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22 May 2016


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Margaret Steinfels

A second thought on this issue. How many Trump supporters (for whatever reason) never considered that NAFTA was the source for their economic conditions, ditto illegal immigrants, ditto tariffs, ditto Chinese workers. But now there's a candidate who lines up multipe reasons for their difficult circumstances, some real, some not.

My point: How much has Trump created the grievances to which NE media paid little attention. But neither did the newly aggrieved Trump supporters until the Trump campaign began and the media told them what to be aggrieved over.

NB: I don't defend the media: NE, SE, SW, NW or Chicago. The echo chamber that is the Trump campaign needs more analysis.



So, Trump created the illusion of loss of industrial jobs? pl



I see. It is a matter of all against all and so nothing that indicates bias on a group basis really means anything. You must be a grad student or professor. Hobbes' name arises here often. That must seem familiar to you. pl


Strikes me that the NE media is merely displaying their incapacity to understand what's going on beyond their social / career field. I note similar weakness in all regions of the country. As to disdain for the American people, that's kinda a hallmark of all our elites, isn't it? To me, Donald's whole shtick is centered upon disdain for the American people. It's a shtick that will go down in history. Maybe, finally, our elites will accept him as one of their own.


Ismael: Joe Baegent was a true are real writer. For the folks here at the Colonel's I can't recommend him enough.

I lived in the barracks for quite a bit, you get to know people in an open bay, and a lot of our military enlisted come from the redneck core of what was America. The folks that Joe talks about in his essays are my kin. His love of them, warts and all, are a lasting tribute: Warts and all they are my kin.




My point: How much has Trump created the grievances to which NE media paid little attention. But neither did the newly aggrieved Trump supporters until the Trump campaign began and the media told them what to be aggrieved over.

I mean this with the greatest respect and humility, @Margaret Steinfels. I really do.

Trump did NOT create “the grievances to which NE media paid little attention.”
The media did NOT tell them "what to be aggrieved over.”

No one has been listening to them for the last eight years. No one. Trump did. We still have families sleeping in their cars at Walmart's parking lot. They want JOBS. They can’t afford the internet. But they hear Trump’s rallies on the car radio. They’re parked in the Mormon church parking lot so they can feed their kids from the donations.

The 5% unemployment rate is bogus. That’s the U3 rate. Not the U6 rate. There are still 24 million underemployed or working three part-time jobs to pay essentials. The breadwinners are embarrassed or ashamed that they can’t support their families. 45 million are getting food stamps, even those with jobs.

This has been a ‘recovery’ of shame and silence, and to his credit, Trump has tapped into this. He’s listened.


Fleischer is just pushing Adelson’s agenda. Adelson is now backing Trump. He’s putting his dough ($100 million) behind Trump because the Israeli PM’s office counseled and instructed Trump’s Orthodox son-in-law (Google it) who was revealed as the “writer" of Trump’s AIPAC speech. Trump adores his daughter.

Adelson could care less about the USA and the US election. Both he and Fleischer are Israel-Firsters. That’s all they care about.


Kagan is an asshole.



Were it that reducible.


To me, Donald's whole shtick is centered upon disdain for the American people.

Wow. Are you off the reservation.


Thanks for the link. My experience certainly bears it out.

I moved to a northern Iowa town of 28,000 a few years ago. At the time, it still had a Norman Rockwell feel to it. But it's changed considerably since the late 90s--used car lots, payday loans, pawn shops, smoke shops, etc., seem to be the growth industries. K-Mart, Sears, and JCPenney, have all closed down. Small manufacturing has left.

Instead of Norman Rockwell, parts of town now more resemble a mix between Appalachia and Detroit, as folks leave for Minneapolis or Des Moines. A lot of pasty-looking tattooed skinheads hang out on the corners--reminds me of photos of the English Midlands in 1985.


MRW: But then, how is "Trump's whole shtick" any more disdainful of working Americans than the Neo-Liberals? Compare Hillary's campaign to Bernie's.

C Webb

Mr FLEISCHER: "I'll never be like that. There's a lot about Donald Trump that I don't like, and I'll call him out on it. "

Self praise is no praise.

Here we have some talking head gossiping about some other talking heads.

How about sticking with the arguments?

Maybe he should apply his maxim (calling out what you don't like) to the so called NE snobs( a broad brush generalisation).

AFAIK Americans used to educated in spotting this kind of sophistry and in times past I doubt they would have tolerated this kind of manipulative and slanted punditry.


Thanks for the link. The Archdruid speaks truth that what we have had and continue to have is a class war. The wage class have been shredded and what were middle class jobs have now become part time burger flippers. The bottom 90% continue to fall behind. Even the salary class are not doing as well although they haven't lost the aspirational element yet. The wealth concentration and growth has been extremely narrow and among the 0.1%. What has yet to be recognized commonly is that the collusion of the political and financial elites to increase the size and scope of government ostensibly to regulate the corporare elites have actually turned out to be the opposite. Its been to protect the cartelization rackets and to foster the financialization of the economy leading to more and more financial leverage and speculation backstopped by the bottom 90% and their future generations. The corruption has now become endemic with an open revolving door and the lucrative lobbying and consulting deals for the political elites. The scale of the funds flows at the Clinton Foundation is staggering and exemplifies the brazeness. Trump is clearly trying to rally those left behind. The question is will he fight the Borg or be coopted by them if he gets elected? The pressure to conform is enormous. My biggest fear is that we slowly slide towards the Archdruid's fear of Americans goose stepping with armbands.



Link me to whichever HuffPaint writer you cribbed that from.

I've seen some uninformed analysis before (GCP does post here) but that takes the cake.


I just watched the clip. Good.

Babak Makkinejad

I think you are not going far enough into the past when you wrote: "the last eight years".

The symptoms of a significant disaffected population was already there during the candidacy and campaigns of one David Duke.

There are working people who live in their cars - waitresses and short-order cooks and others like them who staff all these strip malls; especially in warmer places such as Florida.


The media has failed to realize from the beginning that the support for DT is really coming from people not wanting anybody else, more so than them necessarily wanting Trump. They are still oblivious to this, and the media will finally accept it in November.

Margaret Steinfels

@MSW with great respect, back to you: a question

When did Trump listen? Where did he listen? To whom? Donald Trump lives in the world of the well-cosseted, more so than any media type, except perhaps Roger Ailes and his like at NBC, etc.

We might like to think he did some searching and researching for his issues; might have actually talked to families living in their cars. I doubt it. Various analysts of right, left, and the middle who have looked at his proposals don't see how he can do what he says he will do, and some of them go on to point out that if he could they are not going to help many of the people who will vote for him.

There is a better chance that Bernie Sanders knows whereof he speaks, but there's a good chance his proposals won't work for his voters either. And just to be fair, let me throw in some of Clinton's proposals (doing away with student loans, for example) being far-fetched.

The echo chamber that is Trump's campaign is going to leave many voters disappointed and angrier than he has made them already. voters).

Babak Makkinejad

In my observation, very many European-Americans are wont to accept welfare and they amply demonstrate, in a consistent manner, very high work ethic.

I think its origin lies in the culture of Northern Europe - including England.

One does not have to be a redneck to possess those qualities; in my opinion.



Where did you observe this predilection for hard work and welfare? The rednecks that I know in rural Virginia are not like that unless they are soaked in meth. in that case they are no inclined toward hard work. pl

Babak Makkinejad

I met single mothers who refused to go on welfare, got jobs and went on to better things. Admittedly they were not rednecks but European-Americans nevertheless.

I worked and have observed European-Americans at work; they demonstrate high work ethic in comparison with many other ethno-linguistics groups.

Where did I see it? The American Mid-West where young people go to that back-breaking work of corn de-tasseling.


As a NYer most of my life, I have followed Trump through his various iterations over the years. In this current version, he have very astutely championed a sector of the "wage class" (from the Archdruid's piece on Trump) which has propelled him to current status as the Republican candidate. He is doing this for political expediency and is doing it very well. The Republicans have been getting this same group of "wage class" voters since Nixon. Trump is the best so far at galvanizing these voters with what will come to be empty promises of what he can do for his "wage class" supporters.

The billionaire Trump (a protege of the vastly corrupt, infamous Roy Cohen) made money in the time, when the "wage class" has been decimated, by working with the richest investment class who have funded all of his buildings, companies etc not to mention his ties to organized crime in the deals he made to supply him with the vast quantities of concrete, etc for his buildings. He is of the same group of economic elites who have supported the economic policies that have led us to where we are today. Economically, is he really be able to re-cast the trade deals and all the other arrangements that have been built by both parties over the last 40 years? I think not.

Meanwhile he supports the same skewed tax policies that have enriched himself and his class. In many ways, other than his stated support for his supporters who desperately need a drastic reversal in their fortunes, he will deliver much of what he has benefited personally from throughout his career: An economy where the gains go to his class, his partners on his projects. In this way he is no different from what we know for sure Clinton will deliver as the Democrats have been delivering the economic benefits to their funders since Bill's first presidency.


"This is our new modern Imperium run by and for corporations; not the people."

This economic data correlates well to the way in which the economic recovery was funded (mostly) by the Federal Reserve transferring great quantities of cash (via Quantitative Easing and other direct loans to the biggest banks). This money went to increased value of assets like real estate and stock (via much companies' buyback of their stocks) and the wealthiest urban areas were the ones to gain from such increased asset valuation. So in NY where all my contractor associates were busier than EVER by far from building super luxury apts and buildings for the financial elites who are awash in cash again, very little of this cash went into the rural areas. This money did boost the urban economies where the wealth was distributed, not to the rural areas where smaller banks are the prevalent entities that lend to such areas.

The imperium (of which Trump is a major player) indeed dominates as usual and is thriving while the areas of Trump's support continues its downward spiral...


Don’t you mean “less disdainful?"

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