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16 June 2016


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Fetterman was contemptuous of the Indians [He boasted that with 80 men he could ride through the whole Indisn nation.] and disobeyed orders resulting in his slaughter. Custer did have prior experience fighting the Indians but divided his forces at Little Big Horn. I'm sure Col. Lang can inform all what such a decision can lead to.

Babak Makkinejad


From Afghanistan -


Babak Makkinejad

As I said before, his remedies are fantasies.

Strange, coming from an experienced diplomat like him.


>they are still marching as though they can, in principle, fight a war against Russia and go unscathed.

They literally bought their own propaganda. In the end, Obama, when he stated that Russia doesn't make anything, believed in it--that's scary. Those people exist on some parallel plane of consciousness or a wishful thinking. They do believe that thoughts can form a reality.


This should go over well. Restoring history rather than erasing it:



Custer divided his small force into three parts in the face of an enemy of unknown strength who would probably be better armed than his men. He then sought to "surround" the unknown force. What could go wrong? "Curly' the Crow scout told him before the attack, "too many Yellow Hair, too many." pl


Just who is "They"? Night club patrons, BBC reporters?



>is an American military officer who disobeys orders.

I know some American officers, decent, honorable men (one is also a stunningly beautiful woman--former officer). Let's hope. Russia, certainly, will not start nuclear exchange.


Col that's true. Thanks for the correction.

The Beaver

On the lighter and funnier side of things:


A kid having fun at the expense of the politicos du jour

different clue


I have lived a sheltered life and have had no experience with "fight bars" versus "gay bars". I have had a little experience
with university town "student and academic bars". So I can only speak of what I might imagine.

The regular attendees of "fight bars" (if such things really exist) are probably pretty practiced in close-quarters fighting and sobering-up real quick to be able to fight in close quarters. I somehow can't imagine regular fighting practice and recreational fighting taking place as a matter of course in "gay bars". So these targeted people would have been very untrained in close quarter fighting and very unused to being second-nature vigilant to the sudden emergence of a close-quarters fighting or other danger situation. And if they had been using awareness-impairing drugs other than alcohol, they might have been pre-rendered even more helpless.

( One hopes that "student and academic bars" would be a little bit able to defend themselves against sudden shooters.)

different clue


One wonders if he was really trying or just pretending to try in order to provide cover for his case-the-join presence in a gay club.



Excellent speech! Wish someone would video these things.

Babak Makkinejad said in reply to Swerv21...
As I said before, his remedies are fantasies.

Strange, coming from an experienced diplomat like him.

Couldn’t disagree more. Freeman is indicting the decades of our misadventures and faulty thinking for what we’ve now got. He’s talking to our people, not theirs. He says it all with this sentence: "All these blunders have been compounded by the consistent substitution of military tactics for strategy.” It’s this lack of strategic thinking that the Colonel scorns when he calls Obama’s so-called national security advisors the Children’s Crusade.


Yesterday on BBC.



When the gay bar is also an under 18 dance club that is half lesbian there is probably far less than belly slapp'n though still plenty of last call drinking and who knows what pharmaceuticals.



well I'm glad to see they got that report out - to the BBC - without delay. Sounds like absolute BS to me in a crime investigation (three day turn around) but it sure fits the narrative of it ain't terrorism.


Further, WRC, Clinton either abandoned--or was not told about--the presidential habit of inviting non-govrnment experts to Camp David for the weekend with his full cabinet to hear 20-min presentations (with 40 min Q&A) of opposing views when the issue was a matter of an important national decision or interest.

This helped prevent the logjam of “trusted’ advisors, like a singular Ben Rhodes or Valerie Jarrett, controlling the President’s thoughts and agenda.


Ex-PFC Chuck,

The Clinton corruption machine is already in action. They have all the establishment of both parties behind them this time around.

Babak Makkinejad

Do not feel too bad about : "another [ridiculous] opinion," bit.

I have been told: "another ridiculous opinion from a Third-Worlder..."


Col. Lang, memory fails me but wasn't Custer in some kind of hot water with his superiors before the force left Ft. Robinson for the summer campaign of 1876? I seem to recall that some attributed his rash plan at the Little Big Horn as an opportunity, in his mind, to score a big victory and get back in the good graces of his superiors. An interesting sidelight to the Fetterman affair was that Fetterman's commander, Col. Carrington, after his wife died, married the widow of a junior officer--Lt. Grummond--killed with Fetterman's force.


This was trumpeted all over the news when it broke, and the revelation of forgery was stuffed under a rug.

On a macro perspective, it goes to show that the reigning secular orthodoxy has to invent narratives and pretend the past was what it was not in order to attempt to create legitimacy. Hate hoaxes, historical hoaxes, etc. (Credit to Sailer)

Also, you see so much time and effort in trying to "debunk" Christianity but never Islam. Wonder (((why)))?



They “needed” Islam, Tyler: read the long but fascinating "The "Green Peril”: Creating the Islamic Fundamentalist Threat.” August, 1992, by Leon Hadar.

Then read Freeman’s recent piece, linked to above.


Also, it’s a matter of who will print what. You don’t see Freeman on the op-ed page of the NYT.


"They do believe that thoughts can form a reality."

When Sultan Recep was visiting China last year he gave an interview with their English language news program Dialogue. Most of it was standard boilerplate stuff until the end when he sent a message to the Big O about saying something doesn't make it happen and others can act too.

His Refugee Gambit commenced shortly afterwards.


Ever been to a gay club? I have in NYC. Admittedly, an exclusive supper club kind of thing on the Upper eastside. There was no writhing and grinding in the aisles. Four of us were straight. The other three gay. (Birthday party.) No one anticipated that we would attempt to hook-up with anyone, and a discreet raised palm and slight shake of the head signaled not interested, which was honored. From the periphery, the dance floor was a pounding testosterone tsunami. If you were looking for available signs of ingress and egress, or the best spot to gun ‘em all down, no one would have paid you the slightest attention.

If it’s true that the shooter was there over a three-year period, he had more than a strategic interest in sacrificing his life for ISIS, which was barely an acronym three years ago. The fact that he was seen trying to hook up with other patrons is telling. Besides, what a great cover to tell Daddy in case the ex-wife spilled the beans.

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