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26 May 2016


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How soon until we can all self identify as African American so we can get all the affirmative action benefits? Or at least the minority owned business certification.


I especially resent how OFTEN I hear about this topic when I try to listen to NPR. Maybe they are trying to avoid talking about Hillary's e-mail server. But they never offer real science news, or real engineering news. They did a lousey job of reporting the Fort McMurray fires, not to even begin to mention how bad the reporting is on the main topic of this blog. I used to have some respect for NPR, but it has all drained away as I have listened to the endless, over enthusiastic, frozen smile overdrive of political correctness. Tyler nails it with "Until a multisexual, multiracial hispanic illegal alien genderfluid pedophile is on the Supreme Court then we have not achieved true equality."


All the chat and excitement is about bathrooms but I believe the bill also contains language that prevents employees from taking suits to state court if they were terminated because of age, race, gender, etc. It interests me that the opponents of the bill don't bring this to the front instead of the transgender bathroom issue. I haven't read the bill and probably would not understand the implications of the language but here is a link from ProPublica. https://www.propublica.org/article/why-north-carolinas-new-anti-lgbt-law-is-a-trojan-horse

N.C. is a "Right To Work" state and protections for employees are scarce and weak.

Mostly, I agree with TTG.


Ridiculous? This has been a total non issue for as long as there have been women's and men's facilities. It was handled with common sense and just "not noticing" as Miss Manners would have said.

Why and issue now? Probably because some "think tank" dreamed it up as an issue for the elections.


How much do you think it would cost to retrofit every single public restroom in this country to accomplish what you describe?
Only an extremely wealthy and extremely decadent country would give the concept of transgender "rights" a second thought.


I am told that there have been physical and sexual assaults on women by cross-dressing men in restrooms in the past. I don't know how common this was, but it is not as if "transgenders," by whatever definition, are common either (and I figure that cross-dressing creeps who prey on real women are no less common than "true" transgenders, whatever the definition one might use). I am dismayed that this is what passes as "tolerance" these days.


In reply to Babak Makkinejad 26 May 2016 at 04:37 PM

It's more a case of Danish girls being so pretty that they can be very picky :-).


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Congratulations on your more than golden married state. I'm reasonably hopeful that with mutual love and mutual foregiveness my wife and I will be just as happy when we hit the 53 years married point.





Bathrooms are at the heart of sexual, cultural and functional issues; for example, the long lines at female bathrooms in sports arenas or the safety of unlockable genderless bathrooms. But, the latest government SNAFU is a result of wedge politics and the 2016 election. The LGBT rights movement is composed of urban bicoastal whites and is part of the Democratic 51% wedge. They do not disparage Blacks who are against gay rights because they are members of their voting bloc. But, they do feel free to call rural Whites racists. This is a classic case of divide and rule. It won’t end until the global corporatists in both parties are thrown out into the street. Then school boards, teachers and parents can decided what is best for their children.


Remember 1984 and the part where Winston is asked how many fingers O'Brien is holding up? Its the same concept here with the progs wanting you to call a man a woman.


A voice of reason from an old Chemistry professor who once taught at Davidson College.

HB2: Who did this to us? We did – [former republican guv of NC] Gov. Jim Martin
"What can we do now? First, both sides need to take time to listen to each other. We might learn how some young people have great difficulty dealing with their anatomy and hormones, in ways most of us could never begin to understand. Denying access to our state courts for protection leaves them vulnerable to harm from bullies. Our courts should be open for civil judgment. Hate crimes should be defined in enforceable law.

On the other hand, we might learn also that some people have had terrible experiences with sexual predators, and are fearful of laws that could make it easier for one to slip into girls’ locker rooms. It is not fear of transgender individuals, who have probably already been using such facilities without incident. (In almost 80 years of occasional visits to public bathrooms, I have never once dared to check out the qualifications of those standing next to me, and doubt that you have.)

The concern is for unintended consequences on both sides of this issue. Maybe if we adopted stronger punishment for predatory pretenders who do sneak in and violate the criminal law, it might reassure those who have been molested and others who share their fears. Besides, that’s an issue that would justify police action; unlike the City’s ordinance and the State’s HB2.

Some want to repeal all or parts of HB2. In this legislative session, partial repair may be possible; as some have indicated openness to reinstating access to the courts for civil remedies. With patience and goodwill, the court process should be restored.

The bathroom rule is another matter. If the City of Charlotte had not taken that step, we would be about where we were in 2015, with little public disturbance of big corporations, popular entertainers, sports leagues, and even daily newspapers; none of whom asked for this. Once that genie was called out of the bottle, a bigger genie was lurking in there, and it didn’t like what the first genie did. It’s possible this General Assembly could amend the bathroom clause of HB2, but it is problematic. No one yet has offered compromise language. A referendum has been suggested, and one can judge from their responses that both sides predict the same result. The General Assembly might be replaced, of course, but this issue will have far less effect on it than will each party’s presidential candidate." .....

Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/opinion/op-ed/article75834057.html#storylink=cpy"



Someone who fled California because she helped make it unliveable with intrusive, unrealistic progressive initiatives upset cause NC doesn't want male perverts getting their sick kicks. LMBOOOOOOOOOO

Move back to California then Nancy.


I have a close friend and colleague who's daughter early in her life voiced real trouble over being viewed as a girl. It wasn't a passing fancy, it continued as a source of real trouble and anxiety for several years and was relieved somewhat by allowing her - now him - to express it.

My friend - the mother - is no pushover, no "revolutionary" and certainly one of the toughest business-women I know with great judgement of people. She's also a fierce mother in terms of protecting her cubs.

Whenever I hear someone spout about this in the abstract I think of her.


I like the weasel words almost at the the end: "as a race."

Is there a race-based Olympiad that I'm not aware of?

Errrr... I thought we were competing as individuals?

Babak Makkinejad

I agree with Tyler here that we are dealing with a species of mental disease for which there us no treatment or cure - nor even the theoretical possibility of any progress.


Fred, I was a bit surprised, when I stumbled across such a case. But it somewhat makes sense on a meta level. ...

I don't recall specifics, but apparently Ruthanne Dolezal moved from fervently supporting what Tyler would call "BLM" issues to being the representative of a Spookane NAACP chapter after she may have enrolled as a fake black woman ...


"Following the completion of high school, Dolezal attended Belhaven University in Jackson, Mississippi, receiving her bachelor's degree in 2000. After Belhaven, she attended a historically black college, Howard University, in Washington, D.C. and completed a Master of Fine Arts degree there in 2002.[16][34][35] Her parents and brother said that upon applying to Howard, Dolezal was assumed to be black by the admissions office and subsequently received a scholarship from the university. Her younger brother, Ezra Dolezal, stated that "because of her work in African American art, they thought she was a Black student during her application, but they ended up with a White person."[36] Her father said, "eyes were popping and jaws were dropping because they couldn't believe they had given a full scholarship to a white girl", although he stressed that "she didn't pose as black; she just sounded black on the phone".[37] Her thesis at Howard was a series of paintings presented from the perspective of a black man, and sparked a controversy. Dean Tritobia Benjamin, a specialist on black women in the arts, questioned whether Dolezal was qualified as a white woman to tell this type of story.[35] Dolezal said she was taken advantage of sexually by a man when attending Howard University, and that "suing was nearly impossible".[38]"


"Dolezal had been presenting herself and identified as black for years, but her parents released old pictures of her with blonde hair and white skin. In the fallout, Dolezal resigned from her position as president of the Spokane, Washington, NAACP chapter on Monday, but continued to defend her black identity. "


Interestingly enough, Fred, considering our completely opposite political camps (me: confessing late 1968er), I wondered about the similarities of Dolezal, my own diverse personal experiences with more militant self-creators of all type--not only sexually--I encountered over the decades ..., and to chose more randomly a type I only discovered on the web, the self-defined transgender post sex-change, who may or may not have discovered their inner sociopath after reading "M.E. Thomas'" book, "Confession of a Sociopath", another twist in defiance of the given and accepted:


The Despair of Defiance.

"The Despair of Defiance
Unlike the despair of weakness, the despair of defiance is the despair of wanting in desperation to be oneself. Here despair is conscious of itself as an activity. The self 's identity comes not from "outside" but directly from the self. It is rooted in the consciousness of an infinitude, of being related to the infinite, and it is this self the despairer wants to be. In other words, such a self severs itself from any relationship to the power that has established it.

It wants desperately to rule over itself, create itself, make this self what it wants it to be, and determine what it will have and what it will not have. The one who lives in defiance does not truly put on a self, nor does he see his task in his given self. No, by virtue of his own "infinitude" he constructs his own self by himself and for himself. ..."

The inner self? A real self not allowed to be??? Inside out, outside in? What is real beyond defiance?


Personally, I would have been completely satisfied as a teen, to pick up on b's response below, if I had been allowed to wear trousers in summer in school but use the girl's toilet anyway. I would have considered his-image-rule slightly antiquated already then. ... Meaning: I somewhat accept gender troubles, I never found playing with dolls interesting, I had no use for them.

I guess I wouldn't mind a visually female transgender to use the same toilet as me. ;) The ones I know personally, are sexually attracted to men for some the reason for a sex-change. Not that it always worked out to their satisfaction. But I guess, that's life. It isn't fair after all ...

Besides, full discovery, I wouldn't say I would never ever use a toilet for males, at least if there is a high chance I can sneak in and out unnoticed and none with a shirt-image-on-the door-is-visibly close by or in sight in times of urgency. ;) But then, that's me. Would I accept a male entering if his expression and hurry felt familiar. Absolutely!

Enforcing general rules, may not be such a good thing, it feels, since my freedom ends where other people's freedom to decide starts. That's a basic rule, I accept.


compliance tested?

I would support TTG, offering an alternative: An interest blowback to the ideology of bringing freedom to the world at large?



I can almost hear you forcing yourself to stop thinking over there so you don't engage in crimethink. Yeah there's an IQ based Olympics, it's called life. There's a reason why despite trillions thrown at the issue there is no closing of the test gap.



The best thing about anecdotal evidence is that no one has to prove their argument.

Meanwhile in reality there's a huge coindicator of sexual violence with being a tranny.


There sre, in all likelihood, deeper psych issues involved with your friend's daughter.


thanks, Pat, pretty silly response. But interesting nevertheless.

Don't you have these neat images, they can deal with everything necessary: Poor Americans!!!


Shirts versus trousers. ;)


5 dancing shlomos

can always replace regular toilets/bathrooms with portable johns/janes/its



"pretty silly response" I surely do hope so. You are reinforcing the stereotypical image of Germans as solemn and lacking a sense of humor. pl


Good sir, the "minority owned business" set asides include women as beneficiaries too. I've seen this dynamic with my own beady little eyes during my time in construction. As for the AA owned "business" game; I've worked for several firms where the only "minority" in the corporations' management was the titular Black Businessman at the head. Everyone else involved were so White, their a---s glowed in the dark.
Sadly, we can all self identify as democrats as much as we want. The reality is somewhat different.


Reply to Tyler;
Oh, the dreaded "test gap." Every 'test' of one sort or another is graded. Tests are also devised, by people. (I omit existential tests, like how long one can hold his or her breath, or ones' susceptibility to pain.) There is where biases of all sorts make their presences felt. Tests are also somewhat like polls. Both can, and are, slanted towards some pre conceived preferred outcome. This bias can be both conscious and unconscious.
The best case scenario I can come up with on short notice would be to compare a meta study of 'test results' screened first for differences between groups, and then screened for humans as a whole. Then the fun begins. When disparities between the two groups are observed, how these disparities are accounted for will drive the interpretations; or, vice versa.
As earlier stated, the ultimate judge of fitness is survival. So, why haven't the 'others' died off yet?

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