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23 June 2016


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William R. Cumming

Thanks for this post!





I have a hard time imagining a legitimate reason a charity might want an arrangement like this. What other charities are set up this way?


Would a prosecutor be able to invoke the RICO legislation?


Can't get the help these days


This answers a lot of questions as to what is taking the Justice Depatment so long in either bringing charges or not regarding the E-Mail issue as this indicates that HRC is being looked at for Political Corruption & more. For the DNC to have all these points
on file ready to refute, questions the ethical actions of that organization.
Looks like Slick Willie & Crooked Hillary may have to do some time in the Pokey while letting, old Buddy, Donald get the Big House, the white one I mean.

Nancy K

Interesting post indeed. I'm still voting for her warts and all because I cannot even imagine Trump as president.


Nancy K

Cling to that thought. I do not know whom, if anyone, I might vote for for president since Webb chose to sulk in his tent before the walls of Troy pl



Yes. Some of my ancestors might have said, "Who are these wretches?" pl



Perhaps a state prosecutor, certainly not a federal one. pl

Walter Jeffers

"I cannot even imgaine" - a true symptom of social justice warrior. Vote for HRC and you get demographic change on a scale not even seen under BO. Massive amnesty that signal the death knell of the America as we know it. But hey, a lot of democrats can get elected since the amnestied illegal love big government and free handouts.

HRC is not acceptable to a rational person.


Seriously contemplating the Libertarian Party. Never thought I would ever write those words.


In reply to turcopoliern 23 June 2016 at 02:05 PM

Thank you, now I need to go away and do some research to find out why only state prosecutors would do so. I thought RICO was for federal prosecutors only - plainly I was wrong about that.


All -

An earlier post comment cited very detailed analysis work on Clinton Foundation as a "charity fraud" by Charles Ortel at http://charlesortel.com

This is the most thorough work I have seen to date and it appears quite credible.

I have felt for some time that potential HRC "pay for play" situations while she was SOS are more likely to "stick" with the public and take her down than the email criminality, as it is much easier for most to understand financial corruption in public service.


Typepad HTML Email

Federal prosecutors work for the president. Several states have own RICO laws. Pl



Clinton News Network trying to spin Trump bringing up Clinton Cash so hard its about to get its own gravitational force.


I wonder if any of the courageous members of the press will be asking the Prime Minister about the "Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (Canada)".


"Frank Giustra is CEO of Fiore Group of Companies, a private firm managing a broad portfolio of private equity investments..."
That wouldn't be a hedge fund now would it? Maybe just a bank bailed out by Barrack in 2008?

"The Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (Canada)... Since 2007, the work of the Canadian charity has been carried out under an Agency Agreement with the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation (the Clinton Foundation)."

Oh look, Chelsea's in there too. Doesn't her spouse run a hedge fund that lost more money than Donald Trump?

William R. Cumming

While it may have tax exempt status at all levels in fact IMO no federal agency regulates private charitable foundations thus self-dealing rampant.


The sad part is that we know how crooked Clintons are, but she may (with a high probability) be elected as the next president.


Col. Lang,
I supported Webb and would have gladly voted for him, but Achilles, I think he is not. I would opt for Philoctetes. There are many lessons to be learned in Sophocles' play of that name involving the methods of persuasion: force, fraud and logical appeals, Aristotle's three. Ultimately, the aging Philoctetes is persuaded by example in a deus ex machina by Hercules. You will know this better than I, I imagine, but I think paradeigmata of virtue (in the ancient sense of virtue) are what many folks are looking and hoping for, but, unfortunately, there are none on offer.


If you don't live in a battleground state, you can vote third party without affecting the result, since the outcome is already virtually certain in all but about a dozen states--they are reliably Democratic or Republican.

Voting third party sends a message of disenchantment with the two party duopoly. Not voting is interpreted as apathy.

If enough people voted third party, the two parties would have to stop taking voters for granted.

BTW I am NOT advocating any third party. Voting third party is what is important here.


Is there still a special prosecutor law? This seems like a case for a special prosecutor. If H.C. is forced out of the presidential race how will the democrats choose a replacement?


The questions that beg answers: "Given all the foundations in the world with established track records, what would motivate donors to suddenly hand out enormous sums of money to the Clinton Foundation? Is their work especially unique or expert? If so, how so? Or is the sudden largess due to some tacit or covert quid pro quo?"

After reviewing the Clinton Foundation's initiatives, I don't see that they are doing anything that others were not already doing.

Keith Harbaugh

I am certainly no fan of the Clintons or much of what they stand for,
but all the asserted leaks of supposed emails and files makes me wonder:
What gives these leaks any credibility whatsoever?
Why should we not think anything from, say, "Guccifer2"
is a total fabrication by, say, some organization working for Putin?
It would not be the first time disinformation has been spread by such parties.
Is that not so, Colonel?
But that said, thank you very much for your post and your comments,
especially your observations on the way the Clintons have carefully arranged things
to make the money flow into their clutches so untraceable.
Too bad Eliot Spitzer didn't have their wiles!


Sorry, if you really think this is the reason for the DOJ not to bring charges, or requesting for an independent fact finding commission, then you must like the island I have for sale in Manhattan. Common now, I bet no one be allowed to touch the Borg' favorite couple. What we are seeing is just a good day for cleaning some old dirty cloths, since it's not getting to any MSM.

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