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16 June 2016


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Both Fetterman and Custer under estimated the tactical ability of the Plains Indians. When the Indians beat the army it was called a massacre, when the army won it was called a battle. It was a war for land and a way of life on both sides.


You might start here;

William R. Cumming

Should HRC become our next President how will she handle holdovers from the Obama Administration?

IMO when WJC became President he favored those he had worked with before becoming President [especially if from Arkansas] as opposed to picking appointees on merit and competence.

It is well documented that not really expecting to win the Presidency WJC's White House Personnel Office and his administration in general had A DISASTEROUS FIRST YEAR--January 20th, 1993--January 20th, 1994.

His wife HRC would not seem to have that excuse if elected.


TTG, Do you have a link to the actual memo? I couldn't find one in the NY Times article. TIA


How else is Israel going to get its land--Eratz Israel--all the way to the Euphrates unless Syria is destabilized or knocked out?


I wish I had more faith in Trump to be able to do something about this.

Not with his son-in-law running the show.



"When the Indians beat the army it was called a massacre, when the army won it was called a battle" Political BS. The Custer disaster is universally referred to by historians as the "Battle of the Little Big Horn." At the same time the "Sand Creek Massacre" which the Colorado volunteers undoubtedly "won" is so described. pl


There have been no reported instances of him actually hooking up with someone in the gay community.

A patron of Pulse said in an interview on BBC (NPR segment) that he’s seen the shooter at Pulse over 12 times in three years, but that the shooter was unappealing and couldn’t seem to connect with those he tried to hook up with. when questioned further, he told the BBC reporter that he’d definitely seen the shooter try.

They didn’t find anything on his computer that would suggest an ISIS connection.



The last one to make the national news was the biker shootings in Waco which has disappeared off the MSM radar. Of course that's not the kind of place guys like Mateen would try to shoot up.

David Lentini

The Southern Poverty Law Center has a rather checkered past and pushes a very particular left-wing agenda.



The Twisted Genius


This story was based on a draft of the memo leaked to the NYT. USAToday said the final memo was classified. I don't think the NYT released or ever will release the draft memo. Depends on what they promised to the leaker/source.



Have you ever tried fighting back with your pants around your ankles?

I'm opening myself up here to "lol how do u know" charges but the debauchery at a large gay bar at about 2 am is absolutely bacchalian in ways most straights cannot imagine.

David Lentini

I've see many interesting questions about what really happened. Memoryholeblog has some good posts here:


Babak Makkinejad

I thought it was a colossal failure of the NATO states, an unbelievably stupid set of actions, that caused the President of the Russian Federation, a man who on numerous occasions had indicated his desire for better relations with NATO states, to publicly remind NATO that the Russian Federation is capable of incinerating them in case of war.

And yet no one is fired or removed from their position in NATO states; they are still marching as though they can, in principle, fight a war against Russia and go unscathed.

robt willmann


Charles Ortel, who has worked on this for a little over a year, has posted some of his findings and exhibits on his website--


Here is an interview he did about a month ago with a radio station in Chicago about the Clinton Foundation and the associated organizations (it starts at 1 min. 32 sec. in)--


The reason Charles Ortel has not been asked to be on the Sunday morning television "talk shows" or on TV networks generally is that he understands financial statements and reports and "finance", and has had a lot of practical experience, including at the old Dillon, Read & Co. He has found incriminating information on the Clintons from publicly filed documents and financial reports. One does not even need a subpoena to get the basic information for a legal case.

Some State laws can also apply to foundations and charities, in addition to federal laws. To the extent that any State criminal laws apply, a State Attorney General or local District Attorney, as authorized in a State, could bring criminal charges based on probable cause about the Clinton foundation and activities related to it, independent of the federal Justice Department.

My opinion has been that the best way to proceed against the conduct of the Clintons with a clean, easily understood case is on the subject of the Clinton Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative, and associated and related organizations, both as to the content of their required public filings, their lack of required audits, and the money trail.


BNW, a nutshell response, and strictly I prefer a slight distance to both the intrinsics of the topic and its activists ... but I still occasionally check friends' struggle. ... Maybe I don't want to devote my diminishing life wholly on the topic?

No doubt interesting. Let's see, if the sentences are abandoned at one point in time, after the attention dust settled, since after all no: "need to implement this [deterrent] power".


Wikipedia carries a list of massacres on both sides:



I doubt it will have any effect, looks like the lone actions of a deranged individual. Of course we have seen the reaction to such events in the States, and there was a quick attempt to politicise the event and try to blame the Leave campaign, but there has been a strong push back against that since.


The momentum is all with Leave, I expect things will get back on track after this tragic hiatus. Maggie Thatcher had the Conservative Party conference continue on the next day after the Brighton bombing, despite colleagues, friends and loved ones dead or in hospital. Things must go on.


Joe, CC, James Brown, no doubt may have larger matters in mind, and they may be purely Australian, or "national interest" but it no doubt could be different if I venture beyond the frame. ...

Take a look at his introduction on Amazon, in case you are interested. Cheaper then a subscription.

Ultimately it is not important, why the plans weren't implemented or who managed to apply the "brakes". Thankfully the plans remained plans.

A variation on a known theme:
"In 2014, according to Brown, Abbott “calculated that the best way to encourage the United States to retain an active role in world affairs was for Australia to lead by example: as an ally encouraging, reassuring, and perhaps even occasionally shaming the US into taking action.”


"After all it's not really Russian territory..."

Just one small point: I'm not sure if you were suggesting that's how HC thinks, or if you actually think that Crimea is not really Russian territory, but it most certainly is. I could see HC ignoring the referendum vote, but I would imagine most people on this forum are well aware that Crimea is definitely Russian territory.



If the Borg Queen ascends the throne she could give a nuclear attack a go, since she's firmly in the exceptional nation woman mindset. Like her pal Ms. Albright.

And the Boomers for all intents and purposes have already bankrupted the Republic especially when you take into account all the unfunded contingent liabilities across the economy. They've promoted the free lunch theory to its logical conclusion pretty hard. They're just a recession or two away from Havenstein territory. When one sees negative yields on 30yr Swiss bonds and a negative yield on 10yr Bunds for the first time since the 20s we know we are already in cloud cuckoo land.


I told my wife that if Hillary win's the election, the ONLY thing that stands between a nuclear holocaust is an American military officer who disobeys orders.

Ex-PFC Chuck

Re: "Unfortunately, I think he would be destroyed soon after his inauguration."

If not before.


Was your link a response to TTG's link to the 51 "diplomats" ? Wonder if the New World Orderlies have a Freeman portrait on display as reminder of the employment prospects of those who overthink the national interest stuff.



"They didn’t find anything on his computer that would suggest an ISIS connection."

Just who is "They"? Night club patrons, BBC reporters?

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