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16 May 2016


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I pray your partner makes a swift recovery.

This unfilial son has a 68-yr. old mother who is suffering from glaucoma but he ain't much help.

FB Ali

Best wishes for a reasonably good passage through this traumatic experience, and a safe arrival at the end of it.



We are your kin now and will do all we might do. pl

The Twisted Genius


You will both be in my prayers. Your little piece of paradise should prove most therapeutic. In fact, my wife is jealous of your wombats.



Wishing a speedy recovery for your partner.


Sherry Long De Mandel


I am glad your partner has you. My husband Rob was there for me, through all my treatments, sixteen years ago. Tell her from me that now there usually is "life after cancer" and not to give up hope.

With best wishes to you both,


Walrus, Wishing you both peace & good health.


Best wishes for you both, Walrus. I hope we in Committe can make thr burden of your journey a little lighter.


Lovely to see you make a post, it has been a while and you have been missed. I am very sorry to hear of the cancer and please let here know she has many friends she was unaware of and who wish her well.

David Habakkuk


Best wishes to you and your partner at this very trying time.

I think I will hardly alone in having regretted that you had not been commenting more recently; and I also particularly liked ‘if only the legions of politically correct commissars can be ejected from their cosy positions.’

Who knows, it could even happen.

ex-PFC Chuck

Best wishes to you and your wife, and for her speedy cure and recovery.

William R. Cumming

Thanks Walrus for this excellent post. And as a prostate cancer survivor hoping for the best for your partner. IMO, however, D.T. is a proto-facist who cannot and will not ever be explaining his decisions. HRC tries to but mostly fails. Sir Robert Menzies of Australia was a visiting fellow at U.VA. Law School and spent a year there. The best of the best of the kind of politicians that democracies occasionaly produce. IMO of course.

How is Sir Robert viewed Down-under?



Best wishes to you and your partner.

Richard Sale

My whole heart goes out to your wife and to you. I pray that she is completely cured.

Your piece reminded me of the early Hemingway in its evocative details.

All the best,

Richard Sale


All the best for the speedy recovery of your partner. My mother is a cancer survivor and while the surgery and treatment sapped her confidence she is now hale and hearty well into her 90s.


All the best Walrus, to you and to your beloveds. Looking forward to your insightful comments in the future. I share all the sentiments and feelings stated above.


God bless y'all.


My thoughts are with you and your partner - hope all ends quite well.

Your "farm" sounds like a dream come true.

I have also been missing your comments and have gone back a few times to several during Obama's first presidential campaign where you "nailed" his persona.

Best wishes..

Babak Makkinejad


I hope she makes a full and speedy recovery and a return to normalcy.



Explain what the hell a "proto-fascist" is. You sound like an SJW right now.


Hope it works out the best it can, Walrus.



Bless your wife and you and may her recovery be speedy and complete.


Best wishes and prayers for both of you.


Mr. Sale,

You are mistaken, sir.

I have (unfortunately) yet to marry.

It's my mother I'm talking about - it's yours truly lacking piety.

PostScript: P'raps your message was meant for "Walrus" instead?


What in blazes is an "sjw"?

I agree with you 'bout the 'rapefugees' tho.

(Dumbass European 'liberals' with their crackpot notions about 'multiculturalism'...)

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