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09 May 2016


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I agree. It’s like David Irving’s site. People will dismiss info out of hand because it’s published by David Irving on his website, based solely on the court case mounted by Deborah Lipstadt and the Israel Lobby to discredit his work, a court case Irving lost that branded him unfairly as anti-semitic and a denier. But he was/is a meticulous historian. His revelations about Churchill during WWII via private contemporaneous diaries, official journals, records, and employee logs is a remarkable tour de force. There are youtubies where he described what he uncovered in his research into Churchill. His three-inch book on Churchill reads like a thriller.

His research into Hitler by contacting either the original person or surviving spouse, and obtaining original diaries and other official documents no one else had ever asked for is another revelation. Irving learned German to penetrate the trail of truth that no one had bothered to follow. A much maligned man, imo.


BS? Why spend your own money when someone else will front it?


Larry Kart

Oddly, I knew Yossi Melman when he was a very junior spook in the Israeli embassy in DC 25 years ago. He is the ultimate chutzpah artist. pl



Who's to say that KSA does not already have the bomb? If so, it would be surely be a great secret. Perhaps one of the most important ones worthy of knowing only by the very highest leadership. There is plenty of circumstantial evidence pointing in that directions (AQ Khan, financing Pakistan military for years, Chinese IRBMs, the hands-off nature of diplomatic realtions between KSA and others). Then there's former Sen Bob Graham's "novel" Keys to the Kingdom.

One way to guarantee limited foreign interference in your country by outside and larger powers is to have a nuclear deterrent. Just ask Israel.


The Beaver

Also how will Sara Netanyahu survive on her husband's salary !
One source of money for personal use in lieu of buying votes .

Babak Makkinejad

Should the United States and the European Union decide to wage the same kind of economic war that they waged against Iran, against the State of Israel, in my estimation, within 3 months the Israelis will raise the white flag.

Their nuclear weapons does not confer either strategic depth or strategic autonomy on them.

That is why they have to cultivate the Cult of Shoah....

Larry Kart

"Sources who are usually unreliable may on occasion provide good data."

No doubt Melman is a piece of work, but I do think it's likely that Herzog has told Melman that he didn't say what we've been told he said. Whether Herzog did in fact say that King Salman filled Bibi's piggy bank remains to be seen, but I thought it should be noted that Herzog reportedly has denied saying that he did.


Larry Kart

Right. When I knew him Melman was playing Sancho Panza to his boss the IDF GS liaison man in DC. The colonel was later Israeli ambassador in London. Melman was thinly covered as a grad student but it was obvious that he was an IDF intel man. I took him and his boss up to Gettysburg once to see their reactions to a really big battle. Jeff White was along on the trip. Melman couldn't get his head around the scene and kept chattering away. he particularly couldn't grasp the idea that PWs were routinely paroled on the field or shortly thereafter. He said that meant the two sides were not serious. I told him there had fifty thousand casualties. He fell silent. His boss finally won my approval when he said "this was all about Lee, wasn't it?" pl


Colonel - all:

Nothing that many here are already thoroughly aware of but interesting to see all the information in the one place.

"These guys are now supposedly discussing the setting up of yet another "emirate” in Syria’s Idlib province. But the recent cessation of hostilities “catalyzed a dramatic re-empowerment of Syria’s moderate protest movement and the revitalisation of the most [sic, yet again] moderate elements of the opposition”.

An anonymous Free Syrian Army (ie: ‘moderate’) commander is quoted by Lister as confirming that al-Qaeda forces “represent everything we are opposed to, they are the same as the regime. But what can we do when our supposed friends abroad give us nothing to assert ourselves?” What “a broad spectrum of Syria’s opposition” need, therefore, is “a substantial expansion of military, political and financial assistance”.

These Free Syrian Army groups, Lister says, now number 50 – phew! – vetted by the CIA, all of which “operate in coordination with locally legitimate [sic yet once more] civil, political and judicial bodies”.

So who is the writer Charles Lister? Among his various academic duties, he’s a senior consultant for the “Shaikh Group’s Track II Syria Initiative”. The “shaikh” in question is not a Middle East potentate but Salman Shaikh, director of the Brookings Doha Centre in Qatar and fellow at the Centre for Middle East Policy, formerly the Saban Centre for Middle East Policy (the “Saban” being Haim Saban, the American-Israeli film and television mogul who donated $13m to the centre and has given substantial funds to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign)."

Read in full: http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/after-splitting-with-al-qaeda-al-nusra-is-being-presented-to-the-west-as-a-moderate-force-it-s-a7022271.html



My uninformed suspicion is that NSA mined these papers searching for something else, probably laundered terrorist support funding. When they came up with this, it was briefed to Obama and he decided to make some artistic use of it.
God knows that the Saudis and Bibi deserve a kick in the ass. pl



You do not understand the difference between intelligence analysis which seeks truth and the misdeeds of politicians who will do or claim anything to prevail. Have you ever been in government? pl



You have been here a long time. What is the attraction? Is it just an opportunity for general trollism? Shut in with a Berkeley library card? IPs are deceiving thing but yours has shown you to be in the East Bay area for years. Got a real case for the US, don't you? Jack London type? Retired Black Panther? La Raza on-line rep.? Run of the mill Hasbara? pl

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