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06 June 2016


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Looks like everything is covered up until after the coronation:

If they don't have to follow the law why should anyone?



The reality of your fantasies might change your mind. Do we really need another East Coast Prosecutor from an Elite Ivy League school on SCOTUS? Especially after seeing the content and purpose of the current students protests at those institutions last fall.


No, I did now what SNL stand for, if only to have read several pieces refering to it on SST.
What I object on principle is the abuse of acronyms, they seem "familiar" to the people acquainted with them but they are a hindrance to proper discourse.


kao, I didn't make myself clear above, quite the opposite. And in a way I did not really respond to Alexey, but followed a vague associative line on my head. Which may make it cryptic.

Only got a glimpse of it anyway in a specific debate. In the late 19th century, religion and language seem to have been identity markers in Russia. Maybe the origin of a difference between citizenship and "nationality/ethnicity". A difference between people of the Russian empire and ethnic Russians. How did the Romans handle matters? Similarly?

I find the second paragraph funny:

To not enter a too complicated circle dance around discussions inner drive or outer force, or staying apart/living together. This happened to others.:

Besides I enjoyed your comment. As you surely realize "race" is a heavily loaded term in my country. ...

Seems Erdogan still believes in something comparable to biological race. Along familiar single versus dual loyalty lines. No? 'rectify names'? Turkish identity. Not so sure. 'Mixed race', maybe? from a nurture versus/and nature perspective:

"German members of parliament Özan Mutlu (Greens), Mahmut Özdemir (SPD), and Cemile Giousouf (CDU) have now had their Turkish identity called into question by Erdogan, who strictly rejects the crime being classified as genocide. Erdogan has now called for them to take a “blood test”, saying their Turkish identity should be checked as “their blood is impure”. Many of the MPs have also received death threats."


My take is, if you think 'birtherism' was "pure" ANYTHING....you fail to understand the complexity of the US political 'game', and perhaps, fail to appreciate the complexity of life itself.


"Expected" by whom? Surely not the worshipers, mean that literally, of, so called, "progressive multiculturalism'?



This is n American blog. You will have to put up with our diseases. The language on SST will remain something that Americans are comfortable with. pl


Not sure I understand your reference to a "reality based community", but if it includes Hillary's regime change, corporate financed campaigns, and the stench of the Clinton Foundation, no thanks.

You have inspired me to donate another few dollars to Sanders.


@Mark Logan 07 June 2016 at 05:00 PM

your description of Trump corresponds roughly to my guess-based version of Trump:

1. fixers and finance guys do Trump's heavy lifting.
2. Trump is a DBA brand. [this is a question]
3. in his neighborhood there are rules - not quite the same as principle but better than nothing.
4. he is NOT a hothouse flower - even if he only plays a mogul on TeeVee.
5. the borg is not monolithic.

What is the worst he and his familiars are likely to do? Who can say?
What is the worst she could be pressured to do? More of same.

Chancing it with "Who can say?" seems preferable to "More of same." Why? Tychophants (devotees and practitioners of the goddess of Chance) experience outcomes. Think tankers revise realities.

Edward Amame

What fantasies? I have no idea who a President Clinton would select and neither do you. What is absolutely certain is that either Clinton or Sanders will change the tilt of the court away from the remaining hard-core GOP corporatists who've been so busy denying the legal rights of workers, consumers, voters, and anybody else who dares to challenge the power of the big biz elites who reign over us.


I’m sorry, but attacking someone based on national origin is, as Paul Ryan puts it, the textbook definition of racism. One such textbook is the UN International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, which prominently mentions discrimination against national origin. If that doesn’t work for you, Federal hate crime statues include national origin as well. The EEO also specifically prohibits discrimination by national origin, mentioning Mexicans by name. This is a commonly accepted definition that gets around the otherwise thorny problem Col. Lang brings up.



"attacking someone based on national origin is, as Paul Ryan puts it, the textbook definition of racism" That is just silly and nonsensical. So, if I don't like someone because they are of English origin that is racism. That is the definition of PC BS run riot. pl



"Black Lives Matter". Saying "All" got Hilary and everyone else shouted down by BLM. Their conduct is of course not racist at all.


Col Lang.

Personally, I don't like to call people racists under almost any circumstance. I don't see how the US criminal code (which, to be fair, defines hate crimes, not racism) is PC. The UN declaration, which was made before PC was a glimmer in any leftist's eye, expressly defines it as a form of racial discrimination. That's what I think Ryan meant by "textbook definition," i.e. "what you'd find in a textbook." You can always find absurdities around any definition.



I have no idea what you're talking about. I think the protesters at Trump and other political rallies are deplorable.



IMO the whole concept of "hate crimes" is PC nonsense. there were already laws on the books punishing these crimes. The UN? For god's sake the UN has always been full of dictators with no respect fpor human rights or law. . I'll bet that Saudi Arabia and the USSR voted for that. Ryan? You don't give a damn about Ryan and his "thoughts." Did you vote for him and Romney? This is just another way to thump Trump so that your heroine, the Khalisi will be enthroned. pl



of course not. I would point out that BLM is, by its conduct, a group that is intolerant of white, hispanic or asian Americans but that does not match the narrative even if thier conduct does meet the definition of "intolerance" defined in article 1 of the "international convention" you linked to.



"... your heroine, the Khalisi will be enthroned. "

That is a powerful image. The great white woman savior with her army of eunuchs out the free the slaves.



You forgot the dragons. pl



Well she does have feminists, do they count?


would these count as dragons? (don't know from GoT - thought it was a game)



shuddering at the prospects of policy maenads (in warrior princess drag) - Nuland, Flournoy, Power?? et al. Need some rhetorical packaging to pass off gynophobia and the m- word as focused misanthropy.



It’s your money. You can send it to Sanders or you could also do something of equal practical use with it like set it on fire. I’d say different if he were using his millions to help downticket members of his party, which will be important this year. But he’s done very little of that.

(Noting for the record that I like some aspects of HRC’s record no more than you do.)



“Contesting” at the convention….there’s nothing to contest. Any real chance of winning went out the window for Sanders in mid-March and HRC’s victories in the mid-Atlantic states nailed his coffin. He has had no real numerical shot at the nomination for some time, regardless of the misinformation he’s been feeding his fans. He’s already been allowed to load the platform committee with a large minority of his own choice, which is unprecedented.

I agree with you that some Sanders supporters will never vote for HRC, but a subset of irreconciliables were never going to vote for her in the first place, so it's a wash.


"Race" is a loaded term in my ancestral country, too. South Koreans are always surprised when citizens of other countries who are of Korean descent don't think like they do. This has led a peculiar backlash since, after South Korea normalized relations with PRC, the country has been flooded by many Chinese citizens of Korean ancestry who are, as I mentioned some time before, very loyal Chinese even if they speak perfect Korean and know the cultural niceties. Apparently, South Koreans don't get how this could possibly be. But then, people who were more Korean than Chinese in their attitudes (like my grandparents) left long ago, back in 1945-6.

On the other hand, one interesting (and highly annoying) consequence of multiculturalist political correctness in United States is that people expect "minority" Americans to act like how they imagine "your people" should behave--been on the wrong end of it far too many times, and insulting on two dimensions: first, what they imagine "your people" should behave is often wrong in the first place, when it comes to the actual ethnic group is concerned; and more important, why the heck should I act like a member of ethnic group X?

With regards the Turkish-Germans, I'd imagine that a large proportion of them are in fact, "Turkish" more than German--I'd imagine Erdogan is not entirely groundless thinking what he is. I don't think German lawmakers of Turkish ethnicity, though, to be like the average Turkish-German, though, in terms of their "Turkishness."

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