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31 May 2016


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Thanks for that Pat!

I really would have missed your thoughts and comments. Even when you lament about German toilets that haven't been sold since maybe forty years ago ;-).



No more ledge toilets? What a shame! How can you be sure now that everything is passing well? pl


I thought I didn't like cats, interestingly enough I didn't really know them. At least none had left traces on my mind at one point in time: I only recall that I asked my mother then, full discovery: my favorite draughtsman in early art classes had a cat somewhere in his drawings at the time. ;)

It feels I did not notice whatever it was that triggered your recent "Comment policy" post. ...

I wouldn't want to herd cats myself, but I have to admit that ages after the above event, I fell in love with Fritz, and Fritz instinctively disliked me ...


Colonel Lang, a good Monday morning start, thank you from this reader


Keeping his memory alive?
" And, finally, in all things belonging to your said office, during your continuance therein you shall faithfully, justly and truly, according to the best of your skill and judgment, do equal and impartial justice, without fraud, favor or affection, or partiality."
< Wythe also designed the Chancery Court seal to illustrate the punishment of the Persian judge Sisamnes, killed and skinned after taking a bribe.>


b) at one point in time, maybe since I researched it later due to an odd incidence, I found out I was entitled to use any accessible private restroom over here in Germany in times or urgency of e.g. the bathroom of a coffee house, bar, or restaurant, even without consuming anything there. Besides; I also worked as a waitress and I hardly ever had time to check who went to the toilet without first consuming. ...

Tell me, what is wrong about this mentally stored data. ...

And concerning the US as representative of some image of a purely economical order, would you be so kind to let me know where in Germany my waitress colleagues now or ever before would fill my cup of coffee when it was empty for free? Something that surprised me at the time.


Not sure if I should, but here goes. I prefer them.

Maybe my mother trained me to early to consider shitting as some type of achievement, freeing her hands for other tasks at hand. ... Or interests like reading. ;)

My father recently made a comment about them being something of times gone by, I had to correct him. ;)


This is good news! I have enjoyed the varied perspective of SST and have also heard that "retirement" can lead to boredom and crankiness. Wouldn't want that.



Bill H

I am delighted to hear it. A goodly part of what makes this community what it is consists of those who contribute in comments and guest articles, but the tone and personality of the place is set by you. It is what it is because you make it so, and your presence would be sorely missed.

John Minnerath

As long as you keep doing it a little while at a time me and Mack and the boys will be happy and all will be well at SST.

Bill Herschel

Your blog is unique and provides a perspective that is tremendously useful to those who are interested. The fact that the comments are both screened and criticized (in all senses) is another tremendous asset. I doubt very much it could be run by someone else and remain anything like it is today.


Thanks you Sir.
I've been lurking here since I've come across "Drinking The Kool Aid" back in 2003 or 2004. This place needs your contributions and commenters need your curt rebuke, myself included.

Btw, ledge toilets are still very much a thing in Germany and Holland. At least at the places I've stayed at recently. However squat toilets have all but disappeared from French cafes, not that I look for them.

FB Ali

Col Lang,

That is good news. Thank you!

May it and you long continue.

William R. Cumming

Many many thanks P.L. for your continuing, past, and future, contributions of and to this blog and its posts and threads in enhancing the world Of "fact", opinion, and rationale thought.



Ah ... Turkish toilets! Yes, yet another nostalgic feature of old world plumbing that I had forgotten. I was at Petra in Jordan long ago with a group of cadets from USMA. There was a woman cadet. She answered the call of nature in a toilet in the old guest house inside the valley. She had never seen a Turkish toilet and this one was pretty evil. She decided to hang on to the door knob while squatting. the knob came off the door and she literally fell in the s--t. Sad but funny. pl


"draughtsman", I wrote that? Seriously? Cannot really believe it.

Ok, I like the draftsmen using nothing but a simple pencil in the arts. Never mind the divide between artistic and technical post Leonardo.


Wonderful news!

Your work is clearly and greatly appreciated by some remarkable people. I am in awe of the both deep and broad knowledge of many guest posters and commenters - the recent post "Hilaritas" being one example.


Good news. It is only at SST, for example, that one can find facts and opinions pointing to the ongoing "fascization" of the zionist state.

Charles Michael

Good news and Thanks Colonel,

I must admit never really considering you stopping this blog: I don't see you as a quiter. The struggle against the System aka the Borgs is reaching a climax and it is just at the turn of the corner.
An exhausted civilization, destructured culture, orwellian desinformation is soon to meet its day of reckonning.

Sanity will prevail.


Great news!


Happy Birthday Colonel, and many more years of SST with you at helm!

The "german ledge" is for my wife the most dreadful memory of Germany.
btw. I prefer the German pronunciation Kolonel and not "Koernel"..:)


Squat lavatories are solely the province of Asiatics - in particular (southern coastal) Chinks.

You fellas from the Occident west would find 'em a handicap per 21st. c. ergonomics.

... Why are we talkin' 'bout toilets all a sudden?


Thank you very much!
You are running a public service.



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