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30 June 2016


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I guess the blowback is having a result



The office of president is not a life time appointment and he is not a member of an aristocracy with special rights nor are the rest of us separate but equal citizens; though we would certainly be jailed if we tried to do the same thing.



I disagree. The correct term would be "employees" but you certainly have the right idea.


This is Bill's attempt to sucker-punch the investigation.
Get the rubes howling for a special investigator who will not be appointed until after the general election, and who will not issue the first interim report until after the end of her first term, maybe.
Clintons can say, "we gave what you wanted".


Well, well, well. This is interesting information that may be linked to one of the more disastrous initiatives from the recent past, the Fast and Furious straw purchaser fiasco, and perhaps involved Ms Lynch's predecessor in the partial cover-up, former AG, Eric "Place" Holder. Seems that one of the guns used in the 2015 Paris terrorist incident was illegally sold on by its owner in Phoenix, AZ, and that the the outcome of the investigation tracing this was hushed up by the ATF. What a surprise.


Boy, I bet that the French will be pleased as punch to find out about this. What say ye, Patrick Bahzad? So, however did a gun purchased in Arizona wind up in France only to be used in a terrorist attack? What did that chain of custody look like exactly? Who was this bad boy gun owner who was given impunity by the investigators so that he would not make waves? Inquiring minds want to know.

Bill Herschel

Clinton withdraws from the race. Sanders is the nominee. Trump goes back to hotels, golf courses, casinos and the Howard Stern show. America wins.

Allen Thomson

Grab http://w1.weather.gov/obhistory/KPHX.html for an hour-by-hour record of the Sky Harbor temperatures for the past three days. Pretty warm.


Frankie thought, mistakenly, that he had been set up by the Corleone's and faced a life term. He may have broken the code - but the Corleone's seemingly had abused their power at a time of peace among the 5 families. The apartment where the real-life Gambinos settled accounts was less than a mile from where I grew up - in a nice residential neighborhood. It was around the corner from a Chinese restaurant where Barbara Streisand "interned" as an after-school cashier. Our local code permitted the fixing of parking tickets were the opportunity to present itself - but it proscribed either homicide or pressuring the Attorney General of New York not to indict your wife for operating a personal still in the basement to serve guests.


Newt Gingrich as vice president?

rend garments. gnash teeth.


You are right. I should know better than to type while distracted!

different clue


Looking at how the media covered for all the Republicans in the Cheney/bush Administration . . . I would say the MSM cover-upping is bi-partisan.

different clue


Maybe it won't be that bad. Maybe it will be Vice President Chris Christie.

Babak Makkinejad

In your estimation, is the US AD way over her head? Was the wrong person elevated to the wrong level of responsibility?

Allen Thomson

> DOJ employee

This kind of gets back to the recent question, "Is a Cabinet officer/Secretary of X an employee of the Department of X?"

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