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15 June 2016


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Richard, this is a great story:

"I know some will think me too critical in writing this, but criticizing others can provide a pathway to the further reformation of yourself."

To be quite honest, as completely self-absorbed person, I felt discovered first. But then the narrative pulled me in. ;)

Beyond this full disclosure, I absolutely loved this:
"At that point you start to wonder if we could perhaps engineer a little mishap for the speaker."

In any case, the reader (taking me as example) understood perfectly well why the family, who thankfully overcame separation and thus must have learned to deal with whatever led to it for the sake of the kids, loves and as a result adopted you and your wife. After all the couples in the family compared to you and your wife, may not be that helpful or interesting after all. ;)

More as some type of afterthought, I wonder if you had "the pleasure" to meet a more extreme version of the lady. Maybe she was insecure, not knowing you, but having heard about your close relationship to the family. Which in her mind lead to the assumption that maybe she should be even more "pleasurable" then usual. ;)

Great story. The best stories are written by life. But this I would like to understand better.

She asked you, if you think she should? She asked you, if you thought it was a good idea if she would?
"She liked it when I talked about foreign policy, and once she startled me by asking if she would like joining the CIA."

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