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30 June 2016


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rakesh wahi

most benign- social encounter,of course people can compare it Corleone getting the brother to sit in on the senate hearing


ex-PFC Chuck,

No, she should have told him it was inappropriate of him to even attempt the conversation and that as a lawyer and ex-senior official he was well aware of that fact.


The Beaver,

You mean she would really like to be (exorbitantly) paid with money that originated from those CGI donors who funneled it all through that Canadian "charity" that doesn't have to report who gave what to whom?

rakesh wahi

Let us accept that neither Clinton nor Obama are particularly stupid- I dont think Bill Clinton would have suffered if he had not lied to his attorney Bennett prior to the deposition. Hillary saw that and their lawyer now - Kendall ?? observed it first hand. Although Hillary would love to be president this desire is less intense than the fear of being in prison. How likely is it that her lawyer has not gone through each and every bit of information in the email ( generating a huge income as well) before telling her that she is not in jeopardy. How likely is it that Obama has no real idea what is in the emails ? much as he would like Hilary to succeed him, he is less desirous of soiling his reputation. Based on this analysis I have concluded that there was never any criminal jeopardy for Hillary. This is an educated guess- events may confirm or refute it

r whitman

Remember this is the Bill Clinton we all know and love reverting to form. It is obvious he stuck around to see Lynch so he could hit on her. Ran out of interns.


Maybe they have had an " affair " long time ago and Bill just want to see her again.


They DON'T care.
Clinton, Lynch, the whole corrupt (Democrat) establishment are above the law and they know it AND they also know that the Democrat lapdog media will cover for them.
Imagine if these two bozos were Republicans?
The fix was already in;Bill just stopped by to see if Loretta was still on board.
Comey resigns in protest, FBI agents throw (anonymous - of course) tantrums, the Democrat media covers it all up and Hillary gets elected (by an electorate that is not really sure if the Sun actually comes up in the east) and PRESTO - Lynch is an Appeals Court judge.


Maybe Bubba offered to take Loretta along on future corporate speaking gigs and earn a nice fee as the opening act. Maybe she'll only make high five figures per speech, but it would still add up fast.


Well, they can try to get the judge to go along with this obvious slow-walking of the process, but I'm not sure that the judge will agree. And at some point, such obstructionism may backfire by trying the judge's patience.

Of course, if the judge were to become visibly irritated, that might be a cause for a call to assign the case to another judge, thus getting the desired delay through subterfuge. One hopes that the judge is well aware of this potential set-up, and through his demeanor exemplifies the patience of Job.


@Fred, Bingo! "we could sure use someone like you in our charity foundation after you retire".


@James Loughton, that explanation is even more plausible then a job at the Clinton Foundation.


CNN and the Media have been working overtime to assert that there is no evidence that that there is no evidence that BC and LL talked about anything other than community policing and grandchildren. And, Stephen Gillers, an NYU Ethics expert, was trotted out to opine that Lynch had not done anything wrong from the standpoint of ethics. However, DC (above) seems to have hit a bulls-eye with his 28 CFR §45.2 cite. And, it’s hard to believe that BC didn’t talk about current non-overtly presidential election issues, such as ain’t it a shame that the Rs won’t give any Obama Supreme Court appointees a hearing; it must make it hard for litigants, even the DOJ to cope. LL would have gotten the message if she need anything more than a hug and squeeze from BC to know that she would be taken care of if she did the right thing.


i'm convinced he does these occasional little stunts to seriously undermine her campaign.. the last thing he wants is for hillary to get a bigger chapter in the history books as the first female president of the u.s.

oh, and speaking of meeka... she's quietly divorced her husband; and the gossip is that she and scarbro have been a longtime item.


MRW, well, my favorite Steve Goodman song is "You got to get whole you can!"


Colonel I voted for this SOB twice, I even contributed money and free printing to the bastard' campaigns, IMO, this SOB should have been prosecuted for openly admitting lying to AMERICAN people who elected the bastard.

The Beaver

Some opportunists see no bounds after using the administration as a revolving door. That's why they are so political in the first place. We are not like them and that's why we are not in that 1%.

Hope you realise that I am being a bit mischievous today - tomorrow is Canada day and it is a long WE


As he was a former POTUS , would not
a protocol possibly buried somewhere,
require her to accept his "invitation for
a chat" not withstanding the subject matter?

Mark Logan


It has been said that it was Bill who convinced Don Trump that he should run for President...

I'd be surprised if the Clinton's haven't already been assured there will be no indictment before the election myself. The comfortable are not uncommonly sloppy.


Frankie Pantangeli's brother brought over from Sicily as de facto hostage to Frankie changing his testimony.


She should have had one of her minions trot on across the tarmac to his aircraft and serve him a summons to depose.
Any rational observer would remark upon what she did not do, ie. observe the very laws she was sworn to uphold.


No. I suggest you are wrong Professor. The brother was no more a hostage than you were. The brother simply was a living embodiment of a Code that Frankie simply, in the end, could not repudiate, in front of his brother.


Isn’t it "You Better Get It While You Can,” or am I wrong?


Arrogant rather than stupid. Clinton gets paid big bucks for speaking to the financial companies, knowing that she will be running for President and she refuses to release the transcripts. If you get away with things like this you become convinced you don't have to worry what anything looks like. Democrats can't seriously claim to care about money in politics while ignoring the Clintons, but they do anyway.

Clinton supported Bush's decision to go into Iraq. A token apology and now she brags about her foreign policy experience. Democrats who pretended to be outraged by the Iraq war and say it was the most catastrophic foreign policy decision in decades go along with this.

Short of actually committing a felony in front of TV cameras I think the Clinton's can do pretty much whatever they want and the mainstream Democrats will go along with it. Hell, I'm voting for her as the lesser evil, though given that my state is unlikely to be in play I may do the protest vote thing instead.


Exactly. I'm beginning to believe all of those things that I heard about years ago, including the deaths. I can't wait until the movies Clinton Cash and Mena are released.

John Minnerath

Lynch is feeling the heat.
Seems to be crawfishing and backing away from Clinton et all support.

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