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05 June 2016


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Unfortunately "Fouquet's," the old "Fouqet's" is long dead, sold to some Philistine and now a mere mournful echo of the Paris of the Lost Generation. pl

The Beaver


As soon as I saw the frites, I knew it was l'Entrecôte.
Wonder if you will be going to Brasserie Balzar on rue des Ecoles :-)

Rob Waddell

That's really good Fred.. I can't help trying to sync it to a beat (i.e. NY 1960's) and I'm sure Alexander never envisioned the surfers.



So far yet so close. I was staying in a nice boutique hotel a five minute walk away. Next time.... Hopefully not another few years.


Thank you Rob. I had this in my head for a week, had to put pen to paper and tried not to over edit the feeling.


I don't know if you already tried, but if not, next Time in Paris, you may want to try "La Fontaine de Mars" a very old Paris restaurant near Eiffel tower, famous for their Duck dish (made very differently) , they were visited by Obama and wife when he was there last.
there is a small fountain near by that is where Napoleon watered his horse. If I remember correctly, hope Patrick can conform if I am correct?


Awesome Fred. Enjoy!


Fred the Michigander
Shades of Kerouac maybe Kesey.
Go Navy. Oxygen deprivation??

SAC Brat

Are you still looking for a foie gras mule? I may know a ratline...


Fred, you have no idea how much I have enjoyed thinking of you indulging at l'Entrecote.
Living life well.
Hat tip for that.


Fred, that was fabulous. A place, past and present, so much captured by so few words.



The amine was in the O2 scrubbers. Having a 110 guys on a ship designed for 95 didn't help much.



Well there I was, when, to quote Captain Renault from Casablanca, in walked this "breathtaking blonde". But then she was young. I saw the real elegance at Salle Gaveau during a concert by Stéphanie-Marie Degand (violon) and Marie-Josèphe Jude on piano. Think Catherine Deneuve.


I agree, and concerning the Fred, I thought I vaguely knew, admittedly a surprise. If he is the Fred, I met around here early, that is. Somehow it approaches a poem. It feels.

Will store the link. I love cryptic messages. But yes, then I stayed far off the verbally condensed types of literature, like poems. No expert in the larger verbal field of impressionism.

Some poems no doubt fascinated me, but I also never felt an impulse to "dissect" them with the respective tools on offer.

The Twisted Genius


That was wonderful. I feel I have experienced your enjoyment and reminisces through your words. You're damned good at this. I hope I read more of your musings here in the future.


"I close my eyes, yes, memory lives. It is 19reagansomething."

"In Washington it is a dark hour and the year is 20neoconsomething."


Thank you, Fred.


Outstanding Post, mais les frites son Belges. Created in the 1600s.
I and the Missus & friends go to a small spot in Laguna Beach for some Moules/Frites/Pastis/Grimbergen Tripel..... hold the dessert! except on birthdays..... beats Pizza.



Same Fred, though a different Fred after all this time on SST.



Much enjoy your dispatches from the Land of the Frogs. Have you read A MOVABLE FEAST? Is Shakespeare's still open? Think I remember hearing it had closed.



Yes, I read that one. I think bookstore moved to another part of the city.


Watch out, Proust.


Fred, late to reading this. A very nice read, indeed!

And, does the smell of diesel ever really go away? My dad worked on one of the Barbel class and I believe my mom threatened to burn his work clothes, after the first run through gummed up the washing machine.

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