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06 June 2016


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Yellow Dog

"Shape-shifting lizard". No "inside".


Larry Kart,

I think that is a pretty good description of Trump. The problem with him is not that he is a racist or a misogynist, but someone who plays fast and loose with the specifics, someone who would hoodwink you with a mixture of technicalities and bullying--or, in other words, whom you can't really trust. He is, I think, a much more brilliant figure than most other politicians: he saw an opportunity, in the form of many Americans who feel disenfranchised and/or underserved by the political status quo who were looking for a change, but then so did Barak Obama and Bernie Sanders. I could not bring myself to trust the other Hope-and-Change politician, Barack Obama. The bombastic style that Trump brings, at least to me, makes me even more distrustful--so if Barack Obama's shtick was, "Trust me. I am a condescending academic know-it-all," is Trump's shtick "Trust me. I am a rich as**ole who doesn't give a da**?" That these fellows should seem better than conventional politicians is disturbing, even more so that there are good reasons that they are more trustworthy.



not that France was then a unified or even a French-speaking country. (France learned the French language in the trenches of WWI.)

You got a link to more about this? Fascinating comment.


Colonel, unfortunately I think, she will probably win the general election. With the force her campaign came out yesterday to declare her the nominee, and walk all over Bernie , this I have never seen in my 40 years fallowing US elections. They have the entire Borg full force behind them. they just got rid of Bernie, now they can concentrate on Trump, they are going to pull out and demonize him at every spot and dent they find till everybody is sick of hearing it.


rw, ever taken a racial bias or implicit association test?
We are all biased one way or another. Beyond from the top of my head: some type of 'anti' versus 'anti-anti' problematic ... or for that matter easily seeing bias only in others.

I looked up your references above. In combination they lead me to one entry only. Anne Coulter on FrontPageMag. No big surprise there. By the way, for arguments sake for her the supposed rapers are still guilty as of March 2016.

Ann Coulter also advises to go more easy on Hilary's email issue, since she is the best chance to win the election for Trump. Sanders may well be more difficult. ... But yes, given super-delegates his chances seem slim. But then, great he hasn't given up yet.

Babak Makkinejad

Thank you for pointing out a single consequent instance of the Catholic-Protestant War as far as England was concerned and later in US.

I think that is how one could think about the situation in Near East effecting Arabs, Pakistanis, and Afghans as Shia communities separate themselves from their Sunni neighbors under the pressure of war and revolution and terrorism.

I do feel sorry for Arabs & other non-Seljuk people who, in this manner, will have cut themselves off from the central states of their civilization & culture. But such is life; I wish them well in their Pure Islam Fantasy.

Babak Makkinejad

They are mixing ethno-linguistic, ethno-religious, and ethno-racial categories.

They have to do it lest they fall into "racism" or "racialism"; like this Euro-American woman who was asking me if I were an "Asiatic".

Rectification of Names is what is needed.



"Sanders has already lost and it’s now just a question of whether he chooses to rejoin the reality-based community.."

Yes, indeed! Which could very well mean contesting the nomination at the convention or insuring rule and platform changes at the convention or endorsing the Green party candidate. Or going along to get along and endorsing Hillary. It would be interesting to see if he asks those that voted for him during the primary how he should rejoin the "reality-based community ", how many would support endorse and campaign for the Clinton twofer.

Everyone knows that Sanders has been under a lot of pressure for sometime from the Democrat establishment to drop out and let Hill be crowned. But even considering as you say he has lost, there's some reason why so many of my friends, family and neighbors are so passionate about him that even those that have never been politically active have been so engaged and active as never before. My feeling is that among this rather small sampling only a third will vote for Hill in November. Of course California will elect anyone with DEM next to their name so it will not matter.


Sorry. My previous post was addressed to Stephanie.



The duopoly makes sure that it is difficult to vote for the candidate that you believe in. They want to ensure that your only choice is Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum.

Many states like yours do not permit write-in candidates. Others require registration by such candidates. All designed that our choice is limited to those approved by the Borg. Occasionally, a candidate like Trump slips through but that is so very rare. So, every attempt will be made to fear him completely by scaremongering.



This "racism" gambit is just another campaign by the Borg to scare people. This is all part and parcel of PCness gone amok and in reality to suppress speech. Even the Borgist publication The Economist is noting it.


Mark Logan

Larry Kart,

I would add my perspective, that of a very, very small fry "developer" a part of the construction business I only had to dabble in due to the collapse in 08.

A Trump is a front-man for the banks. It is they who pull the trigger on the big stuff. However the only bankers whose careers are advanced by getting their name in the news are the guys right at the top. They only want the money, and fame is an unnecessary risk. Trump is nearly perfect, he insists on getting 100% of the press. At no time on any of his stinkers has he pointed to a bank and whined about them screwing him that I am aware of, and I doubt we would be aware of him at all if he had done that.

Marshall is accurately describing how Trump behaves at the carcass of a bad one, I'm willing to bet. That's a gathering of vultures. However Marshall is wrong to suggest that Trump never pays or always stiffs his creditors. Not paying contractors and subs in his neck of the woods is a very risky thing to do and he seldom does that in a good project. He also pays the banks when a project goes well. This is why he is still around. Those are two groups of folks you never stiff unless the project is in bankruptcy and they expect to be stiffed. When the banks are still funding things they dole out the money month by month to their front man and keep a very sharp eye out for their front man failing to pay workers. They are acutely aware their front man may decide to chump them at any moment.

I point to the banks continuing to lend him money for new projects after some of his failures as evidence. Whatever his considerable flaws he is a competent developer. Not the greatest batting average in the line up but he swings for the fences...


Not my country, not my war but I thought McCain's time in and after Vietnam was a matter of some controversy. I seem to remember Trump tweeted the Vietnam Vets against McCain video and I did read Ron Unz's column on his war record.


Of course regardless of his past his record as a neocon poster boy and perpetual warmonger is enough for me to loathe the man and I am pleased to see he might well lose his Senate seat in the Primary to Kelli Ward.



There is indeed. There is also a charming little boutique hotel on Rue Bernadins next to the Square Paul Langevin.

I believe it was Henry IV who said “France is worth a mass.”? Thank's for bring up the history, it is something that should not be forgotten in these times.



Assuming that you are correct and that 40% of government assistance goes to white people, how does that make what GlennY says about immigrant use of government assistance incorrect or invalid?

When so many recent immigrants are high school graduates or less and are low wage earners, it's to be expected that they, like others who are low wage earners in this country, depend on various government assistance programs to stay afloat.

I am disgusted by the immoral, uncaring and criminal behavior of white elites too. However, I count the deliberate mass importation of foreign workers into the US to suppress American wages and to replace American workers among their sins. Do not think my attitude is based on my being conservative or a Republican. I am neither.


There are a lot of incentives for people to identify with a minority group.

I wonder what everybody else will do when non-Hispanic whites in this country are less than 50% of the population and start forming their own groups and claim "minority status" too.

When there's no majority group, then what?

Between our rapidly increasing population, the shifting of income and assets from the many to the few and the demographic changes taking place, how are we going to come to a consensus in the future about anything?

Lots more people fighting over maintaining what they have in endless battles, lots more people having far less than they'd hoped when they came to America or that their American ancestors had.

When I imagine America's future I assume it will be a dystopic mess resulting from changes that began in my lifetime.



You are incorrect about write-ins in Virginia. A candidate must file a statement of intent to participate with the Secretary of State in Richmond. That is all that is necessary. pl


I think the French language became nationalized some time before World War I: creating a clearly defined French "nation" was the big drive of the French state throughout 19th century. Perhaps it was finalized in the trenches, but linguistic unity, I think, came some decades before...


Its just a difference in terms. "Statement of Intent" is a "Registration" sorts.

The point is, unless a document has been filed with the state beforehand (and there are deadlines for doing so) votes for a write-in candidate will be considered defacing the ballot.

If you vote "Bernie Sanders" everyone will know who that is BUT it will not mean ANYTHING AT ALL unless Bernie filed a "Statement of Intent" with the State of Virginia.

No one can file that for him.



Thanks for telling me. I called the local Bernie people and they are filing. pl


Read Eugen Weber's "Peasants into Frenchmen" for starters. Weber argues that the 2nd half of the 19th century is when France became French. Local patois was gradually replaced via the railroads and the markets thus created, nationalization of education, and service in the military. Excellent piece of scholarship.


"SECTATE signed legal papers agreeing to certain conditions with regard to classified information and its protection"

That no doubt would sent a strong signal to everyone concerned. Unfortunately on that social layer it also feels very, very unlikely.

Concerning surveillance state, nosy nitwit me, had "private mails" in mind as far as both interior and exterior interests are concerned.

Sorry for the distraction.



"SECTATE signed legal papers agreeing to certain conditions with regard to classified information and its protection" That no doubt would sent a strong signal to everyone concerned" Are you not a German? Do you not remember what happens when people stop obeying the law?" pl


Will R.,

I suspect that is very likely. That Trump is a deceitful huckster who preys on the weak and gullible is probably his greatest weakness. That he might be racist or bigot is not--Whether it is true or not, many people already believe he is. As there are plenty of casual evidence that he is, at minimum, callously insensitive, no one is going to be impressed by another round of recriminations of this sort, however loud. Republicans won't be getting most of Hispanic votes, with or without Trump--but a sizable minority of Hispanics (perhaps 15-25% of the Hispanic electorate) that don't care much about immigration and ethnic issues will be voting Republican no matter what.

On the other hand, the possibility that Trump might be a fraudulent economic predator is an altogether different problem that could really hurt. Trump's selling point is that he is, in effect, a "reformed" rich as**ole who will help protect the weak and the underserved. Stories like Trump University lawsuit or how Trump used eminent domain to evict little old ladies will bite more than accusations of racism.


Tidewater to MRW,

Mongoose nailed it. My source on that was indeed Eugen Weber.

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