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22 May 2016


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Australian right? "I am a bit surprised that you find that working people in the US can't be trained / retrained" It s a standard polemical device here in the capital of the new Rome, to misquote someone and then to comment on the misquote. I said that the enormous masses of Americans cannot be retrained. There are TOO MANY! They will simply be peasants of one sort or another mostly living on the dole in a world in which their vote means nothing. . Yes! Yes! People who have known a better life will be reduced to poverty. Only the capitalist vultures that the pope complains of and those who live in industrial concentration camp factories in places like China will benefit. pl


The Aussies are among my favorite customers, & I thoroughly enjoyed my short time there in the early '90s, but alas I am not one of them. I'm a born in the USA of Irish Catholic Yankee mom & primitive Baptist Okey dad, a military brat, well educated, serial entrepreneur & as cranky old white guy as anyone. My point was not meant as polemic, but I apologize for misinterpreting your point.
I believe we are not in a static mess but a dynamic one. There will be change that may serve to correct the status quo we suffer. Your & my generation may suffer less (or at least, for a shorter duration) than the ones younger, who may suffer for a longer period of their "useful life" than ourselves. I have been fortunate to be exposed to even younger generations through work, sport and family (3 kids in mid 20s to early 30s). I am impressed with the prospects for positive change through interaction with these "kids". By that I mean they don't give a damn about elders' pov... We have little to no credibility. I am more than ready to let them take the reins - the could hardly do worse. All I ask / hope-for of them is to make new & different errors.
Given they will be taking over regardless, will establish a path of their own - perhaps less constrained by our generations mode of thought & action - I am a bit optimistic about the longer term. I may suffer from idealist derangement syndrome but that's the way I was brought up. On occasion I even note evidence of possible ways ahead through the mess. Other times I find your prediction hard to counter.



I wish I could share your optimism. pl

different clue

Margaret Steinfels,

Some of our industrial losses preceded the Free Trade Agreements. But a lot more of them sped up after the Free Trade Agreements were signed and then ratified. It took the Free Trade Matrix years of steady mass industricide to move much of our remaining industries to other countries. It would take just as many years to re-establish these industries back in America again if we could abrogate all the Free Trade Agreements and withdraw from all the Free Trade Organizations. But such abrogation and withdrawal would be the necessary first step start.

" A Specter is haunting Free Trade, the Specter of Protectionism." That's the first sentence in the book The Protectionist Manifesto. ( Actually there is no such book. But now there is a first sentence and a title in case someone thinks they are worth picking up and using to write the rest of the book for).




Trump loves playing the game as it exists and is frankly very good at it especially using bankruptcy laws to benefit himself. He is a real player. He has guys like fooled you in thinking that we will actually do anything other than adopting tried and true Republican economic and tax policies, that benefit themselves and the other elites... like of those of Paul Ryan soon a Trump endorser it seems.

The wall...lol..is a joke. If he really means what he says then he will go after all his associates who make tons of money from employing illegals. By god he would have sanction himself!


This is probably too late to add to this thread, but I posted a comment a while back on the number of trans people in the US. I was asked for a source and before I could answer, I got pulled away to other things.

The original studies do not seem to be currently available, however here is a description of them and an analysis of why it's so hard to count trans people.


Essentially, it all boils down to the problem of very small numbers. One study found .1% and another .5%, and they were statistically normalized to yield .3%,. This may seem reasonable, but the difference between the two studies is a factor of 5. It's easy to get to statistical significance if you're asking Trump v. Hillary. If you try to count the number of people planning on writing in some obscure candidate, it gets tough to know with any certainty.

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