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15 May 2016


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My school in West-Berlin was located in the American sector, maybe 500 metres from the border of the Soviet sector. It practically consisted of 2 schools, one like any other school in the American sector, and one set up like a school in the Soviet sector, with Russian as first foreign language, and the beginning of the school year in September instead of March, but without the Marx BS. It was setup for people who had already fled to the West, or people who were living in hhe East, but wanted their children to get a Western-style upbringing. That way the pupils were not forced to start afresh with a new foreign language and didn't have to change class in the middle of the year. It had been chosen for it's closeness to the Soviet sector, so that pupils did not have to travel too far from the East. In the class of my now wife were 4 children of clergy-men, who were not allowed to attend high school. Mrs. Merkel miraculously was allowed to attend high school, to study and acquire a diploma and even a Ph.D. (Her dissertaion is unfortunately "lost without trace", which is regrettable, because in the East they usually contained hymnic praise of the party and would have made good reading). Quite a few privileges for the daughter of a clergy-man. I leave it to everybody to draw their own conclusions from these little bits of information.

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