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06 June 2016


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You were white five minutes ago. I doubt you're talking about Irish slaves, or the slaves that were taken by the Ottomans and the Barbary Pirates.

lmbo keep your lies straight.


Anonymous, I wouldn't like to see Tyler chained like that. Even worse then a time-out, it feels.

Highly pleased you mentioned me, even noticed my masochist bi-polarity. Bragging and mumbling. It's simple: a mental midget, bragging to hide this: "IQ is genetic".

Highly pleased at least you mentioned me. I suffered deeply, when I realized Tyler did not include me in his list of the enemy above. The bragger in me deeply craved to be listed, of course. Rivulets of tears streaming down on my keyboard.

A birdie out there just told me: A warrior does not throw the gauntlet on a mental midget. That helps! And of course your attention is balm on my soul.

Besides, I didn't notice any of the verbal duels discussed here. I must have been either mumbling or bragging at the time. ;)



I never f**k with people I think are not mentally and emotionally equal to the task. Otherwise there is no fun in it.


big scary commenter



As long as you are talking guillotines the Davos crowd should take a good long look at where their bodyguards come from.



How you meant it and I took it are two different animals.

A little fear is good. Its the beginning of wisdom. You understand what this globalist one world nonsense is going to lead to.

For what its worth, I can't remember you giving me cause to add you to any liquidation list.


LOL, you're way too optimistic.
My take is that they found it their duty to counter balance the crimethink of not sufficient unanimity for your demise.


Two things strike me;
- he speaks easily for his idea of the collective, &
- he must have the last word (watch this space...).
Now, that's a model for equanimity.



Lmbo "heh I'll have the last word by saying he has to have the last word" you aren't the psychological master you think you are

By collective you mean "thousands of years of Western tradition that led to putting a man on the moon" then yes



I like thinking that Soros paid trolls are that tweaked about me they have to coordinate to SILENCE THE DISCORD.



scary yet handsome commenter

good catch tia


misfired the post - then heeded (for a change) an attack of better judgment.

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