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26 May 2016


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The Beaver


If I may ask: isn't the Governor of Louisiana a Republican : Bobby Jindal
NBC has made a mistake


One of the queer things about the mounting discussion of transgender related issues is that there appears to be no definition of the term - certainly not an agreed definition. Notions of what it means range from simple bisexuality to that extremely rare phenomenon of a few poor souls born with RUDIMENTARY sexual organs of both types.

The bathroom issue is the most ridiculous of all - since the obvious answer is to match the clothes one is wearing to the sign on the door


I find this all a bit "american" and laughable: "a student's declared gender identity".

Since when is a student ripe enough to declare a gender identity other than his/her biological one? And how often is s/he allowed to change that? Once an hour? At each restroom visit?

As for toilets. There are usually those neat signs on toilet doors. One often depicts a person in a skirt with long hair and the other depicts a person in pants. Those who look/dress like the first sign use that room and those who look/dress like the other sign use that other room. The alternative is a physical control of the "junk" of each person before being allowed to enter any of those rooms.

The Twisted Genius

This whole bathroom issue is total bullshit. It's a non-issue when the decision on which bathroom to use is handled discreetly by all involved. It becomes a temporary local issue in schools when it arises and the local community finds an answer. The North Carolina legislature should have kept it's nose out of this local issue. The Obama administration should have done the same. The escalation of stupidity is astounding.



Laughable? Yes? American? Maybe, if the Borg is really "America." But, I remember German toilets with a ledge in them so that you could inspect your poop for healthiness before flushing. I also remember German middle aged mothers helping their incredibly gross looking daughters pick out ridiculous clothes to wear in their crazy adolescent years. pl


C'mon there ARE genuine males (DNA tested) who could not possibly use anything but the ladies room:


The escalation of stupidity is astounding

Not at all, it's meant to test the compliance of the sheeple.



The NC govt. got involved because Charlotte passed a law forbidding private businesses from keeping mentally ill men in dresses from using female bathrooms.



Because the prog revolution never ends. Tranny rights, and soon pedo rights are on the horizon. Its all about inventing more reasons the state has to have more power to interfere.


As Woody Allen once observed: the lion will lie down with the lamb but the lamb won't get much sleep.


Why have communal toilets at all? Toilet halls with individual rooms off would dispense with the whole "issue ". Maybe I'm missing something here?

The Twisted Genius


Are you sure Charlotte wasn't trying to keep private businesses from forcing all the Chas Bonos of the world into female bathrooms?


In reply to turcopolier 26 May 2016 at 12:36 PM

You should have gone north as an antidote and spent your time admiring the pretty girls in Denmark :-).

J A Connor

We are now at "opinion identity"? I think I'm an American-Indian? African-American? Isn't this is getting to be a bit of a stretch. Certainly some degree of sensitivity is called for, but the privacy and RIGHTS of the majority should not be subservient to political correctness. Are we really running out of legitimate civil rights issues?



Happily married since 1963. pl


This is an issue that hits very close to home for me due to having a family member on the transgender spectrum, which means that this person was born as a biological female but has always from the earliest age felt more comfortable presenting as a boy (clothes, activities etc). The NC law is stupid in that it makes it illegal for transgender people to use bathrooms that correspond to the way they look, making them use bathrooms based on the biology that they were born with. It is actually much less threatening for trans people to do as they have been for many years without issues because most people cannot tell they are not the gender of the bathroom that they are using.

The problem about "safety" comes more typically when a trans person tries to use a bathroom of their biology and not the gender that they identify as...A transman who you would never know is not a biological man using the woman's room because he is a biological woman. This is what actually scares/freaks out people. I have seen it first hand. It is a simple issue as stated already by other members here: use the bathroom that corresponds to the way you look and nobody is the wiser.

The safety issue about woman and children is BS. There are no statistics backing this up whatsoever. The real statistic that you should keep in mind is that as of about 5 years ago, 40% of transgender teenagers successfully committed suicide. So many more tried and did not succeed. This is a tragic statistic that needs to be changed and there are those of us working to make this a reality. The younger generations are more comfortable with these issues on gender and sexuality. Statistics show this clearly. The world is constantly changing and you can either accept it or not.


I realize that I did not explain the 40% suicide rate among transgender teenagers. This rate occurs because so many teens identify as trans and they are not accepted by their families, friends, communities etc and they have no where to turn for help. Hence their dire decision. This is changing as it is becoming more acceptable to be trans and there does exist more help now for young people who suffer from such issues. And suffer indeed they do. This is not an simple decision of choice. Nothing makes their lives more difficult than the drive to be the gender that they were not born as.



Up to this point everyone played by the polite fiction and let it be.

The Progressives Enfants Terrible decided that instead of letting the status quo be, they had to continue The Revolution and rub everyone's face in the fact that now a man can say "I'm a woman" and Neener Neener nothing you can do about it suck it rednecks.

Seriously this is like a five second google search looking at the Charlotte government's statements regarding the issue to know that what you're describing isn't the case.



Yes. We've run out for quite a while. The Revolution never ends, comrade.

Until a multisexual, multiracial hispanic illegal alien genderfluid pedophile is on the Supreme Court then we have not achieved true equality.


Characterizing this issue as one about bathrooms, or even locker rooms and changing rooms is misleading. This is about introducing gender theory to young children when their minds are still malleable. One School Board in Texas proposed new regulations which would have required teachers to refer to pupils as "students" only. The use of the terms " boys" and "girls" would have been prohibited.


don't worry Prof. This is not going to stay an issue over bathrooms. Nor, for that matter, transgenderism. This is going to be about *self identification* and legal status. In employment, affirmative, et al. Cue up the song 'I think i'm turning Japanese'. Or the movie Zelig. That is what this coming to and the plaintiff's lawyers are already thinking about this.

Nancy K

I live in North Carolina and HB2 is a joke. Our gov and republican house and senate have just chosen to make it a big deal. It has nothing to do with keeping men out of female bathrooms or as they like to say protecting the women and girls from men sneaking in to do bad things. It is already against the law in NC for men to sneak in the bathroom and do bad things and HB2 is hardly going to stop them from doing it. It is an election year and they are appealing to their base. Coming from CA I have known transgenders and have never felt threatened by them. Kristen Beck, once known as Chris Beck and part of the elite all male Navy Seal team six can use my bathroom any time she wants. This whole bathroom agenda is being driven by men, not women. My mother is 91 and she doesn't care who uses whose bathroom. As she said "I just go in the stall and mind my own business." To bad politicians in NC don't do the same.



Or maybe because it's a mental disorder and should be treated as such vs. Pretending that because a boy "feels" like a girl they are, voila, a girl. We don't engage the delusions of schizophrenics, this is no different. This is the same kind of progressive "thought" that blames "racism" for the crime gap, the IQ gap, and every other reason why blacks can't conpete, as a race, with whites mentally.

Babak Makkinejad

I heard that Danish girls have an exaggerated opinion of how much they are in demand.

I heard that Brazil is a much more profitable destination; "you have to fight women off!"


The Beaver, Jindal is no longer governor his successor is a Democrat.

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