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31 May 2016


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If the US didn't give them the money they would have to stop massively subsidising the houses in the West Bank to pay for their own defence. Wouldn't it be nice if the US government was subsidising houses in the US rather than paying to build houses in Israel that are eventually going to have to be torn down? If the deal is going to be done it should have the phrase "permanent settlement freeze" in it.


Col Lang -

Your comment is somehow cut off at "I say this because.." - at least on my screen


Joe 100

Does it look right now? pl

The Beaver


Looks a OK now.


Col: Sad days indeed. My wife wants to visit relatives in Jordan, the West Bank and East Jerusalem next year. No dice. I will never, ever allow my children to being subjected to Israeli "security."

There is plenty to see in Jordan, though.


Yes! All fixed..

Patrick D

"No, unfortunately, this is not a Western country we’re living in. " Haaretz

30 years ago Israel's politicians and supporters insisted that Israel was a Middle Eastern country and, therefore, should be accepted by its neighbors.

Now they insist they are a Western country and, therefore, should be defended by the West.

Odd that in the context of the time each claim was made that they are both misrepresentations. 30 years ago secular Ashkenazim (Western Jews) were the group with the most political and cultural influence. Today, Ultra Orthodox and Mizrahim (Middle Eastern Jews) are eclipsing the secular Ashkenazim culturally and politically.

If I was a secular, Western-oriented Jewish Israeli who valued his personal freedom, I'd be looking for an exit.

Babak Makkinejad

Nah, even 30 years ago they wanted to be considered a European country.

I suppose one could say that they are - more like an Eastern European country, such as Poland or Russia, but not one like France or Italy - not even Spain.

Bill Herschel

Well, Donald Trump has said, among other things, that all William Kristol is interested in is killing people. And that he is a loser. A debate between Trump and Clinton would be interesting to say the least. I truly wonder if Clinton will agree to debate Trump.

I personally cannot find a difference between Clinton and Jeb Bush for example. I would have no trouble letting them use the same restroom (preferably with a Turkish toilet). Trump took on Bush in the debate in South Carolina and put him out of the race for good. That wasn't supposed to happen. South Carolina was Bush country.

But for those who think Trump might win, there are very, very smart people (Sam Wang) who are not predicting it.


Philip Giraldi on… Israel Moves Right - And might not carry many Democrats along with it http://www.unz.com/article/israel-moves-right/


Bibi has more fun coming- the French are moving forward with their peace initiative and the EU has warned Israel about continuing to destroy Palestinian homes. A recent meeting between coordinator of activities in the territories Maj. Gen. Yoav Mordechai and the EU ambassador to Israel was described as "tense and difficult." That is diplo-speak for a meeting gone downhill.



Bill Herschel

Just remember that Israel wants to join the EU. Of course, on their terms. They consider themselves part of Europe.


"If I was a secular, Western-oriented Jewish Israeli who valued his personal freedom, I'd be looking for an exit."

There is evidence of a brain drain from Israel.



"I personally cannot find a difference between Clinton and Jeb Bush for example."

Why not a Hillary-Jeb ticket?

It would heal the wounds of a divided nation, lol.

robt willmann

The economist Robert Wenzel says that the notorious and annoying neocon, Bill Kristol, is trying to get David French to run as some sort of independent candidate for president--


Wenzel notes the Bloomberg article about it, which says that Kristol was reached in Israel. This is not surprising, as Kristol's conduct is that of an agent for Israel, and he was also part of the "Project for a New American Century", which laid out the "policy" that kicked off when Bush jr. was elected president. The Bloomberg article should be here--


Kristol is also the editor of a little magazine, The Weekly [Sub]Standard. Being connected, he still gets on television. However, he has obviously been fuming that Donald Trump, who would not be a lapdog for him, is approaching the Republican nomination. In fact, Trump is starting to use his counterpunching technique on Kristol--



It seems to me they think like the Russians.


I was surprised to learn from a recent conference on AIPAC that part of U.S. aid to Israel is classified. When did that start and why?


There's been a storm in Israel lately: Ya'ir Golan, who is something like deputy chief of staff of the army, gave a speech that ""If there is something that frightens me about the memories of the holocaust it is the knowledge of the awful processes which happened in europe in general, and in germany in particular, 70, 80, 90 years ago, and finding traces of them here in our midst, today, in 2016". He was in uniform on Holocaust Day. There was an uproar. He backed down. The defence minister backed him up. Bibby fired the DM & replaced him with Avigdor Lieberman. Lieberman's only qualification for a post overseeing the military is that he used to be night club bouncer back in Moldova. He is a fascist too.
The process of replacing ashkenazi military commanders with the children of the settlers will accelerate.
Most 'liberal' families have second passports & for while now their children have been avoiding military service; foreign studies, doctor's note etc.
Israel is already shrinking; educated, secular people are getting out. The settlers are taking over.
There are apparently some nasty films online showing Israeli mobs running down Palestinians, usually women. The victim is usually dispatched by a uniform, so there are no repercussions.
I no longer believe there will be any deal, not for one state of for two.
An article by Roger Tucker crystallized my thinking: the country of Israel should just be wound down!



Israel has been making withdrawals from its international goodwill account since 1967, and increasingly rapidly in recent years, as the nationalist right has become more influential.

Time and science will erode this account in the future, independently of whatever the Israeli Government may do.

As the Second World War recedes in memory, invoking the Holocaust will be less effective as a way of deflecting criticism of Israel's behaviour. The international community will be increasingly unwilling to cut Israel as much slack as it has in the past.

Science is also complicating matters by showing many of the essentials of what is claimed as Jewish history to be origin myth, and thus undeserving of sympathy. Recent DNA work shows Ashkenazi jews originated from an area in the north of modern Turkey about 2000 years ago, ie not from Palestine, as the result of a diaspora caused by cruel Romans. These results confirms earlier work based on historic sources, such as Schlomo Sand's 'The Invention of the Jewish People'. And then there's the Israel-sympathetic Old Testament origin myths most of us grew up with ...

There is an interesting treatment of Jewish perspectives on the 'evolving Israel' issue in the graphic novel 'Not the Israel my parents promised me' by Harvey Pekar.

pl: don't worry about an impending lack of pork in Israel. I understand that the several hundred thousand Russians that arrived in Israel after the collapse of the Soviet Union have maintained a vigorous Russian tradition of pork-eating.


Yes,they are very much like the ["mongoloid"] Slavs whom they so hate: they NEVER reveal all of their cards - a VERY Asiatic trait.

It's a contradiction that the very ones people hate most often are the ones they mirror.

What gives 'em the arrogance to see & think themselves occidental volk?

They are not gullible goyim...


It would seem to me that many are Russian and Eastern European migrants, and as such, more conservative, and approving of order.



Your first Haaretz link leads to the second Reuters' article.

ex-PFC Chuck

Peace activist Uri Avnery, the 1948 Arab-Israeli War veteran who joined the Irgun as a fifteen year old a decade before, wrote a column in Ha'aretz recently that was re-posted at Counterpunch yesterday, suggests that the skids are being greased for Netanyahu's unwilling departure.



thanks. I think it is fixed now. pl


Absolutely. But also racist enough to make a Texas Klan member blush.

There is little shame in eastern Europe over racism. If you are polish, and dislike gypsies, how are you gonna feel about Arabs or blacks?

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