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18 June 2016


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Never IMO. Isn't it ironic that the Boomer draft dodgers have turned out rather happy to send other people's kids to die on foreign shores for no important national interests?


In reply to Jack 19 June 2016 at 01:08 PM

Colonel, Jack,

Jack has raised a very important point. AFAIK (quick research using google and skimming) the overwhelming majority of the current generation of political leaders in the West and by "West" I mean US + UK + "Old" British Commonwealth + non-former Soviet Bloc Europe have never served in any capacity in any of their respective armed forces.

Certainly that is true of the UK and has been since at at least Blair's time.

Certainly it is true of Denmark.

I truly believe that some time serving your country should be a sine qua non of being in politics. Some things you need to experience to understand. The current set-up leads to politicians having completely unrealistic expectations and also being a lot more prone to buying snake oil - Would a political leadership that had served really buy all that COIN guff? I doubt it.

Then there's other point Jack has raised about sending other peoples' kids to die for no good reason.

Rhetorical question: Who values human life more - somebody who knows from experience how fast military operations can go haywire or somebody whose sole experience comes from TV, Cinema, and that other form of military fiction the think-tank position paper?

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