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03 June 2016


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Hitler used the "Brown Shirts" to intimidate the opposition. We can not allow violent street mobs intimidate US candidates & voters.

Mobs are rarely spontaneous. Follow the money.



that is true. The money trail would be interesting. pl


Col. you're right about the money trail -- it could run several ways.

Interesting, some recent immigrants to Europe are carrying out a campaign of rape & intimidation that I expect will call forth a serious response from the nativists and proto brownshirts. In the US, a few of our less recent immigrants appear willing to risk similar wrath (probably bloodier, given the American propensity for violence) to score political points. You don't want to call a pit bull out to play.

ex-PFC Chuck

Agreed. re both the post and following the money.

PS: On your home page there is no post title and associated link. The link only shows up in the "Recent Posts" column.


ex PFC Chuck

Thanks pl

Cameron Kelley

The San Jose Mercury reports that several arrests were made, but says nothing about the identity of those arrested. I saw a lot of internet chatter last night suggesting that the violent protesters were Black Bloc anarchists from Seattle, but that's just speculation at this point.


Colonel IMO, the pro Clinton Media, which is majority of the US' MSM are also to be blamed. For a whole week they have been ponding Trump and adding fuel to the fire. IMO they are promoting it.

Daniel McAdams

Classic tactics from Lenin to Gene Sharp's "color revolts" -- they are trying to provoke a reaction from Trump supporters to 1) establish as "fact" their claims about the racist and violent nature of his campaign and supporters (press will ignore the action and focus on the reaction); and 2) most importantly justify escalation. Escalation is critical and the protesters have every advantage at this point. I don't think this kind of street violence is meant to intimidate Trump supporters as much as it is to provoke his supporters to violence. This is not political protest, it is commie agitation techniques as outlined here: https://www.marxists.org/history/erol/ncm-8/rcp-agit-prop.htm


Do you think this sort of thing will get worse? To the point of fatalities? I hope not. I shudder to think of the consequences.

"Bibulus burst into the forum while Caesar was still speaking. Strife and tumult arose, blows were given, and those who had daggers broke the fasces and insignia of Bibulus and wounded some of the tribunes who stood around him. Bibulus was in no wise terrified, but bared his neck to Caesar's partisans and loudly called on them to strike. "

Appian _The Civil Wars_


I am always fascinated with the fact of US soccer crowds whenever US National Men's Team plays in places like L.A. with Mexico or any Central America national teams being very partisan not in favor of US National Team. I almost blew my vocal cords while rooting for incomparable US national team of Bruce Arena on 2002 World Cup when if not for atrocious refereeing in Germany's favor it should have played in semi-finals. It is not unique at all to have favorite national teams other than one of your own--I am a long time fan of Italy and loved legendary France of Platini's times. I do still root of US big time. But to be aggressively booed at own home turf by majority of stadium is absolutely ridiculous--but that is what boys of US National team endured for years. That's one of the manifestations of "loyalty" issue. Well, in general, the world of soccer is a whole other universe.


Keep lifting keep posting.

The mask is slipping away for more and more people. America doesn't want a lawless crowd of mystery meat waving foreign flags and demanding the death of anyone who makes them angry. That's what Hillary represents though - more of this.

Gonna be interesting times ahead.


Regarding the money trail, loose movements like Occupy and BLM are persistently alleged to be financed and/or trained by Soros-backed charities/funds.

That would - maybe - explain why only Sanders and Trump rallies got seriously disrupted, and oddly enough by the same sort of people.

We like to talk about herding cats here, but that's more about about herding dogs. It's easier, cheaper, and you can shoot them legitimately if they but start gnarling at you. The other dogs won't even mind.



You can likely find (((Soros))) or one of his hydra heads behind this.


Regarding the irrelevant foreign flag-waving, it's been like that in Europe for decades. Especially after football (soccer) games, or whichever national occasion.

The worst example is France, where men would be waving Algerian, Tunisian, and miscellaneous African flags after Hollande's election, or after any significant football victory. Yet the same people, I assume, would boo the French national anthem whenever the French football team would play any team from south of the mediterranean.

It may sound silly since it's about a game, but it tells volumes about certain self-hating mentalities that run rampant throughout Europe that IMHO led to recent atrocities.

(btw when is Patrick Bahzad's third instalment due?)

David Habakkuk


There are some problems behind all this which I have been trying, not entirely successfully, to get clear in my mind. But it seems worth trying a ‘sighting shot’.

Given the narcissism which is a fundamental characteristic of modern élites, alike in the United States and Western Europe, what they take for granted is that all ‘immigrants’ want to be like them.

In Britain, certainly, part of what is at issue is the revolt among those élites against central elements of traditional ‘Protestant’ culture.

This was not simply silly – but then, it is also something made possible by the easy availability of contraception. And where this ends we do not know.

The perception that ‘immigrants’ want to be like the ‘natives’ is not simply and entirely wrong.

In relation to Britain, it is critical that, with immigration from the sub-continent, we take over a whole range of complexities and contradictions in imperial history.

A critical part of this history had to do with the complexities of the spread of English-language education in the subcontinent.

And the legacy of this is extraordinarily ambiguous. So at one level, you will find a whole range of people from very diverse backgrounds in the subcontinent – including military backgrounds – who are genuinely ‘multicultural’, and often in a very interesting way.

They not uncommonly speak and write English much better than most 'educated' British people, and are in a position to compare and contrast different cultures. Such people can be of very great value.

At another level, you have, for example, immigrants from the Pakistani countryside, who come here looking for a better life in material terms, but were never part of the ‘Anglicised’ culture in their home country, and aren’t going to ‘Anglicise’ here.

And when you have a large concentration of such people in a place like Rotherham, you have a recipe for complete and utter chaos.

I say this without malice or hostility. But it should be reasonably clear that one of the possible responses to ‘culture shock’, time and time again, has been a relapse into some kind of ‘fundamentalism’ or other.

As to people flooding over the border into the United States from Mexico, I simply do not know enough about the situation to make confident judgements.

But before assuming that this was an innocent and harmless process – and denouncing Trump for his talk of building a wall – I would want to be very sure indeed that the preponderance of such people would really want to ‘Americanise’.

An alternative, obviously, is that at some point they might see themselves as being part of a ‘reconquista’.


"If the people waving the Mexican national flag at US political events are US citizens, they are disloyal to the United States and collectively harbor irredentist ambitions for the US Southwest on behalf of the Mexican state"

lol, this is worthy of being posted on Vdare.

"perpetrated other hateful acts against total strangers, with many fellow protesters cheering them on"

That's what "hateful rhetoric" begets.

"They assaulted the American inheritance of a politics that is decided peaceably at the ballot box by the people, not in the streets through force or intimidation"

Civil rights movement was peaceful ballot box movement? Civil disobedience and protest require being on the street because the ballot box is controlled by the state that prefers the status quo irregardless to justice.


Could you please clarify what you mean when you write " You don't want to call a pit bull out to play"?

Keith Harbaugh

Not about Hispanics in America,
but about the parallel ethnic transformation of Europe,
consider the following quote:

"Europe’s political class has, in effect,
embraced the most aggressive form of multiculturalism,
in which the establishment forms an alliance with minorities
to dominate the majority."

Sound familiar?

That quote comes from paragraph -7 of the talk "Germany's Jeopardy" by Frank Salter.
You can hear him voice the talk in a 30 minute YouTube video:

I fully concur with the thrust of his talk.


Col. Lang:

It's been widely reported that the money trail leads to George Soros. These reports are based on Soros' financial support for MoveOn.org. These reports seem credible since Soros has invested millions in Clinton's candidacy. Also, Trump favors a rapprochement with Russia and opposes TPP and other trade agreements, which places him in conflict with Soros' foreign policy agenda.




We need to get to the bottom of who are waving Mexican flags at the campaign rallies of a US presidential candidate. If they are US citizens as you say they are clearly disloyal in promoting the interests of a foreign state. On the other hand if they are foreigners they should not be permitted to disrupt an American election campaign.

IMO, this only serves to highlight that foreign interests are manipulating our political system. And if that becomes more and more apparent there will be a backlash. Maybe the Borg would prefer violence and disruption to buttress their campaign of fear.



You are advocating political violence for the purpose of suppressing political speech? Are you a US citizen? pl



When whites get put up against a wall, history shows we tend to push back rather hard.



Flags may be more important to me than to you. The carrying of foreign flags at US political events is not equivalent to carrying them at sports events. pl



A lot of cultural Marxist drivel to excuse ambush attacks and a bunch of Mexicano putos ganging up on a single woman. The snap back is gonna be glorious.

The Colonel would make a great edition to Vdare, incidentally.



There is an ethnic fault line through the land that that the United States took from Mexico. Mankind is chauvinistic and tribal by nature. There is a Clash of Civilizations. This is exploited by those who want their homeland back and the financiers and war profiteers who make money from conflict. Also, there is the professional class that has cognitive dissonance on how they really make their money serving the wealthy. The disenfranchised have nothing to lose. Watch out. The forces that brought us Iraq, Ukraine and Syria are moving on to California.

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