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18 June 2016


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David Lentini

Seems like a whole lotta fifty-cent words to say that HRC and BC are a couple of empty suits who will do what others tell them to do, based on political naïveté and pathological narcissism.


"There is no evidence of HRC having formulated a comprehensive strategy for the U.S, in the world, much less a theoretical model of what international affairs are all about. "

CNAS, full of Clinton followers, has published her foreign policy program in a paper called “Expanding American Power”


That is the program Clinton is likely to follow and it is worse than the PNAC paper that guided Bush II.


Don't forget the last member of the axis of evil: North Korea!


Is someone who has backed every military intervention since the Balkans a warmonger or a peacenik?

As Chris Martenson notes we are escalating the tensions with Russia.


Considering that the establishment of the duopoly and all the government enforced business cartels as well as foreigners like the Sauds are supporting the Borg Queen's candidacy it would seem that we must expect the possibility of miscalculation that could lead to a nuclear exchange if she becomes President.



Excellent analysis, thank you.


"It don't matter how much manure you can stuff into a tow sack. If you can't lift it, you can't lift it."
An uncle in Mississippi once shared that bit of wisdom with me. Based on her track record (and for that matter, the recent performance of the USofA), I really don't think Hillary should be thinking in terms of tow sacks -- I think the most she can handle is an Armani handbag, topped to the gills, and that only on a good day.


Mr. Brenner you say that Bill's "instinct will be to avoid 3:00 A.M. phone calls, grave crises and the risks they entail."

My question is can the leopard change it's spots?

"But Kim’s most important success......: he may have prevented the Second Korean War.That was no modest feat, given the position of President Bill Clinton, Secretary of Defense William Perry, and Assistant Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, the current Pentagon chief. The three were ready and willing to plunge the peninsula into another conflict, which could have been as horrific as the first one."




The CNAS has "replaced" the PNAC and they believe they're back in saddle. I find the report painful reading. It begins with self-preening (first paragraph of the forward) and never manages to raise above that misguided sentiment.

This is truly an "extraordinary group" but not at all in the way they wish us to understand the word.

As an example (if you can get past the first paragraph) there is this: "Indeed, it is no exaggeration to say that the presentations were of the highest caliber possible at each session. For instance, the discussion of the Iran agreement and the conflicts raging across the Greater Middle East began with reflections from Dennis Ross, special envoy to the region for three presidents; Elliot Abrams,
Deputy National Security Advisor to President George W. Bush; renowned Middle East scholar Dr. Vali Nasr; and Martin Indyk, a top diplomat to the region for more than twenty years."

The highest caliber possible? This limited and misinformed vision of states, history and human values from those who, in any sane society, would be treated as war criminals and pathological liars?

Amazing hubris, which usually doesn't end well.



You're certainly right that the CNAS report represents the intellectual and political environment Hillary inhabits. So does almost everyone else in Washington power circles - it has become the received wisdom. That is unlike the reception to Paul Wolfowitz's notorious March 1992 memo that laid out a plan for American world domination. CNAS is sort of Wolfowitz-lite.

However, this is not to say that Hillary in the Oval Office will follow it as a blueprint. On the eve of a new presidency, there are always pieces of paper floating around (and names floating around) that everyone scrutinizes for signs of what's to come. They almost always prove to be something less.
Of course, we rightly can assume that Hillary will not move to counter the current thrust through sagacious appointments. And she will continue along the same aimless/dangerous paths we now are following. But that doesn't mean that she'll act out the script in terms of military action in Syria, picking a fight with Russia or invading Libya. If for no other reason than that doing any of that would consume all the political air around her presidency before she's had a chance to get the seat warm or shape a domestic agenda which is her true interest.



My understanding is that that is not at all an accurate account.

Let's recall Clinton's adamant refusal to get involved in the wars of the ex-Yugoslavia - until forced to act by committing the US to participate in an extraction force to remove UNPROFOR were the French to move on their pledge to leave unless it ended its passivity. Chirac forced Clinton to do something he didn't want to do. On Kosovo, Clinton ruled out the sending of any American forces and never wavered despite repeated appeals from Wesley Clark at the time the air operation was faltering. Recall the famous incident of the helicopters that sat in a muddy field for seeks on end because Shelton declared that they couldn't fly when spattered with dirt.

Clinton was lucky insofar as he faced no serious crises.

Clinton, like Obama, was and is a coward.


However for gentle idiots (and likely a huge majority!!!) all this counts as "experience":


I find Brenner's statement "Clinton was and is a coward" puzzling. Are you saying he is a coward because he didn't become more directly active in the Yugoslav civil war of the 1990s? I thought his policies leading up to the Dayton agreement were sensible and excessively agressive after.


I got worried when she said that "'Don't do stupid s#it' is not an organizing principle." That's exactly what it is, and a damned good one at that.


Accounts vary about how close we came to a Second Korean War: a version of the Forbes article, that Clinton would have happily started a war that was almost single-handedly stopped by Kim Young Sam, "true" or not, is almost universally accepted among Koreans. While WJC may not have been a "warmonger" in the sense that he actively relishes warfighting, he always seemed like someone who underestimates the difficulty of fighting a war and the willingness of foreign peoples to resist while overestimating the ability of US to forcibly impose its will on others--and surrounded himself with advisors who believed such. No, Clinton did not "eagerly" jump into the Balkan affairs, but he did so thinking that a few bombs will be enough to force the Serbs to surrender all their sovereignty, and wrapped up his plans on foul and, quite frankly, sickeningly evil lingo like "bombs for peace."

Yes, I think the Clintons are warmongers par excellence, not necessarily because they love wars and slaughter, but are careless about wars and slaughter that they bring, that they are oblivious to their consequences and the destruction, and would happily lob bombs to entertain their fancy. These people are worse than normal warmongers. They are simply evil monsters of devilish proportions that must be stopped at any cost--even if that means indirectly helping Trump get elected.


What domestic agenda?

I understand that is not the focus of your post... but without a clear view of her domestic aims and ambitions – which you are suggesting will be the primary focus – its hard to see how she won't default to her past foreign affair habits and the actual goals of her primary supporters.

Hasn't she promised to invite Bibi to the White House as an esteemed guest as soon as elected?

There is no coherent constituency rooted in domestic affairs which is voting in Hillary, other than the elites preference for neoliberal economic policies.

Babak Makkinejad

That is how it looked like to me then and now; either he was a fool or was being foolishly advised.

His North Korean policy, later, was a disaster, in my opinion; he succeeded in making it impossible for the United States to extricate herself from North East Asia in any foreseeable scenario.

Bush II and Obama, in my opinion, also succeeded in further entrenching the United States in the affairs of the Near East - with no end in site and no relief possible under the document that "b" had posted its URL here.

Babak Makkinejad

This document, by supporting the Two-state solution, is supporting continued bloodshed and violence - with further aggravation of Muslim sensibilities and affront to Islamic solidarity that it entails and the receiving end of which, besides Israel, would be the United States.

Babak Makkinejad

Dr. Vali Nasr is a Shia but I am afraid that he might have gone to the Dark side, like the late Dr. Fawaud Ajami.

The Beaver

Dr Brenner

His friend Kofi at the UN was always his saviour, at that time, so that he did not have to get invoved into wars. Kofi Annan was always ready to dispatch an Envoy to "negotiate" even with Saddam Hussein.


There are the social issues that move the core of her support.


When I read the question that forms the title of this posting I thought to myself surely this is a rhetorical question. Secretary of State ""We came, we saw, he died!" whose mentor is Secretary of State "½ million dead children is worth it" a war monger? Yes a war monger and a war criminal, who openly consorts with and admires other warmongering war criminals.

The New York Times has a lenghty and devastating critique of her warmongering and its results here with reference to Syria here:


What's apalling about the Syria intervention is that Clinton had form. She linked up with Albright to press her husband to recognise the KLA and provided the major impetus for the formation of what one can only describe as a mafia state.

See: https://consortiumnews.com/2016/02/21/kosovo-chaos-undercuts-clinton-success/

And that's before we get into her connivance at the violent and illegal overthrow of the duly elected governments of Haiti, and Honduras, to say nothing of her loudly voiced support for the Nicaraguan death squads of Duarte.


She's directly responsible for promoting the idea of "humanitarian war" as a cynical fig-leaf for war to accomplish decidely non-humanitarian goals.

She's both reckless and vicious and absolutely hysterical in her Russophobia.

Really Dr. Brenner, even as a rhetorical question do you have to ask?


and other countries

Peter Reichard

Hillary is a remorseless psychopathic killer, witness her gleeful response to the death of Khadaffi and callous disregard for the chaos and mass human suffering her Libya policy has brought about. Agree with Dr. Brenner that war by miscalculation is the great danger here as someone, thinking this woman will back down, will thus call her bluff only to find out that she WILL pull the trigger.


I'm not trying to be cantankerous: but regarding domestic policy, what is she hoping to do that anyone believes she is going to do?

William R. Cumming

Many thanks P.L. for this post and thread! Has HRC ever opposed the use of the Armed Forces of the U.S. in any way shape or form?


Attempt to take away guns from the people for one. She is a weather vane and latches on to the issue du jour. She'll likely add the various agendas of the SJW crew as long as it doesn't impinge on her owners and those in the social circuit that she and Bubba so desperately want to be accepted. In other words whatever she does it will ultimately make life more difficult for the working and middle classes.

George Carlin had it right.


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