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16 June 2016


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If they turn out worse than Boomers we'll be happy we ain't here to see that! That's gonna be some achievement though.


Babelfish, khc,

If you're interested in the plains indians fight with the US a highly entertaining and well researched book is "The Heart of Everything That Is: The Untold Story of Red Cloud, An American Legend." Much of it is based on the long lost autobiography of Red Cloud, who was a brilliant Oglala Sioux chief and tactician that successfully fought the US army from 1866 to 1868. Red Cloud is best known for what has rightfully been changed from the Fetterman Massacre to the Fetterman Battle. It's a mostly forgotten but important piece of American history.


you have seen this? it is slightly more demanding, but much less trying.



Good question. Other than "brand creation" what is going on, really?


Erdogan no longer seems to be one of the "Assad Must Go" crowd. He's too worried about an independent Kurdish State.

"Turkey may soften stance on Assad exit as Kurdish gains force shift

Turkey's determination to prevent an autonomous Kurdish region emerging in northern Syria could see it ease up on demands for President Bashar al-Assad's immediate exit, as it overhauls a foreign policy that has left it more isolated than influential.

Days after taking office last month, new Prime Minister Binali Yildirim - a close ally of President Tayyip Erdogan - said Turkey needed to "increase its friends and decrease its enemies", in what appeared a tacit admission that his predecessor's policies had left the NATO member sidelined."


This could also explain the sudden collapse of the Latakia front.


If this Turkish shift is true, it could lead to massive realignments on the ground:

Peto Lucem Retweeted
A.J ‏@aj_observations 12h12 hours ago

Massive #Syria-n Army gains in #Latakia will free up thousands of #SAA/#NDF for other fronts in #Syria. This will be bad news for Al #Nusra.



This internal memo by 51 State Dept employees criticizing the Administration policy on Syria is a stunner. These people are supposed to be the best and the brightest, but their analysis and recommendations wouldn't be out of place coming from a second-rate, Gulf-funded think-tank.

It appears that the events of the last four years have rolled off their analytical faculties like water off a duck's back. In their minds, there are significant numbers of moderate rebels, just waiting to be given the chance to lead Syria into a neoliberal nirvana. Yeah, sure. I'm still waiting for them to name these moderate groups.

It would appear these masters of the foreign policy universe have learned nothing by watching the way the thousand or so revel groups have continuously mixed, merged and separated to advance their own objectives. That they still espouse the idea that Assad's departure would improve the situation when all the evidence of recent years suggests that it would probably open the way for endless inter-rebel warfare, definitely destroy the possibility of a secular state, and open the way for large-scale ethnic cleansing, means that they either are impervious to reality, or doggedly pushing someone else's agenda.

They are as much of a danger to the USA as they are to Syria. The US Government doesn't pay rebels and revolutionaries to work against US interests- why does it pay this bunch of true believers to do the same thing?


There is no hard information on which to comment at the moment. What we know is that a woman was killed in the street. What is not clear is why or even if the perp. knew she was an MP. The media know they have a big story but nothing to print so are wasting their air time and column inches with tweets of condolence and not very informative eye witness accounts. The politicians are all getting camera time but I keep getting flashbacks to this old 'Not the nine o'clock news' sketch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T17VzztS60M

Chris Chuba

That would have led to a hot war with Russia.

I know that the Australian PM is a deranged anti-Putin loon but could he possibly be so oblivious to the consequences of such an action? IF it was real and if someone like McCain was President instead of Obama, hmm....


It might by at Kerry's behest


Don't remember seeing this Jack Matlock interview here.


It would not work as fiction.

James Loughton

Evidently Bernie will stay in until the convention. He consistently polls better than Hillary in a match up against Trump. Hillary clearly deserves to be indicted, but I think the fix is in.


Have you ever been in a bar fight? Heck, have you ever been in, or witnessed, a fight scene where liquor had been flowing in abundance right before the crap hit the fan? You can get pretty sober and pretty deadly, pretty quickly. This is not offered to blame or find shortcoming in any of the victims or participants. It IS to say people can get pretty effective and creative--I know--in situations like that. I simply don't know what happened here.


link to the attention grabbing anecdote in the Matlock interview



Custer's "more competent" resulted in the Little Big Horn massacre.


The Fetterman Massacre took place a few miles north of where I was born and grew up.


BIRSTALL, England — The suspect in the killing of a member of Parliament on a street in northern England on Thursday has a history of ties with a neo-Nazi organization in the United States, and in 1999, he purchased books from the group on how to make a gun and improvised explosives, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The law center, which is based in Alabama and tracks extremist groups, released receipts Thursday night showing that the suspect, Thomas Mair, 52, had paid $620 for materials from National Vanguard Books, the publishing imprint of the neo-Nazi organization, called the National Alliance. The materials included a set of publications — including “Chemistry of Powder and Explosives” and “Improvised Munitions Handbook” — purchased in 1999.


I agree. An Ivy League education has officially become a danger to the country. All that studying and allegiance to ideology rather than realism is next to worthless at the Department of State (hopefully DoD would never, ever have them).



Well if the SPLC said so it must be true. Obviously in the land of the gunpowder plot no one would know how to actually make gunpowder, or zip guns, but of course Americans are somehow to blame.


Your fairly plausible scenario sickeningly reminds me of the scene in the movie Failsafe when the Herman Kahn figure, played by Walter Matthau, argues that the B-58s headed towards Russia should not be recalled because the Russians will recognize that they cannot all be stopped and will surrender. One of the generals fires back, "That's hogwash, the best defense is a good offense, and they'll act accordingly."

NATO's hope to generate cracks in Putin's government, to appeal to the material interests of some of the oligarchs to end Russia's foreign policy independence, are the most dangerous strategic "game" under way today. It's truly dismaying how ignorant nominally informed people are of this. Trying to discuss it leads only to an exercise of their tolerance of "another [ridiculous] opinion," not their intellect. Instead, they open up the NYTimes, with its drip, drip, drip of anti-Russian attacks, ranging from backing Assad to athlete doping. Case close.



We at least the Boomers haven't completely bankrupted the Republic or started a nuclear war; but give them time, they are still young enough.



This was even faster than GWB's Iraq war IO campaign. Since we've already heard that Mateen pledged to ISIS but also Hezbollah (not sure how much traction the latter is actually getting) I'm sure we'll see some more "slam dunk" evidence about how "regime change" is essential in Syria.


Thanks. Looks good. Hope to visit there someday.


The paper you presented is almost 10 years old. There is no US primacy in nuclear weapons vis-a-vis Russia. Currently Russia is capable to provide, with 100% guarantee, otvetno-vstrechnyi (head on-response) strike. Russia's counter-force capabilities are as good, if not better, than those of US. With completion of all 8 Borei-class (project 955) SSBNs, a naval deterrent component becomes extremely difficult to detect and track. Boreis are arguably the most silent subs in the world today and represent an immense challenge to ASW forces. So are cruise missile carrying SSGNs and SSKs. If to imagine (God forbids) that HRC becomes POTUS it will be up to US top military brass to tell the actual state of the affairs to her. Will they have enough balls to contradict her and her's "experts" on the issue? I don't know--what I observed for years and write about constantly does not inspire me--current US "elites", even some top military, continue to live in parallel universe of military-political "assessment" of Russia. That is very worrisome.


"Dozens of Diplomats..." seems to be getting a lot of push in print. how about The TeeVee?


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