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09 May 2016


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Thank you for being such a great teacher to all of us. I hope you will reconsider your decision but it is understandable if you decide to end this blog. I have utmost respect and affection for you that will always remain with me.


Good lord!, Col.

Where shall I - an amateur & ignoramus - learn about ragheads [& their ceaseless conflicts] than from this table ronde?

Where shall the esteemed experts here gather henceforth?

Please do reconsider & postpone putting a premature end to this Correspondence of the Wise & Learned.

P.S.: Your contemporaries Stephen F. Cohen, Noam Chomsky, etc. are still working tirelessly, yes?



I'd send you a birthday present from Paris but figure a coins might be more appreciated.


Col Lang
To paraphrase John McEnroe
"You can't be serious."
An important voice such as yours
should not be silenced. To all our
regrets you will be missed.


Happy Birthday to come, Pat. A pleasure to donate. (Sorry if this message got doubled. Browser problems.)


Bon voyage and thanks for the blog.

Larry Kart

Hey, I'm 74 in the middle of this month. Present for you is on the way.

But if you do call a halt to SST, you and it will be missed.


Happy Birthday, Colonel. And a good rest, you certainly deserved it and you (and SST) will be missed greatly. All the best.


I'm relatively new but I appreciate SST. It would be a shame to lose it.

I didn't know it was 11 years. I plan to take some time to rummage through what came before.

Happy birthday!


I appreciate your blog. It is a great alternative source of information that even H's a particular non-journalistic perspective. One can find a greater context. I understand that you are 74 years young but it is scientically PROVEN that those that remain active with their mind and body and maintain their social circle, retain a much much better mental and physical health status. You have you real life friends, intellectual and physical activity (kitchen making). You and we need the virtual equivalents of your intellectual output.

There might be some hesitance to associate yourself with other independent sources but please consider this, without necessarily endorsing them.

Old Microbiologist

While I fully understand your decision I am sorry it comes to pass. We will miss you as there are very few places available with this level of insight. Perhaps someone (younger and time to kill) will take this over? Best regards to you and kudos for what you have brought to the web.

Jag Pop

Bon Voyage

Wait! I haven't been banned yet.
(or have I?)

This has been a regular stop - a very regular stop - in my "channel surfing", so to speak.

How about recommendations for alternatives from the group? Where does everyone else surf?

Thanks in advance

Mother Jones
Rolling Stone Magazine
Defense One



I haven't made a decision yet. I will think about it until the end of the month. I have been to the edge before pl


Col. I think you should keep going with the site. Plain and simple. Your providing insight to millions of people that otherwise would just be swept along by propaganda from any number of sources. There as aspects of this discourse that are necessary for a strong republic to function which may not be fully appreciated by non-American readers. Lastly I would just point out that Ben Franklin kept going until 84 years of age.

Kyle Pearson

I do hope you'll pass this along to a worthy successor, Sir.

This is a unique place, fecund with knowledge and experience that few other public places in the world can offer.

You have done the whole world a great service by keeping this place going, and given moderate humanists everywhere a lot of hope and knowledge that has done all of us great good.

I, like many here, would be devastated to see it suddenly disappear.


Dear Colonel Lang- For goodness sake do please reconsider your decision! Your site is more valuable than any other on the internet. To say it would sorely missed would be an understatement.



"... would be devastated to see it suddenly disappear" I have tried looking for a successor without success. Your best ally in keeping this going is the woman I have lived with for 53 years. pl


Happy Birthday Col.

I used to start my day with the WSJ & a pot of black coffee. Now I start the day with SST & coffee. I fear I'll have severe withdrawals without the morning SST. I really appreciate the knowledge that you & your contributors have shared. I can't imagine being at the mercy of the MSM for my news.

If you do decide to take a break, keep your light sabre at your side. We'll need all of the Jedi to defeat the Borg.

Semper Fi,


Patrick Armstrong

Humph! Why not let it run itself? You have a number of self-starters contributing to it.Just go on cruise control and occasionally say something. Kitchen extensions are transitory, thoughts are forever. (Or something pseudo-wise like that.)


Don't you dare retire. You keep me sane. Which isn't saying much.


Patrick Armstrong

Perhaps my military formation is showing but I think someone must be in over all control. pl


stop indulging and enabling that crap about getting old.


sorry about that if you were giving him a dose of "Here, honeydear, smoke the whole pack!"


Even though I am a latecomer, I also very much appreciate your input and insight. That of the last few months alone has already been invaluable, also for someone not part of the "Republic".

While I hope that the ship shall run itself, or be run by someone else should you decide to take leave, it naturally remains your decision to make.

At any rate, doğum günün kutlu olsun. Mögen es noch 76 Jahre mehr werden!


I hope not. For purely selfish reasons. This is practically the only place that I find an appropriate level of skepticism about the "official story". I don't always agree or even sympathize with your posters, but it is very important to me to get a realistic account of the Ukrainians, the Turks, the Syrian rebels, and the Russians. SST serves me well for that.

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