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06 June 2016


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You flatter yourself. All I know you as is another vanilla midget who fades into the background with the rest of the white noise progressive posters here.

You guys have had different names through the years but the braying is the same.


(((Will Reks))),

Whether or not you progressives intend it, Brazil is what you're going to end up with if you keep on attempting to make America into a 3rd World bazaar.


My ancestors are former slaves.

Anyone who knows any black person in the US knows a person who was - almost certainly - descended from a former slave.

Will Reks


Welcome back, pal. I'll be fine, either way, in my gated community that I share with other self-hating whites. I should thank you for your recommendations, from some time ago, on which weapon to buy for home defense. Who knows, maybe we'll run into each other some day.

Medicine Man

Mr. Habakkuk:

There has been more than once when I've wished I could lock the Davos crowd in a room with Tyler. They should collectively get a good look at who will be oiling the guillotine should they fail to re-calibrate their sense of civic responsibility. I find Tyler pretty hard to take, but have listened to his ranting from time to time because I understand that he is reacting to the real consequences of unrestrained internationalism. The upper class in particular is drunk on this stuff because they really don't feel the consequences of any of it -- in fact, they often benefit.

Mark Logan


Perhaps just being a guest in his house is not enough for some. For those I would embellish with "..in his living room after he has served us a standing rib roast dinner with all the trimmings with a selection of four desserts."

IOW..."Take it outside boys."


While others are challenged grammering.

Tyler is so self-absorbed he seems to believe what he says registers... that people give a damn about what he has to say when he deigns to engage with lesser humanity. There's no point, nor learning, nor pleasure in argument of his sort. And if he can't figure that out, he might not have other things figured.


Bravo David!

Your point of a "..very well justified – sense on the part of large elements of the indigenous population that crucial parts of what are actually ‘native’ élites have a complete disregard for their interests and a complete contempt for their culture." is a very important one. I'd like to add that as the Archdruid noted what we really have is a class conflict not necessarily an issue around race and ethnicity, although they are more easily latched on to. In conversing with some of my childhood friends who are of Hispanic ethnicity but fully assimilated multi-generational Americans, about the protesters waving Mexican flags at a Trump political event, they deeply resented it and were concerned that any backlash would question their loyalty when for generations they have known no other country or culture. It's these longstanding communities that suffer when there is an inevitable backlash to the PCness of the elites.

Another point you make of the "..combination of condescension and a comprehensive reluctance to grasp that ‘multiculturalism’ really does have problems" by the likes of the Clintons and Blairs is hugely important. As you note the "old money" had a better sense than the current crop of "noveau riche" gaining political power who don’t have a sense of history. Their narcissism is so intense that they have a huge sense of entitlement and belief that they are so far superior to everyone else.

IMO, there is another trend which is growth of statism in the west which leads to ever more concentration of power by government that then gets exploited by the elites to further strengthen their monopolies. There is this great fallacy that increased governmental control will be the bulwark to the oligarchy when as we have seen through the actions of the Clintons and Blairs its just the opposite. Where are the modern day Jeffersons and Bastiats?


Mr. Habakkuk,

I am reminded of a scene from LA Confidential involving Bud White and Dudley Smith interrogating a suspect. Smith has White beat the suspect right off the bat and says it's to "make you more amenable to listening to what I have to say."

I feel like we have the same roles,


It's working great, so far, eh?



So what! I can't stand people who use the suffering of their ancestors for personal gain anymore than a person who uses their ancestors elitist status for their feelings of social superiority. Credibility is earned not inherited.


A final apology, Col. Lang. I had this short window of time in the afternoon where I wanted to make an emergency comment on Tyler. I was expecting a cold thread and found there were more things there already than I had time to read. Besides, the pages weren't loading accordingly and somehow I missed the quotes (I seldom do that and I wonder if you were editting your comment, or if I need to start using glasses) couldn't understand what I read, found a related target ("right wing lies") and fired anyway, before my time window closed.



Yet from this thread alone, it's obvious that is not even remotely true. You could never post after this and no one would notice or care.

Progs always lie. Progs always project. Progs always double down.



"Teacher! Teacher! I'm telling!"



Are you threatening me?



I gotta admit old man you were damn good at getting me spinning up.


Tyler wrote: ' We are indeed at war with each other, I'm just open about it.'

Colonel, is this now acceptable? Do YOU think we are at war with each other? Will all of us who have to defend ourselves in this war be given the same freedom as Tyler to defend ourselves and disparage others? From my time on this board that hasn't been the case. I get in trouble all the time because I fight back against him. I can't for the life of me understand why you let him get away with his nonsense.

Going to feed my dragons (saw your Game of Thrones reference) and prepare for war.

Will Reks


No, it was a joke. But, if you're ever in Wisconsin I'll buy you a beer and you can update me on the status of the wall.



You flatter me, and I hope we both get our wish.



I see. Not content with fighting with Tyler you want to fight with me as well. I think you should leave and not return. pl



My ancestors freed the slaves, this Juneteenth maybe you should say thank you to them. I voted for a black man (twice) who was never a slave though maybe his ancestors were back in Kenya, they certainly weren't slaves here. I myself, however, am also a direct dependent of Spartacus, who if you recall, was a slave. Let me know what you think the Italians owe me in reparations.



Thank you for the insights. " Lasch argued that today’s liberal elites have ‘the vices of the aristocracy without its virtues’.”" I think this is very well put. I am also reminded of the insights found in "Europe's Epitaph" Arnaud de Borchgrave from almost a decade ago:




I think you can see how it could be construed that way.

But regardless I'll be happy to drink your Leinenkugel. You can't be all bad up there if you can do that right and deep fried cheese curds to hear me invent new ways of saying "The wall is YUGE".



I made the 1100 club, so there is that.

Medicine Man


I don't really mean to flatter you. If you look up thread, you'll see that I suggested that you, GCP, and anyone else with a chip on their shoulder should be shown the door. Frankly you scare the shit out of me. I am actually quite liberal myself and it often seems like you be more than pleased to see me kneeling in a driveway with a gun to the back of my head.

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