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05 May 2016


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There was plenty of pandering in that speech. You could make out the stench peculiar to that one as it mingled with the odorous scent of decaying factories. Of course he didn't mention where all the jobs went. Maybe someone should have invited Michael Moore.



Are you f-cking autistic? I know that HuffPaint writer is since he's unable to discern what a rhetorical example is, and instead went into estrogen fueled hysterics.

I'll leave the country if Hillary wins. Please kill yourself and film it for my eternal amusement when Trump ascends TIA.

Peter Reichard

Just trying to say that the current government is not a monolithic Democratic bloc and Comey is not owned by Team Clinton. Hillary has made many enemies and the knives are out. Could get interesting real soon.


You are certainly showing yourself to be the typical Trump supporter. Mostly rude and ignorant. Well done.


I'm still voting for Clinton. I would like to see a Clinton/Sanders ticket.

Nancy K

As a psych nurse for many years I know enough to stay away from ledges, however when Hillary wins I am willing to talk you off the ledge. Seriously if Trump wins so be it, I wouldn't leave the country over it. I'm quite patriotic and don't believe in leaving just because I don't like who was chosen as president.


somewhere between 6% and 89%, depending on whom you talk to.



As far as I know you haven't burned any US flags or looted a CVS (recently) so you're head and shoulders above the BLM/Hillary crowd.

I assume though from your lack of denial you are autustic AND you will take my bet?



Why would I be on the ledge? I get to carve my name into the tree of history during Civil War II when Hillary appoints a gay black Hispanic transgender illegal alien to SCOTUS who decides that Heller was a "rogue decision" and decides that that the 2A means "muskets" in a 5-4 decision. All while I am in my prime.

Of course You wouldn't leave - Trump would make AMERICA great again, while Hillary wants us to be a 3rd World sewer full of peons competing with Bangladeshis for a bowl of rice a day. It wouldn't be America.

different clue


More than just the DP establishment will whitewash the "server thingie". The entire Global Overclass Elite will be part of the whitewash. The International Free Trade Conspiracy will mobilize every sucker disc on every tentacle of the MSM to keep the "server thingie" whitewashed.

President Clinton is to be their Obama 2.0 and they are counting on that. They won't let some server-deal trump a Clinton victory if they can help it.


WRT looking into this matter:

why would they do it now? the threat of some "special commission" would be more useful to help keep her on course after she was elected.

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