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09 May 2016


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I look forward to the logical endpoint of this mating ritual. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spider_cannibalism


I would take any article from Globalresearch with a grain of salt. Many of their articles seem reasonable but they do occasionally entertain some wild conspiracies. The claims in the current article would require more serious digging than would be available from just the Panama papers. GR is not known for its in depth research and to fill in gaps with wild speculation.



You are perhaps unfamiliar with Lang's dictum that sources and information must be considered separately. pl

The Beaver


Saw it mentioned in Almasdarnews yesterday :


I find this a little unclear. Consider Chalabi and Curveball. How is one to separate those two sources from, what we know now, was pure fabrication? Maybe at first they needed to be taken seriously, but later?



This is a basic matter of intelligence analytic methodology. Sources who are usually unreliable may on occasion provide good data. Intelligence analysts amass large archives of material and these enable cross checking of data to determines the probability of truth. pl

Kyle Pearson

Global Research has a lot of far-left commentators who provide unwelcome information and perspectives that the mainstream US/UK and European media would prefer left unspoken. They do post nutjobs on occasion, but generally it's pretty easy to see whether or not the things posted are facts with accurate analysis, or complete nonsense.

This one has an MP from the Israeli Knesset, no?

"Isaac Herzog, member of the Knesset and Chairman of the Israeli Labor party, revealed that Saudi king Salman bin Abdulaziz financed the election campaign of Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu."

An Israeli politician of a major party talking about revelations about Netanyahu - either he'll be able to back those accusations up, or he'll pay a political price. So this is a "wait and see" moment - not a "dismiss it out of hand because it was posted on Global Research" moment.


Primary source is the Panama Papers and they are raw documents from the Mossack Fonseca firm's data. All can be tracked by competent forensic accountants, so this is not a case where skepticism about the media source is relevant. Under the concept of "my enemy's enemy is my ally," and with Iran being a big shared enemy of Saudi Arabia and Israel, this is not IMHO a stretch in the least. In DC a year ago, a Saudi general was engaged in a public dialogue with Dore Gold just before he took over managing the foreign ministry for Bibi. Saudis are also mediating rapproachement between Israel and Turkey...


These are the two final paragraphs from the article:

"In March 2015, King Salman has deposited eighty million dollars to support Netanyahu’s campaign via a Syrian-Spanish person named Mohamed Eyad Kayali. The money was deposited to a company’s account in British Virgin Islands owned by Teddy Sagi, an Israeli billionaire and businessman, who has allocated the money to fund the campaign Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu”, Herzog cited a leaked Panama Paper. (Update): A spokesperson from Isaac Herzog’s office reached out to Al-Masdar News on Monday to confirm that this quote was fabricated.

https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/panama-papers-data-leak-king-saudi-arabia-sponsored-netanyahus-campaign/ | Al-Masdar News

https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/panama-papers-data-leak-king-saudi-arabia-sponsored-netanyahus-campaign/ | Al-Masdar News


Every day it seems more and more as if all the news is being ghost-written by staff scribblers at The Onion.


Another source a year old:

Linda Lau

I'm quite willing to believe it on the basis of their past history in addition to this article.


Source are estimated on a 1 to 5 scale, from untrust to trust.
Intelligence data are estimated the same way, from impossible (1) to likely true (5).
Then you add the numbers.
From 5 to 10 intelligence data get up in your Intelligence Research Plan.
Under 5 just wait another bit of Intelligence to go on searching.
That's OTAN method.
The other is what was saying one of my colonel " Information is like a melon, smell its ass and you will know".
IMO this one smells good.



1- I am curious as to who directed journalists to the particular "Panama Papers" that incriminate Salman/Bibi. There are so many papers. 2- Harper tells me that his friends are double checking the individual papers. pl



This one smells to me something like a ripe cantaloupe. pl


The al-Masdar piece is followed by 3 links to an Israeli online marketing/trading firm: only the freezepage link still contains the article (in Hebrew):


....as of 8-May-2016 09:17 GMT

"חדשות היום
חיפוש כתבות
הודעות בורסה

מסמכי פנמה המודלפים: מלך ערב הסעודית מימן את הקמפיין של נתניהו.

ראש המחנה הציוני,ח"כ יצחק הרצוג חשף כי "סלמאן בן עבד- אלעזיז מימן את הקמפיין של רה"מ בנימין נתניהו."
מערכת טלנירי | 8/5/16, 07:12
בואו לדבר על זה בפורום בורסה ושוק ההון

ראש המחנה הציוני,ח"כ יצחק הרצוג חשף כי "סלמאן בן עבד- אלעזיז מימן את הקמפיין של רה"מ בנימין נתניהו."

לפי אחד ממסמכי פנמה המודלפים ,הבהיר הרצוג כי " המלך סלמאן העביר 80 מיליון דולר במרס 2015 למוחמד אייד קיאלי –סורי ספרדי – כתרומה לקמפיין של נתניהו, והוא העביר את הכסף על ידי חברה באיי הבתולה הבריטיים לאיש העסקים והמיליארדר הישראלי תידי סגי שהוסיף אותו למימון הקמפיין של רה"מ בנימין נתניהו.

טלנירי מציעה לך את מגוון השירותים תחת קורת גג אחת!
פתיחת חשבון למסחר בארץ ובארה"ב, שירותי איתותים לישראל, ארה"ב והמעו"ף, שירות החזרי מס, תוכנת ניתוח טכני ועוד... השאר את פרטיך ונחזור אליך בהקדם

שם מלא*: טלפון*: דוא"ל:

כתבות נוספות"

Judging by the timestamp, could this be the original source of the Herzog quote?


In re: sources and information, I ended up seeing what I could find based on my memory of the mid-70s (well before the Internet) and my interests then, and I chanced on this tonight: http://tinyurl.com/d75kskb



What the Israelis are saying to each other at present is largely unimportant. What matters is what is in the documents. pl


As reported by Seymour Hersh in "The Redirection" (published in 2007), Israel and Saudi Arabia entered into a Strategic Relationship to counter Iran that called for using extremists as a weapon. The safety and security of Israel in this arrangement was guaranteed by the U.S.

The first target was to be Syria, which these nations saw as part of Iran's 'strategic depth'. Numerous data points since 2007 point to the validity of Hersh's reporting.

Aside: In this context, the aim of the nuclear agreement with Iran could be viewed as containing Iran until Syrian regime change was achieved.

It is not surprising that the principle countries leading the Syrian regime change effort would try to ensure continuity of the political regime in each of the compatriot/conspirator countries.

Furthermore, it gives one pause when we are told by neocon establishment figures that "Trump will not be President".


<> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

Some may recall that there were musings in 2006 or so about Saudi Arabia wanting "the bomb" as a deterrent against Iran. Use of extremists to counter Iran might seem like a more logical answer to growing Iranian influence - especially since ME nuclear proliferation threatened Israel.

Yet this immoral policy has backfired spectacularly with terror, refugees, failed states, political turmoil (Trump, now Netanyahu, etc.) and now KSA threatens to acquire a nuke anyway (though that's probably just an attempt to entice Iran to break the agreement). What a mess!


I'm in total agreement with you there, sir. The source documents are the real deal.

From my own perspective/use, hopefully, there is a searchable database akin to the wikileaks embassy cables and or the Clinton emails (WSJ is good on the later).

Frankly, I have yet to come across one but haven't done an exhaustive search yet, either.

The Herzog quote does provide some useful search terms...


This only confirms what As'ad Abu Khalil has been writing about for years at Al-Akhbar--Israel and the Saudis are in bed together. And how!

He also reported that the Saudis underwrite much of the news media in the Middle East as well as some regimes, such as Jordan and HarirI's goverment in Lebanon, enforcing 'moderation' towards Israel.

Sad that it looks like al-Akhbar seems to be reorganizing and mellowing its coveage.

Abu Khalil's blog: http://angryarab.blogspot.com/


Perhaps like one of these? Time to dig a trench and get a wheelbarrow of horse manure!


Smells like BS.

Bibi doesn't need Salman's money. Half of the people of Forbes billionaire list are philanthropist Jews who are big political donors.

If money did change hands, it was most likely protection tribute being paid to Israel.

These people are all on the same team. The whole thing is big racket and Americans are being taken to the cleaners by these people. We need someone like Trump in office to put an end to this crap.



It would also be consistent with their behavior in Turkey. They gave millions to Erdogan's campaign last fall.

- Eliot

Larry Kart

FWIW Yossi Melman, former intelligence and strategic affairs correspondent for Haaretz, has said that Issac Herzog has denied to him that he ever said such a thing.

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