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16 June 2016


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robt willmann said in reply to William R. Cumming...

Charles Ortel is who I linked to.


Okay, but what are the action items actually to be inferred from these words:

"The limited normalization of Iranian relations with the West, including the United States, is an inevitability. The strategies of our Arab partners in the region need to anticipate and hedge against this. And we need to prepare them to do so."






I am fascinated by press references to finding the guilty alligator. Does this have something to do with anthropomorphic Disney animations of animals? IMO the parents should get as much money from Disney for punitive damages as possible. pl

Babak Makkinejad


Add "incoherence" to "fantasy" - like the TV series "The Lost".

Babak Makkinejad

The victims in that bar evidently were not the "Beer and Pretzel" crowd of hockey games.


I'm reminded of a painfully lonely, kid in college. He was petrified of women but yet was desperate to find a girlfriend. He gave off such dreadful "vibes" that they largely steered clear and he developed a "all women are evil," and that collectively they just hated him. To the point we were concerned he might strike out at some woman should he become fixated on one or possibly become suicidal. School authorities were advised.

So perhaps he had unrequited gay inclinations that just festered. His father was certainly no help and he was clearly religious having gone to KSA twice in recent years. Odd that he would text his wife during the melee and ask if she heard the news. Also odd that he/she would exchange "I love you" texts.

He clearly had long standing hatred of US ME policy. Reacting in school so strongly anti-US when the 9-11 attacks occurred is quite remarkable. At the time the US ME involvement was much smaller outside of the Iraq no-fly/sanctions.

I'm curious as to how his parents came immigrate. Did his parents have some involvement in "Charlie's War" before coming to America.



The Ahabs think it's justice to execute an animal that kills a human as if it is imbued with our sense of morality. Disney didn't post warning signs and needs to pay.

different clue


What are the unfunded contingent liabilities of which you speak?

different clue

All or anyone,

Someone I know is going to Kuwait for about 6 months. He might get some restful interludes in Kuwait City. He likes and enjoys good food in good restaurants. Does anyone here know and care to mention what restaurant(s) in Kuwait City would be good to go to and worth having gone to?


There are reports of his sexual advances getting rejected.

Some admit to having a continuing dialog with him over the gay dating app, but no one claims to have a sexual relationship. Maybe he's among the dead.

On the other hand, he was trying to get into the police force for nearly eight years and showed frustration that he couldn't get in because of prior investigations. He also blamed it on the treatment of Muslims.

Targeting the club looks like a personal thing. Maybe the wife had role in encouraging him to act upon it as in the San Bernardino massacre.

Chris Chuba

Jack, my response is partly directed at other replies along the same lines, so don't take this personally.

I have read/heard lots of stories of mass shootings where people didn't try to attack the gunman/gunmen, Sandy Hook and San Bernardino, Columbine comes to mind. So I would not attribute this response to be unique because it was a gay bar.

Common responses seem to be to play dead and hope the gunman is going to leave. Hey, it sort of makes sense. If you rush the gunman you give him a 100% reason to shoot you and subconsciously you expect a rational bad guy to leave the scene of a crime. I am not saying that this is wise or the best response I am just thinking out loud as to why this is so common.

It's easy to play Monday morning quarterback but this is a life and death situation that is suddenly thrown in your face for the very first time and the shock of it must be overwhelming. Who knows, maybe there are some environmental factors that contribute to this. For example, what happens if someone gets shot and the bullet hits a bone in an especially painful manner and they start screaming their head off, that would add even more to your confusion. I have never been in any situation where someone has been shot so I do not know what it is like.


Do you have a source for this "withdrawal" plan?

Chris Chuba

"After all [Crimea] it's not really Russian territory..."

Peter, wars start when sides miscalculate how the other will respond, so I was strictly referring to the difference between how the Neocons and the Russians see Crimea. What I believe is irrelevant.

IMO the Neocons genuinely believe that Crimea is just conquered territory that Russia would yield it as they would a Poland. However, I believe that the Russians would view an attack on Sevastopol at the same level as an attack on St. Petersburg or Volgagrad. It would be unforgivable. This lack of understanding by the Neocons is extremely dangerous.

Nuclear primacy
Smoothie, yes this paper is 10yrs old https://www.dartmouth.edu/~dpress/docs/Press_US_Nuclear_Primacy_CS.pdf
whether it ever was accurate is now is irrelevant, the question is, did the Neocons believe it was true. Do some still believe it or that we are on the verge of having it again with some updates and more ABMs. If so then a Neocon President would be very tempted if put in a stressful situation, or at least I would put this at a definite non-zero probability.

I did find the paper a fascinating read. It basically said that the number of missiles was irrelevant. Because of financial constraints, the Russians at that time, kept almost all of their submarines in port, so they might only have 1 or 2 at sea and this paper claimed we could track them. That the Russian air bases and ICBM's silos were known and their track based mobile systems were easy to spot. That their radar had blind spots and would have problems detecting submarine based launches at some points and we could use our stealth fighters and bombers armed with Nukes to take out their Nukes first. I am not a weapons expert but it did make me wonder why we are rushing to build ABM's and upgrade our nuclear arsenal. We clearly have deterrence in abundance. I do NOT believe that we are planning genocide but it is good to be king.

The Russians do have a formidable force, one of their subs can launch over 100 warheads, only a lunatic would take that chance. I wouldn't trust Hillary with that kind of power.


All quiet on the LGBT front:

William R. Cumming

Tonight [June 19th] TV's 60 Minutes spend more time and effort on the 28 pp of the 9/11 Commission Report still classified.

William R. Cumming

Three former SECDEFs have openly admitted NSC staff "tampering" outside of the Chain of Command had a largely negative influence on DoD and its components. My understanding is the NSC staff now numbers between 600-800. A bill looks likely to cap NSC staffing at 300. Active duty military on NSC staff number about 200.

Should the NSC staffing be capped by statute? And what is the impact of this current staffing and perhaps capping it now?

William R. Cumming

I will be off-blog between July 9th and the election! Except perhaps for OPEN Thread posts.

But over time I will weigh in on how each Presidential candidate, of the Major Parties, might win despite polls. And yes here a fuzzy headed liberal that some friends label a Libertarian. CATO Institute does some excellent work IMO.

So step by step the candidates now being the DONALD and HRC here is my first step for both.

For the DONALD: Call the bluffing of the current Senate membership by calling for a vote on President Obama's current SCOTUS nominee.

For HRC: Promise all President Obama political appointees that except for cause [off-duty conduct?] they will retain their jobs for up to one year post January 20th, 2017.


Air Force's Lockheed Martin contractor has lost 100,000 waste fraud and abuse case files going back as far as 2004. http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2016/06/database-corruption-erases-100000-air-force-investigation-records/


An interesting quote in this story on the firing of Trump's campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski.

"..reports swirled by midday that it was Trump's adult children who forced the issue, including Ivanka – who feared that Lewandowski was trying to marginalize her husband Jared Kushner's role as a trusted campaign adviser on Israel and Middle East issues.

CNN correspondent Dana Bash wrote on Twitter about rumors that 'the person who convinced Trump to fire Corey is Ivanka – who met with her dad and said get rid of him or she can no longer help.' "

Is this how the ziocons compromise Trump? Use his Jewish son-in-law.


William R. Cumming

While the Republican nomination may prove to be FOOLS GOLD real gold necessary to win the Presidency. Only question is who owns the elected President?

And what about the VISION THING? IMO neither HRC or the Donald has much vision! Could be wrong of course!



That's sure what someone wants American's to believe. Whether it is true is another matter entirely.


MSN has a new report out stating that the FBI has investigated the people claiming to have had gay interactions with the jihadi and have found nothing that corroborates any actual occurrences.


But investigators do not consider the man’s account credible, according to one senior law enforcement official with access to the investigation.

In seeking to verify the reports, federal agents have culled Mateen’s electronic devices, including a laptop computer and cellphone, as well as electronic communications of those who made the claims, law enforcement officials said.


It's-news-if-you-think-of-it-as-news stories such as "FLASH! media inanist (sic) tweets on swirling reports of rumors that [fill in the blank]!!!" should probably be tossed into the "Caitlin Jenner's Tits" dumpster.


wRT above: SCROLL!

clarity of expression reflects clarity of thought.

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