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01 June 2016


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Erdogan's line that Kurds shall not rule the "Arab" city Manbij seems just delusional. Kurdish Twitter ppl today shared a lot a video of Kurdish Newroz party in Manbij in 2013, before ISIS took over.


Also, for the city Al Bab - west of Manbij - a solution has just been created. Refugees from Al Bab in Kurdish Afrin just formed a Civil Council to govern Al Bab after the city will have been liberated from ISIS.


So, to me it looks like the YPG and their partners have a working plan to liberate the whole stretch of land from the Euphrate to Afrin and govern it after they liberate it.

For the Syrian government I think that solution is also fine, because the YPG can be expected to effectively function as a barrier against terrorism sponsored by Turkey. Some people said in recent days, that the SAA build up a lot of troops in Aleppo. That would fit. While the SDF/YPG gets their beloved unified Kurdish territory from Qamishli to Afrin, the Syrian government would get control about the city of Aleppo. It would be fine for all, except for Erdogan, who would get nothing for his sponsorship of terrorism in Syria. But he is not Syrian anyway.

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