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08 June 2016


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No No NO.

I can tell you that the Republicans paid lip service to "immigration restriction" but every single one of them was in the bag for more H1B visas, more Muslim immigration, and more "free trade deals" that killed American jobs. Trump kicked the Overton Window on immigration so hard and fast that it gave everyone a conniption.

I am not being nasty here, but you are literally delusional if you think its foreign policy and not immigration that is the deciding factor for most Americans.


Not sure how many of you are following social media but Trump is going ABSOLUTELY SAVAGE on Hillary between their twitter exchange and Trump posting Obama quotes on Hillary from 2008.

Jeb! was supposed to lose gracefully to Hillary so she could lead this country into a progressive nightmare but Trump is wrecking that plan.

I know some of you don't like Trump being savage, but the fact is that him being strong is only helping him carry more of the lumpenproles. You can get upset at Trump on Twitter, fine. But no foreigners waving foreign flags are going to be chasing down and attacking US citizens while the police stand by giggling during a Trump Presidency.

As the Crusader said in Indiana Jones: "Choose wisely."


I just got home and herd on TV that Bernie basically folded. Wish he would have continued. the continued attack on Trump is larger than what I expected. Borg is going all the way unfortunately I don't see if he can survive IMO this level at this time it's unprecedented. unfortunately and wrongly, Clinton's have a lot of political power.

Bill Herschel

We shall see whether immigration is the deciding factor for most Americans. Emphasis most. But how can you say I am delusional when you yourself admit that the other Republican candidates "paid lip service" to immigration restriction? That's what I said. Trump is a Republican candidate. He just happens to deal in hyperbole, but the policies he espouses on immigration are Republican policies.

We shall also see, if there is a open debate, whether Trump's ideas on foreign policy are a deciding factor for most Americans. The six degrees of separation from war are getting closer and closer for most Americans. Trump trashed McCain and won South Carolina. I daresay a lot of heads turned inside the Beltway when that happened.


With respect, its not that the Clintons have a lot of power: its that they know where the power is.

The owners of large media have enormous power, and they are integrated with the owners and beneficiaries of huge Pentagon budgets and constant foreign concerns. Who are entirely integrated with the largest banks.

Those who have power have chosen Clinton, and Hillary, like Bill, will pretend she is other than who she is, because that is the awe-inspiring skillset the two of them have been working on their entire adult lives.

Bill Herschel

In general, I think the number crunchers are disregarding the campaign. The campaign is supposed to make a difference. Advertising campaigns for example make a difference.


Right, demoblicans.

I like a Nehru jacket.

There are too many angles. She looked a bit like a cult leader to me. Shades of Jim Jones and the homecoming scene in Carrie.

Also, I sense that she's been spending a great deal of time with Deepak Chopra, along with the largest army of PR experts the world has ever seen.

Are you German? I don't know that I'll be voting in November.



"chump change" is an American expression meaning something costs almost nothing - coins in your pocket . Trump's a billionaire, thus Trump change is allot of money - and money, lots of it, is just what the Clinton Foundation brought in - for what, other than peddling influence.

The Twisted Genius


I just checked out Trump's twitter feed. I wasn't any more impressed by his tweets than I was by the other candidates. I don't see the savagery. He's got to get past the generic "crooked Hillary is a poop butt" stuff and keep hitting her many specific sins. Lord knows he has plenty of ammo. I'm sure the Clinton machine is going to be pushing out countless ads detailing Trump's many sins. The newest story about deadbeat DonaldTrump stiffing small businesses left and right gives ammo for several ads.

"Choose wisely" indeed. I feel like one of those dung beetles I wrote about a while back. Which shit ball should I choose?



If anyone wants to forecast the outcome in November they need to forecast who wins in Colorado, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia. Add Michigan and Pennsylvania as they could be competitive too.

As I noted earlier on this thread, whoever wins will do it with an electoral college landslide. So, the key IMO, is which way these states go as I believe either Hillary or Trump will win all these states. I don't believe they will split the results. Since I can't abide the Borg Queen.... My vote is inconsequential as my state currently only elects a candidate with DEM beside their name, which gives me the opportunity to vote my conscience as I have for decades. I have never voted for the candidate from the duopoly for President.

William R. Cumming

NYTimes has an interesting discussion in today's paper [June10th] on a possible Trump victory through white voters voting this year. The underlying postulate of the article is white turnout in past elections according to exit polls often inaccurate. And past efforts to analyze white voter turnout favoring DEMS was erroneous.



I live in a Democrat majority state, so most of my family, friends and neighbors are Democrats. I'm a registered non-partisan. In the primary this week, all my family, friends and neighbors who I know voted in the Democrat primary, colored the oval beside Bernie. The overwhelming ratio of Bernie bumper stickers and yard signs compared to Hillary was so noticeable. Yet, she won my county with a sizeable margin. No one in my circle knows anyone that voted for her. So, we are not in the mainstream of the county. I am curious who are these Hillary voters?

My own feeling is that the majority of Bernie voters will vote for Hillary in November as they are Democrat partisans.

As far as the law is concerned, Clapper and Alexander skated with no charge. And Petraeus got a slap on his wrist. So the probability that the Borgist DoJ will hold the Borg Queen accountable under the law is so low that it is laughable. It's gonna come down to if Trump can persuade more people in the battleground states to come out and pull the lever for him compared to her.


You’re back! YAY. (Even tho’ I disagree with you on a lot of stuff, mainly economic. Glad to see you back here.)



Hillary Clinton as a Napoleon III wannabe is both
scary and plausible. I can see her goading Putin
the way Napoleon III goaded Bismarck with consequences even more disastrous.


Anti Trump voters would have voted for Trump's closet rival in each state, very few did so so one can infer there are very few Republican anti-Trump voters. People voting for Kasich or Rubio clearly weren't fussed if Trump won, common fallacy where there are multiple candidates that anyone not voting for one candidate is necessarily anti that candidate.

However there is good evidence of Democrats voting against Trump in some of the open primaries, notably Wisconsin and Ohio.

Old Microbiologist

I'm no fan of any of them but I think you have some of this correct. One problem for all is none of the candidates are representing who they say they are. Trump is not a Republican and in fact is far left of the moderate Democrats, Sanders as an Independent is not a Democrat and is also left of the neoliberal Democrats, Clinton, who claims to be a Democrat is actually a dyed-in-the-wool neocon Republican and is far Right of the moderate Republicanns. What is weird is we expect 2 members of the 0.1% club to fix our issues.

If we examine foreign policy Trump is the best choice, assuming he applies business sense to these nutty adventures. For Domestic problems Trump again has the right ideas to limit immigration, kill the foreign trade deals and bring both the money and jobs back home. Hillary will continue to do the same and will use WWIII as the mechanism to avoid another economic catastrophe. The people are not fooled at all about unemployment or the potential for future employment. They are not fooled about zer percent inflation while seeing prices continually going up. But, these people generally don't vote or even care. They are burnt out and it will require a major cataclysm to wake the up. In that regard Hillary will be the fastest course to a real revolution assuming the human race survives her gambits against Russia, China, Iran, EU, Pakistan, Venezuela, etc.

ex-PFC Chuck

How Mishandling Classified Info Affects People Not Named Clinton:



comments suggest for some the franchise is another opportunity for self-display (like vanity license plates) and this expression indulgence has priority over considerations of risk, policy, damage limitation, and survival.



Regarding the dung beettle election we just have to decide which ball of marde will fertilize the magic mushrooms and which the truffles.

Larry Kart

"So, this a question of political clairvoyance?"

If I could modify your "clairvoyance," with its suggestion of ectoplasm and seances, to something like "disinterested (one hopes) interpretation of electoral statistics in the light of past results," could it be a question of anything else?

Larry Johnson points to a set of facts and asks if they're "meaningless," pretty clearly implying that he thinks they're not meaningless at all but that they instead tell us that the Democrats are in big trouble versus Trump. Others here have pointed to others out there who interpret the same set of facts differently -- those “others out there" citing evidence (or what in their view is evidence) that the number of voters who participate in each party's presidential primaries has not in the past necessarily predicted how many people will vote for each party's candidate in the fall. Johnson might turn out to be right about what the facts he cites say about this fall’s election, or these other people might be right. Is there some conceptual or rhetorical problem at work here that I'm not aware of?



I'm specifically talking about his response to her "delete your account" tweet. That and the adverts with Obama quotes from 2008 about her.

I'm not sure how you get two balls of dung when the options are "start a hot war with Russia and import billions of violent foreigners" or "golden age of peace and prosperity" (or at least "isn't looking to start 7 wars and import all the refugees in order to create a permanent majority for their party") but perspective is everything.



Thanks. Here's an exclusive picture of my face upon returning:



jonst, i had second thought already yesterday, had I walked in your shoes, I obviously would have been aware much earlier. Thus yes, I easy to imagine I had been in the same fix. Lieberman has left no big traces on mind, nothing seemingly to support in him anyway.

Apart maybe that Lieber+Mann*, and it's respective variants always triggers a kind/dear man, since that is what it means in German. But that's not really a solid base for political support,

* Max Liebermann

Love this. original in Berlin slang, I cannot render:
„Ick kann jar nich soville fressen, wie ick kotzen möchte.“

But here goes: I cannot eat as much, as I wanna puke.


Thanks kao, would you believe me, I immediately regretted having used the term. But as it is, it was once again, too late. Sometimes my fingers are faster then my small brain's processing speed. Maybe I need more sports among others, give up several vices, sleep more. ;)

Hopefully you realize that a babbler image sometimes comes in handy?

When it was too late and after reading jonst's response, I spent some time meditating about my reading lists of the last decade, strictly from the run up to the Iraq war. Including different angles I needed for balancing (hmm? balance ...). One important mental oasis was taken over at one point in time. Someone I respected highly 'seemed' to be lured into a trap. That's what it looked like. I am willing to modify this take, but not give it up completely, considering the lady involved in matters and what I realized about her after.

Beyond that, I may have resigned quite some time ago to the vision of seeing Tyler stride the comment section of SST, head up high. Benignly allowing the ones with the lower IQ's, like me, to applaud his victory over evil around November.

But Bernie seems to be an obstinate bastard, well one has a bit of responsibility for ones supporter. No?


Some good, white or gray or evil black System/IT force seems/may have prevented me from responding to your comment.

Somewhat sad, I enjoyed writing it. Which does not guarantee, I still like it once it shows up.

In any case, I made a screenshot since I never before encountered the phenomenon, visually.

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