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06 June 2016


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rakesh wahi

when we become US citizens we are expected to leave our native strifes and prejudices behind. Maybe as immigrants we believe in US ideals more.


It's either Trump or the U.S. will continue to devolve into a third-world country at a increasing rate (as economists say, increasing at an increasing rate). The U.S. will become shockingly brutal and unrecognizable within a generation. I don't think many Americans are aware of the extent of social welfare support and dependency of third-world immigrants. Nor the shocking levels of criminality. I do because of my job. Surprisingly Trump does as well. Let me leave you with only one public information source that is indicative of the America your children will live in. FBI Most Wanted-- murder. https://www.fbi.gov/wanted/murders/@@wanted-group-listing


Col. Lang -

As I've said before, I'm not an expert in intelligence or law, so I'll wait until she's convicted of something before labeling her a criminal. Just the same as I'll do with Trump or anyone else accused of a crime.


The nation can't stand four years of Clinton and I can't handle four years of Trump airing his personal and business grievances in public. Will also write in Sanders.

The Borg will do everything it can to tie Trump up in court. CNN is on an anti-Trump 24 hour telethon--anyone with a grievance can call in.

Larry Kart

Colonel -- I don't understand "because Obama wants a successor he can control." First, why would an out-of-office Obama think that he could control an elected Clinton (I would think that would be a virtual impossibility). Second, what signs do you see that Obama would even want to control Clinton (or much of anything for that matter) after he leaves office? As president he's shown little enough ability or desire to control things in any meaningful, effective sense.



Agree with your post.

Not to be outdone, Our friends at DOJ thought along the same lines at Trump...



Colonel Lang-

You are older, wiser, and more wily in the ways of The Beltway than I, so...a question: How it is in President Obama's interest to help Ms. Clinton in any way? Ms. Clinton is going to end up in a hell of a mess, whether she is President or not. Her legal issues aren't going away. Her forgotten debts remain unpaid, and there will be a reckoning. For Obama, any control over her would cease come Inauguration Day. After that, he becomes a liability to President H. Clinton...not a great end result. As an aside, I also wonder if William Clinton has contemplated what happens once the woman he has scorned and humiliated for so long no longer needs him, and she also happens to be the most powerful person on the planet.

Colonel, why Bernie Sanders? If you are going to write in someone not on the ballot, can't you find someone more...qualified...than Sen. Sanders?

Since you reveal who you will vote for, I am going to vote for Gary Johnson. If I was of a mind to write someone in, Jim Webb would get the ink of my pen.



Bill Herschel

Imported cheap labor was a big issue in Shakespeare's London. Native English workers were punished severely for attacking foreigners. It has been around forever.

Illegal immigrants in the U.S. are a product of the 1% wanting cheap labor. They would be gone tomorrow if the laws were enforced. Double standard.

Bill Herschel

You have to listen to what he says when he is interviewed by Howard Stern. He sounds like a thoughtful real estate guy, which is what he is. He doesn't fall for any of Howard's weirdness.

He's being Putin'ed. I don't like it. At all. In the slightest. Anyone who says Hillary Clinton is not fit to be President and says that all William Kristol wants is to kill people is worthy of a protest vote at least.

I cannot quarrel with writing in Sanders. But I don't think it will shake things up.

Bill Herschel

It is none of my business, but I hope that SWMBO has recovered from her injuries. To me they sounded pretty significant, and I infer that they have not had a truly lasting effect. That would be excellent.

Will Reks


I think the "Mexican" aspect to all this is Trump's ploy to distract from the allegations of fraud in the Trump University lawsuits. The media may be doing him a favor here.


The transaction between the Florida AG and Trump sounds almost like a bribe.


Except Herr Drumpf is calling fire down on himself by now instructing his surrogates to attack the "racist" reporters. According to reports on a recent conference call, he is doubling down on his attacks on Judge Curiel and instructing his supporters to after the reporters asking questions. And this is after reports are coming out that after state attorney generals in Florida and Texas stopped investigations into his Trump University and later received campaign donations from him. And allegedly the FL AG asked for a donation after the investigation was halted. If he is going out of his way to attack the media, he can only expect to have them double their efforts.

His attacks on the judge sitting on his case are beyond stupid. He is essentially calling one of the branches of government crooked- and he is seeking the job of chief executive of the country. If it was a question of governmental powers that would be one thing- but here he has cases before the courts. And one involves a civil suit under RICO statutes. That is what he might be worried about.


I'm a supporter of Sanders, but here in Oklahoma if I were to write-in Sanders in November my whole ballot would by law be invalidated because both parties in this state conspired together many years past to prevent write-in candidates. You vote for a candidate not on the ballot here and the whole ballot is tossed. As result, I will have no choice (and no voice as a result) but to leave my presidential vote blank.


It's cheering to think that I'm in good company contributing to Gabbard and Sanders.

After watching the AP and other media, including NYT, announce Hillary as Dem nominee on the night before the CA, NJ, ND, SD primaries, I can barely contain my contempt for a process that implies voters should not trouble themselves to exercise their right to vote; the nomination's a done deal and they should accept being voiceless and powerless.

If Clinton set out to deliberately antagonize Sanders' voters, she could not have done a more stellar job.
Even Trump wasn't that ham-fisted.

A this point, writing in Bernie Sanders is my only sane option.

William R. Cumming

Of the 55 million people citizens and residents [legal?] in the U.S, many estimate 1/2 to 2/3 have some Mexican heritage. Is this accurate?

William R. Cumming

Wiki Extract:

Mexican Americans (Spanish: mexico-americanos or estadounidenses de origen mexicano) are Americans of full or partial Mexican descent. As of July 2013, Mexican Americans made up 10.9% of the United States' population, as 34.6 million U.S. residents identified as being of full or partial Mexican ancestry. As of July 2013, Mexican Americans comprised 64.1% of all Hispanics and Latinos in the United States.

The United States is home to the second-largest Mexican community in the world, second only to Mexico itself, and comprising more than 24% of the entire Mexican-origin population of the world. Canada is a distant third with a small Mexican Canadian population of 96,055 (0.3% of the population) as of 2011.

Over 60% of all Mexican Americans reside in the states of California and Texas. In 2012, the United States admitted 145,326 Mexican immigrants, and as of November 2014, over 1.3 million Mexicans were on the waiting list to immigrate to the United States through legal means.

William R. Cumming

Did you mean "employ" him?


The two videos on this site about Trump are worth watching. One is by the former Chief North American Economist for the B of A/Merrill Lynch who foresaw the financial crisis and spoke of it in 2007, and the other is a video about how Trump is perceived by the Russians and Chinese vs. Hillary. They’re not long, and they are not hyperbolic or emotional.




No idea what you are talking about. pl

William R. Cumming

Washington gossip indicates that HRC enterprises will employ him post January 20th! After all Bill and HRC rose to a suspected net worth of $200M.



"He is essentially calling one of the branches of government crooked-"

Isn't this the same thing the left is doing when the beat the drum about how many black men are in prison?



Almost all of these people are massively driven by ego. Obama believes (probably falsely) that he can control HC as president and supervise her in fulfilling his revolutionary social and foreign policy visions. Bill Clinton has no choice but to stick with her and hope that she can control further investigation of CGI. As president she will, of course, be able to suppress investigations of herself. So, the two of them, remain welded together at the hip until death does them part. I don't find Johnson/Weld attractive. perhaps it is a matter of style. My preference for Sanders is not ideological. I think he and Jane are decent people if somewhat naïve. DOL. pl

Edward Amame

So many idealists. I liked Occupy and I like a lot of what Sanders says (esp on Israel and income inequality) but he would be decimated by the GOP. It would be easy for them to paint him as a transplanted old school NY commie who would tax the middlde class into oblivion to pay for single payer and free colleges for his Red Guard. I'm a pragmatist. Emails or not, I'm all in for HRC, mainly for what she can do to the Supreme Court, which because of the state of the House of Reps, is where the action will be. I look forward to a new SOTUS revisiting a number of recent decisions. Starting with Citizens United.


"He bears the cultural imprint of German peasant and Scottish Calvinist grandparents."

That sounds like me and about 80% of the enlisted and officer force. Heh. Throw Irish in there and we're up to 90%.

I wish Joe Bageant had lived to see this election. It would have blown his mind. Normally east-coast writers can barely keep their disgust for the German/Scots/Irish working backbone of the country from showing through, but Joe always wrote from a place of compassion (and frustration) as that was his heritage and kin, and one he was proud of.


Larry kart

"why would an out-of-office Obama think that he could control an elected Clinton" IMO we should not forget Obama's narcissist egotism. IMO she would be uncontrollable by anyone and if unrestrained by GOP control of Congress would act out her fantasies on a grand scale. I can imagine the screaming scenes likely to ensue when she is frustrated. pl

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