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06 June 2016


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I hope Sanders wins. Gallup surveys show Asians prefer Sanders most out of all the candidates (which is why Hawaii which is 50%+ Asian, voted for Sanders) .. Asians voted 80% for Democrats in the general election

The tracking for Sanders is that he wins the majority of those who are young as well as online.. because you need to be online to find out the awful truth of Hilary's neocon warmongering polices..

The demographics of those with lowest online percentage (those over 50, poor, Hispanic, or Black) lean Hilary only because they've never heard much about Sanders & don't know her neocon policies



Hank P

"I'm not an expert in intelligence or law" I am an expert in intelligence and intelligence law. IMO her behavior has been criminal in the blatant and repeated violations of laws regarding the safeguarding of classified information. I realize that you think that unimportant. pl


Bill Herschel

Yes, her injuries were severe but she is all better now. Thanks for asking. pl



I have known a lot of buffoons who were good at making money. That skill does not transfer well to other activities. pl


rakesh wahi

What an arrogant, haughty person you are! I guess we could call this "immigrant superiority syndrome." pl


What is the likely outcome if people write in Sanders?



None, but it will make me feel good. pl


Pat, SNL?

Basically, I have to admit once I dived into American legal reality and whatever came to my mind associatively to the extend one can as outsider, I wondered about American demographic labels, and how they shape perception and/or self-perception.

If I am not completely wrong, I seem to recall that Hispanics are given two separate choices: black or white.


I would celebrate a Clinton loss far more than mourn a Trump victory. Yet the more I've seen of the media bias in favor of Hillary and against Trump (Chris Matthews anyone?) the more I am tempted to vote for Trump.

When push comes to shove, I anticipate writing in Sanders. A million or so nominally democratic party voters doing that could cost Clinton the electoral votes of a few states, and the election.

In my dreamworld, the FBI comes to the rescue in the next few weeks.



" I don't think many Americans are aware of the extent of social welfare support and dependency of third-world immigrants. Nor the shocking levels of criminality."

I disagree. They've just been silenced by the PC crowd over fear of being called racists.



Yes those of us whose families have been here for generations really have no redeeming values at all unlike those immigrating from the great civilizations. So great that millions leave them annually for ours.


And CNN is also parroting this line as well. I guess the national media wants us to believe the nomination is over. For CA and NJ there's conjecture on who this will hurt more for voters who think it's over and stay home. Sander's troops may be demoralized and stay home, likewise Clinton supporters may think it's in the bag and also not show up. Guess we'll find out in a few hours.

It would be HILARIOUS if Sanders carries CA due to Hillary bots staying home due to the AP and CNN trying to carry her water and instead shooting her in the face with voter turnout. Probably not enough to save Sanders but the deck's been stacked against him from the beginning. The DNC didn't just have their finger on the scales to tip the balance, they dropped an anvil on Hilary's side.

After watching the Democratic party's conduct this election I'm done with them. When the chips are down they've shown they're even more corrupt than the Republicans and have even less regard for the public.

If Hillary wins she shows every sign of being the Democrat's George Bush and will likely leave just as much of a leadership vacuum after her inevitable 4 to 8 year implosion. The Democratic party is now for all intents and purposes the Clinton machine. The next president is going to inherent a mess of an economy and a post-WWII status quo that is crumbling at lightning speed. Hillary has promised to double down on exactly the same set of policies that are eroding the status quo and very likely to lead to exacerbate ongoing economic and foreign policy crisis.


Thanks Alexey, I was pretty surprised when someone alluded to Russian post revolution realities on an academic list I followed. It was a highly helpful point on the issue discussed at the time. For me a much helpful complicating matter in the debate context.

Mind you, I looked a bit into the development of "racial studies" and their history in the US, but on a pretty limited basis, admittedly. ...



You have never heard of "Saturday Night Live?" This is a TV show that has been a feature of US life for thirty-five years and is famous for its sarcastic political satire. would it really have been too difficult for you to type "SNL" into the search box on Wikipedia? "Black or white?" What on earth are you talking about, the census? Once gain, Mexicans are not a "race," "Americans are not a "race." these are natonalities. pl

Hood Canal Gardner

rjj said...
What is the likely outcome if people write in Sanders?

Reply 07 June 2016 at 10:31 AM

turcopolier said...

None, but it will make me feel good. pl


Me too.


Maybe whoever led me into the larger social entertainment context of Shakespeare's Globe may have mentioned "foreigners", but strictly I doubt it would have escaped my attention.

On whom are you relying here, Bill?

And now I have to reflect to what extend they may have surfaced in Shakespeare's plays. ;)

Larry Kart

OK, Trump is not a racist, and understandable though the temptation is, it’s foolish/deeply unwise for the Democrats to try to stick that label on him. Instead, Trump is a Tasmanian Devil-style playground bully writ large, and as in this particular instance (and as he has done many times before), he will grab any weapon, throw any stone, clod of dirt, etc. that comes to hand, the goal of course being to get his way by intimidation and inflicting injuries. 

For example, this from Joshua Micah Marshall’s site Talking Points (yes, Marshall is a liberal, but IMO a very sober, honest man):

“As I've learned more about Trump's business history it has reminded me of this description we got months ago from another New York real estate professional about Trump's MO ...

‘There is a personality type with a New York developer, one Donald learned from Fred when he carried his dad’s briefcase to acquisition meetings out in the boroughs and it goes like this:

Donald contracts for a service or good, or the acquisition of a piece of land for $1 million.
He then does not pay you
You ask Donald for your million dollars
Donald yells at you, basely, abusively, wholly out of character to the rich gentleman you broke bread with and made the deal with. He tells you that no, YOU owe him $200,000. Gives you no reason but screams how can you be such a son of a bitch to rip him off, how he’s going to sue you, expose you as a cheat, etc.
You’re off your pins, defensive. How could this be the guy who was so nice when he picked up the check at Per Se?
So, you compromise, because human nature avoids conflict, right? This is what he’s gaming you for because once you compromised, you’ve lost. You’ve inferred his premise that you have some complicity in the matter otherwise why would you compromise? You are on the defensive and will never get it back.
You offer $750,000 as a settlement, angry but want it over and done with. He then sues you. Why, because you’ve already committed yourself to the loss. You volunteered to surrender your position and what will stop you from keeping going?
I’ve seen many a New Yorker settle things like this with Trump people for 5-10 cents on the dollar and then happy, even eager to keep doing business with them. Why? Because he got in their heads with this aggressively counterintuitive behavior.’"

P.S. You agree with me that an out-of-office Obama could not dream of controlling Clinton? Is he then so stupid and/or narcissistic that he doesn't know this? And, again, even if he could control Clinton down the road, to what end? Seems to me that the key and perhaps only goal of the post-presidential Obama, as my son's generation would say, is more or less to "chill." See the post-Prime Minister career of the not un-Obama-like Tony Blair for an example of same. They who lived by smoke and mirrors and "imagery," when they are out of office and lack its leverage, more or less become like reverse "Wizard of Oz" characters -- e.g. the insides of the formerly (in the eyes of many) humanoid scarecrow are revealed to be all straw, the Tin Woodman is immobilized by rust, and the Cowardly Lion is just that.


Ooops, well obviously I know Saturday Night Live as "necessary institution"* for decades. Not too good in acronyms though, as you may have realized.

* my personal take on matters.

Walter Jeffers

"Herr Drumpf" Wow. Clever and original.

In the 90's the Clinton administration relentless attacked Ken Star when he was Special Prosecutor, but I suppose that was different.


Is there still a chance in spite of the superdelegates?

Haven't looked into matters recently.

But apart from that, yes, it feels the "Digital Divide" may matter.



Nothing depends on how our California votes, I’m sorry to say, at least as far as presidential politics is concerned. Sanders has already lost and it’s now just a question of whether he chooses to rejoin the reality-based community or continues to blow what remains of his donors’ money on pointless costly media buys. Clinton will probably have to bail him out of campaign debt with her ill-gotten gains, just as Obama had to do for her. I speak with some feeling about this since I was one of those donors early on, before he went off the rails.



1) Your write-in vote would not count.
11 states outlaw don't accept write-in votes and 32 states require that the candidate has registered as a write-in beforehand (including your state of Virginia) (ht jfl @moonofalabama.org)

Why not vote for the GREEN PARTY? Their position are closest to Bernie's and if others like yourself voted GREEN, they could become a viable opposition.

2) Does Sanders deserve your vote?
Sanders entered the race saying that he merely wanted to raise "issues" and has repeatedly vowed to support the democratic nominee (expected to be Hillary). Savvy Democratic Party watchers who saw "the writing on the wall called Sanders - a career politician who is close to the Party leadership - a 'sheepdog':



Throughout his campaign, Sanders pulled punches. It seems that he has agreed not to criticize Hillary or Obama. Thus he essentially conceded the black/latino/women vote to Hillary. He complains about Hillary's judgment but has little to say about her defense of her 'judgment calls' because he won't criticize her character. His fiestiness, like criticizing of DNC-Hillary collusion came weeks too late. His hope for pulling Super-delegates from Hillary is so deluded that it can be nothing but a pretense to keep his young followers engaged.

Some might say that Sanders is betting on a Hillary indictment. I think that the Hillary-Obama establishment will ensure that an alternate candidate (rumor: Biden-Warren) takes Hilary's place if that looks likely (Obama's DOJ will delay).

Sanders only real chance to change the Democratic Party was to win a majority of pledged delegates so that the Super-delegates would have to overturn voter choice in order to nominate Hillary. He had a golden opportunity to attack Hillary after the State Dept IG Report but he wouldn't!!

3) Trump has shown a great deal of political savvy.
His buffoonery and ego are drawbacks but effective - and who else would run? His foreign policy positions have been praised by realists.

Trump said that he wouldn't run as an independent if her was "treated fairly". Many would say that Sanders has not been treated fairly but I doubt he will run as an independent.

I think that many Sanders supporters and independents won't vote for Hillary but don't care much for Trump. But, the better choice is to vote GREEN PARTY rather than waste your vote by writing-in Sanders.


Trump believes heritage may make somebody impartial, and the media is going berserk. No surprise, since that same logic, if it takes hold, would have a profound on US policy towards Israel.


Another option is to vote for any 3rd party candidates that show up on the ballot.


I suspect that this is a subtle problem in linguistic contexts.

In most English usage, "race" carries a very specific "biological" context that cannot be (easily) created or changed--a Polish Mexican is still white by race, even after generations of acculturation, for example (I am thinking of some very specific people I know--who are very Mexican culturally, but still look very Central European.)

I've noticed that "race" (or its equivalents) carries much more flexible connotations in other languages, though--including the way Spanish uses the term "la raza," which, as far as I can tell, is an ethnic-social-cultural grouping as much as strictly biological grouping. So the above-mentioned Polish-Mexican could very easily be part of the Mexican "raza," even if not Mexican "race"--because, in English usage, there is no such thing as Mexican "race."

The introduction of "Hisapnic" as a pseudo-racial category in US jumbles all these, unfortunately. (I say pseudo because, according to the way US census bureau classifies "race," the traditional English usage is retained--there is no such thing as a Hispanic "race." People may belong to Hispanic "ethnicity," but are black, white, Asian, etc...although that in turn raises further questions that had been inadequately dealt with: people from Indian subcontinent are "white" by race, even if South Asian ethnoculturally...but I digress) According to this definition, blonde Argentine model Luisana Lopilato, dark-skinned Dominican ex-baseball player Pedro Martinez, and Japanese-Peruvian politician Alberto Fujimori all belong to the same "race"? Spanish language and culture does bring them all into a certain sense of community, but then, English language, American nationality, and Catholic faith bring, say, myself, a son of East Asian immigrants, and our host probably place us in a "community" that is at least as strong.

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