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03 May 2016


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Bill Herschel

IMO Trump can beat her by proceeding to abuse her over her many vulnerabilities. Some of these are connected to her history and others are more deeply personal. He would be wise to have surrogates attack her while he stands silent in the matter but he may not be capable of doing that. Skillfully done he can destroy her step by step as a plausible future president. Another handicap he has is his imprecision of language. Like a lot of generals and other grandees he seems to think that ambiguity in speech, partial sentences and omitted necessary words make him less vulnerable to criticism. That is a mistake. He needs to say things like; SOME Mexican illegals, A FEW Arabs, etc. pl


One more thing...

Let's not forget that in the crucial early months of ISIS' growth, Obama refused to bomb/attack ISIS until/unless Maliki resigned as PM.

The Obama Administration wouldn't even deliver planes (already paid for!) to Iraq while Maliki was in office.

David Habakkuk

Bill Herschel,

Piers Morgan, who is what we might call in Britain an old tabloid hack, who has also worked in the States, has taken over presenting the ITV morning show ‘Good Morning Britain’.

This morning he told his co-presenter, and the world British ‘media’ world of which she is a representative specimen, that, in essence, that they were living in cloud-cuckoo-land – they did not understand that Trump was far more popular, and Hilary Clinton far less so, than they realised.

Unlike him, I have never lived in the United States. But what Morgan said ‘meshed’ with my own gut instinct, which has long been that, as you write, ‘had the Democratic Party attempted to design a candidate who will lose to Trump, they could not have done a better job than Clinton.’

I think he will crucify her.

Peter in Toronto

Thank you for your insights. I was struck with the same impression. He needs not pick a fight with AIPAC at the moment, but I feel he will not yield when it comes to American interests versus the numerous Israeli agents that monopolize certain areas of foreign policy.

His comments about the need to proliferate the values that propelled Western society and the rest of the world into prosperity and relative peace were spectacularly refreshing, after 8 years of Obama's moral relativism.

Likewise discussing things like protecting the tax base with tariffs is something I have not heard uttered in public in the US in several decades.

I'm optimistic but cautious because I know the delegate system and electoral college favour Clinton in the general this November.


Don't the Turks have records of who passed through their country en route to

different clue

Bill Herschel,

Imagine the American political system as being analogous to the Arctic Ocean sea ice, metaphorically speaking. Till recently, the ice was solid and moved around in predictable patterns. Just lately the ice has started breaking apart here, melting through there . . . and the plates are grinding around in unpredictable ways. So it is hazardous to make a near-future prediction in a world of melting grinding ice based on legacy knowledge from a time of solid stable ice. What serious commenters or Republican strategerists predicted the advance of Trump through the primaries to this point? What serious commenters or Democratic strategerists predicted the size and pressure of the discontent-field into which Sanders has drilled a well?

Its safe to predict that Clinton will get the D nomination because she is Wall Street's politician this time, just like Obama was in 2008. But after that, who knows? The Clintonists have been going out of their way to mock and insult and patronize the Sanderists. Some of the Sanderists may be driven to get quiet passive-aggressive revenge on election day as a result. That should be factored into any prediction.

different clue

David Habakkuk,

Here is a little Trump campaign ad, just a sample of what he can do/ will do.




I recently read this interview with one of the members of the band that was playing at the Bataclan the night of the attack. From his perspective it sounds like one or more staff members at the facility may have been involved. Does this correlate to what the latest police reports show?


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