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06 June 2016


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the Cuomo ukase is not the SAME Democracy in Action, but s-t-r-e-e-e-t-c-h ....



Col Lang,

In this case, I'm afraid you've discovered the scumbag corner of the environmental movement and mistaken it for a conspiracy. That is not a sophisticated ad. I’ve written sophisticated ads. That is a crude con. Nothing in this ad should be taken seriously, not the expected rate of pay, nor what the organization says it’s trying to accomplish. These guys are known for this kind of stuff.

I think this whole discussion misses something. You don’t need a dark conspiracy of black bloc anarchists to get these results today. It just turns out to be extraordinarily easy for groups of angry A-holes to organize protests on Facebook. That’s the simple explanation for what you’re seeing.



"You don’t need a dark conspiracy of black bloc anarchists to get these results today" I didn't say anything like that. You invented that thought, but the activity is still purposeful. pl



I understand your POV, but the fallout from that election was felt by a lot of little people. In fact, the language used by media and on the ballot very misleading and taken to task by many transit advocates.

Uber/Lyft will be back - under the own terms - just like in San Antonio.

There was a great tweet showing the reality of the situation by a woman who voted against prop 1 and then realized she was now unable to get a dependable and inexpensive ride to catch her early morning flights.


Col Lang,

No, you did not. I wasn't addressing you directly, but referring to entire discussion of what's behind the protests, which has taken place over multiple threads. I apologize if that wasn't clear.

Yes, the activity is purposeful. What we're often seeing with activism (and activities of all kinds) is a decentralization where many come to the same conclusion and act with the same purpose. ISIS is a lot like that. You have many people all with roughly the same thought trying to accomplish the same thing. They are not all directly controlled by the central entity, but prompted to action by their shared beliefs. Anonymous would be another example of this, but so is the Foundation Against World Suck, which is a charitable group. While none of these are perfect parallels to the protesters, the phenomenon is widespread. You do not need paid agitators or an organization of any kind for this sort of thing to manifest itself these days.


I find it a bit funny that someone who feels they need big brother to fingerprint every Uber driver in order to feel safe also feels the need to proclaim "Our last name is Texas"

Is Texas known for their excessive need for the Government to protect them from doing business with each other? I wasn't aware that was something to be proud of!

I use Uber on almost a weekly basis and have never felt unsafe - just saved money. It's not like Uber doesn't have a heavy incentive to provide a safe service - isn't the need to maintain their reputation and grow profits enough of an incentive? That question has already been answered where I live

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