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08 June 2016


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Old Microbiologist

For the enjoyment of those, like myself, who dislike the Clinton Dynasty Hilthis sums up my feeelings as well:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w65q8EEIBC4&feature=youtu.be


kao, I distinctively dislike the use of woman's history to one's own advantage. I may dislike aspects of it groupwise/collectively. Your own and/or your groups aim may blind you to that of others.

What almost made me puke, was the idea--no matter what speech writer committed this crime--to link female suffrage to the birth of her mother and obviously that way make it personally. Linking it all to herself as the star to rise. I read some articles of female supporters and it made me equally sick.

Did she offer any distinguishing approach, that would justify such an approach or angle beyond pure PR? If so, I cannot see it.
I responded along the same way you did, concerning Trump, by the way, via some type of aside concerning recent ban demands. In a response to your support to jonst above. Not sure if it was sent. Visually odd result, after pushing the sent button.

Edward Amame

Never Hellary means absolutely Trump. That worked out really well for Never Gore-Yes Nader people, didn't it?

Edward Amame

Do you really think Trump's gonna tweet his way into the WH? Do you think outsourcing fundraising, rapid-response, and GOTV to the same GOP establishment that so dislikes him is a winning strategy?

Edward Amame

Sanders didn't fold. He ran a good campaign and will continue on until after the Wash DC primary. After that it looks like he'll stump for HRC. Meanwhile I expect that he'll continue to build his movement and continue moving the Democrats more to the left.


or depending on point of view ....



am stretching above links to fit here. it was actually evoked by a WaPo headline taunting Trump's vanishing lead but the Google news link to story has itself disappeared.



And all the Republicans but Trump were still in the bag for h1Bs, more "refugee resettlement" scams more free trade.

Trump was to the right of them, and he got the nod on this.

It's immigration.



No, I think the people are going to choose being a country over a 3rd World Bazaar cum sewer.

Do you think Hillary is going to shrew her way into the WH with the support of militant trannies and bicoastal elites? Lawl


OM and the rest of you,

When someone describes "Hispanics" as a bloc or thinks Mexicans are representative of everyone south of the border, I know they have only met professional Hispanics and have no clue what they are talking about.

A Chilean is not a Mexican is not a Cuban is not a Honduran is not a Columbian.



Claiming anyone has "derangement syndrome" while linking to Nate Silver, who raped his credibility by refusing to think Trump had a chance.

My sides are dying.


latest interesting pov...


But Trump is not campaigning. Sending insult tweets and calling in shows is not campaigning.

You need a ground game and money to run and win elections and Trump has shown repeatedly he had no interest in doing both.

Medicine Man

And now Bill Kristol is a leading voice in the #NeverTrump wing of the GOP on the grounds that he's unsuitable for the job. I'm sure the only way Bloody Bill can function is by having no hindsight whatsoever. He's the perfect poster boy for lack of professional consequences for incompetence in Washington.


If he stumps for Hillary, then he folded.


I've enjoyed playing with this tool from fivethirtyeight.

There are a couple of things working against Trump. One is, as a percentage of the voting public, whites will drop from 71% to 69%. The other is the white support he is getting is not strongest where he really needs it.

I have to agree with others in the opinion that the turn out in the Republic primaries will not have a huge effect on the general election. Competition drove the turn out for the various Republican primaries. For all the noise that Sanders made he never got past the early coronation that Hillary received. Who even remembers O'Malley? On the Republican side there were at one time 16 candidates (the number dropped to 12 before the primaries). The race remained highly competitive for a long time. To support that particular argument I will point out that Republic primary turn out dropped by 50% after Trump won the nomination.

One of the most important indicators for a Trump supporter was asking do you agree with this statement: "People Like Me Don't Have Any Say". In the Democratic primaries very few folks outside the Bernie supporters felt they would have a voice in the final outcome of who the Democratic nominee would be. That is bound to suppress turnout. (The Democrats may regret that...). http://www.rand.org/blog/2016/01/rand-kicks-off-2016-presidential-election-panel-survey.html

Having said all that I need to close with my own personal opinion. If you look at Trump's history, his actions and not his words, he has never done anything that didn't benefit Trump first. He is a master of manipulating the media. Even if he isn't as dangerous as I think he is; he priming the public for a future demagogue.

Old Microbiologist

I didn't mention Hispanics but personally, to me they are simply other language speaking Caucasians. Whether they are Mexican or not is immaterial. Being illegal is the issue and failing to obey immigration laws is the problem. I am against all illegal immigrants as we have an effective immigration policy which only good people (desirable immigrants with resources! education, and negative background checks), consider worth following. Rewarding bad behavior is not the answer.

The flood of immigrants is just beginning and it is imperative to put controls in place now before the real deluge begins.


Poster boy ? Understatement, Medicine Man.


Don't you find those tiger skins chafing after hours in the saddle?


I've noticed the same trend in other comments sections- those of this type may be suffering from a mental disorder in which the personal notoriety of being contrarian matters more to them than any harm they might do to the safety and stability we all depend upon.



I'm more mocking the tendency of the cucked GOP to imagine that you can pretend everyone in Latin America has the same desires as their Mexican gardener,



The tears I collect around here soothe my inner thighs.




different clue

Bill Herschel,

Perhaps the Republican and other voters-for-Trump hope that Trump actually means what he says about illegal immigration. These voters know that the Brand-Name Republican candidates also say something sorta similar, but they suspect the Brand-Name Republican candidates really don't mean it and really never did.

Edward Amame


Silver's not the only one who's noticed that primary turnout probably won't mean much for the general election:


Edward Amame

Last week should have been all about the IG's report, but instead it was about a "Mexican judge" and Trump's subsequent slide in the polls. I think it's gonna be a tough election, but with help like that, I think HRC can pull it off.

That's some non-reply. You probably already know that most big GOP donors don't intend to piss their money away on Trump and are instead concentrating on congressional and state races. That's probably why you and Trump are chatting up the awesome power of his terrifying tweets. Trump's post-Mexican judge polling slump also suggests that you may be be overestimating exactly how much appeal Trump's nativism has with "the people" who aren't die hard GOPers who supported him in the primary.

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