she is. At least voting for Sanders will make me feel better than not making any show of resistance. pl



No. She is going to win no matter what I do. pl


For Clinton and the party chance of loosing California to Bernie, was damaging and embarrassing. By declaring the night before the primery she has already won the nomination, if she looses they can say since she has won the nomination her voters didn't find necessary to show up, it may depress the Bernie voters enthusiasm to show up to vote. It is win win for her, I guess at the end since Bernie wouldn't go away she did to Bernie what she did to Moamar.

Edward Amame

His father was the successful developer. Donald has had a very checkered career here in real estate -- he's certainly not in the pantheon of NY developer moguls. In fact, he hasn't built anything I can think of in 20 years. Trump's better at marketing and putting his name on buildings, universities and steaks. In the future, though, his daughter and son-in-law will be forces to contend with.



Yes, I know they won't count it. I don't care. BTW in local elections here in Virginia they DO count write-in votes. In the recent mayoral election the incumbent ran as a write-in candidate, having lost the party primary. He lost. pl


That's funny, Nana, appreciated. ;)

Will Reks


The interesting thing to me is that other Republicans are also sticking the "racist" label on Trump. It seems their political calculation is that doing so can allow them to create some distance between him and vulnerable GOP politicians in order to retain control of the Senate.

Yellow Dog

Didn't the hacked electronic sign in Dallas name him "a shape-shifting inside a lizard"?




The Dems have made Trump look good. Will vote accordingly.


GlennY...you do know that welfare recipients are 40% white, right? So much of what we think we know is not, in fact, true. Also, the vast majority of white collar crime (you know, the crime that costs every employee and taxpayer in the United States LOTS of $$$ and lost opportunity) is committed by whites.
The last recession...remember 2008? I think you need to look at the entire picture of crime and dependency in the US. Trump will not be addressing it.


As a very, very special exception I support Leander against acronymania which seems an especially prevalent disease with Americans:

What does SNL stand for?
Our 'Attic' has 75 unverified meanings for SNL


Allen Thomson

> They would be gone tomorrow if the laws were enforced. Double standard.

Indeed so. Probably not for the first time, I recommend looking into the history of the Legal Arizona Workers Act, which was supposed to impose a "business death penalty" (license revocation) on businesses that persisted in hiring illegals. The amicus briefs filed with the SCOTUS when the law was challenged and especially the subsequent record of non-enforcement are enlightening.




A year ago would have said it is impossible to make Trump look good.


rakesh wahi

Which "race" do you belong to? How about you, Laura? I am something less than 1% North African somewhere way back there. What "race" does that make me? SWMBO is so white by DNA tests that you could go snow blind looking at her. So, I guess she belongs to the white "race." My ancestors started arriving in North America in 1617 and the last showed up from LeaNder's vaterland in 1848. So, I must be rather indifferent to American ideals. Been there, done that for nine generations. pl



Ah, you don't know what SNL stands for. What continent do you live on? pl



"you do know that welfare recipients are 40% white" That means that 60% are not white. pl


"As was said many years ago by a particular female in France -- or by someone -- about the "little people": Let them eat cake."

And that ended so well for them!

Who could have foreseen the "peasants" turning their plowshare into a guillotine?


Tidewater to Bill Herschel,

I don't claim much knowledge of French history, but there is a marvellous statue of King Henry IV on the Pont Neuf. I think Fred will have walked by it this past trip, which he has just so deftly and wittily told us about. In Shakespeare's time the issue in London was not that of "imported cheap labor" I don't think, in the way that Mexicans and Hispanics have been in the US particularly since the end of the Vietnam war. So I disagree with the analogy.

The tension in London was caused by the French Wars of Religion. In August 1572 the leaders of the French Protestant Huguenots gathered in Paris for the wedding of a man we would now consider to be a Spanish king, Henry III of Navarre (Pamplona), into the royal family of France. This had caused a crisis, since Henry of Navarre had been raised by his mother as a Protestant. Paris was, of course, violently Roman Catholic, as was most of France, not that France was then a unified or even a French-speaking country. (France learned the French language in the trenches of WWI.) There was shock and concern about this wedding, because it meant that Henry of Navarre could , through Salic law--he was a Prince of the Blood, a cousin of the Royals-- become King of France. Some six days after the marriage at Notre Dame there was a great uprising in Paris and in other parts of France. This came to be known as the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre. This uprising was an attempt instigated by the French court and the former regent, Catherine d'Medici, to decapitate the Protestant leadership. It nearly worked. However, Henry of Navarre ultimately escaped, fought on as a Protestant leader, and then upon the murder of Catherine's son Henry III of France, under Salic law, as had been feared, Henry of Navarre did, in fact, succeed to the French throne. He was very politically savvy, and immediately converted to Roman Catholicism. To this day the French love him as "Good King Henry." He is also the first Bourbon King. He is the one French King about whom I think an American student ought to read a biography. I confess that I have not. But I have stayed at the wonderful, old-fashioned French pension/hotel The Enri Quatre on the delightful and somewhat hidden Place Dauphine, which can be located by orienting oneself at the statue.

Henry of Navarre, now become Henry Quatre, did many good and sensible, pragmatic things. He brought to an end this most violent period of French history. He also brought the Edict of Nantes into law, which allowed a certain amount of toleration of Protestants. This worked well until Louis Fourteenth abrogated it.

During Shakespeare's time there were thousands of Huguenot refugees in London from this earlier Final Solution. The implications of the St. Barotholomew's Day Massacre were simply enormous in Protestant England. One thing that a few years back that I noticed at Canterbury Cathedral that finally hit home, is that there is a Huguenot Chapel there. I don't know if services are to this day held in French or not. There is strong influence of French Protestantism at Canterbury Cathedral. Huguenots are honored and remembered.

But for Virginians and South Carolinians, the persecution of French Huguenots which began after Louis Fourteenth abrogated the Edict of Nantes had tremendous results. Certainly by 1700 Huguenot settlers came to Richmond and moved west up the James River beyond the fall line. Amusingly, there is a Dover and a Calais on the north and south sides of the James. (Also, oddly, a Bendover, for some reason.)

Anyone travelling down the ICW knows that after you leave Winyah Bay at Georgetown, S.C., and go through the Estherville-Minim Creek Canal, you will come out into a vast region of salt marsh and islands. This is French Santee, named for one of the branches of the river.

It came to me only long after I was out of school that you simply cannot understand southern history without understanding the French Huguenots. In Richmond they are almost invisible at this point, I might add, many of the names anglicized, and much intermarriage, a people, as also in South Carolina, who have been very well established, if you will, for centuries. It is an amazing story.


I wondered why Trump did not let the lawyers quietly handle with appeals his Trump University fraud case, but after reading about the OODA loop (thanks to Tidewater mentioning it), I realized Trump is deflecting attention away from the MSM focusing on the legal aspects by confusing the enemy (MSM) and is taking control of the direction of the dialogue. Something he does all the time. He is always turning against them the liberals charge they use all the time that white supremacy is the root of minority problems. Common memes heard frequently are minorities are more harshly punished in courts and schools because the judges and teachers "do not look like them." Liberals can make these charges all the time without serious debate because of the false belief only whites can be racist.



IMO he does not think he could force a recusal. pl

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