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05 May 2016


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Any idea why he has not revealed any of the Clinton emails he read? Why is he keeping them secret?


As someone who works in the computer field, this smells like BS to me. He also claimed that he saw traces of other hackers, but the FBI didn't?

Just remember these are the same sources that claimed that Clinton's indictment was "imminent", not just for this but for every scandal going back to whitewater. So I'd consider the source before going all in.



Hilary worked at the discretion of the President. Why did he allow it and why is he keeping it secret?

The Twisted Genius

Keith Harbaugh,

Despite its mission statement, the NSA never had its heart in the network defense mission. You would be surprised how little situational awareness the USG has about its own networks.

The Twisted Genius

The Beaver,

I was also shocked with the 60 Minutes report as well. SS7 has been around for 40 years. Why all those vulnerabilities haven't been patched is beyond me. If the SS7 design is that bad, it should have been replaced long ago. Telecom companies clearly don't give a damn about security. I bet if hackers start screwing with the billing system, the telcos will change their tune.

Will Reks


"In addition, this week, a notorious hacker awaiting trial claimed he infiltrated Clinton's server but law enforcement officials said the FBI investigation into Guccifer found no sign he got into the Clinton server according to law enforcement sources."

Let's let this play out.

different clue

Jonathan House,

I would have preferred Sanders. But if it had come down to Clinton v Cruz or Rubio or Kasich or Christie or Carson or any other Official Brand-Name Republican . . . I would have decided to vote for Clinton.

But now that it looks like Trump will be the nominee . . . vs Clinton . . . I will have a choice to make. At the moment Trump appears to offer a partial break with the Borg. But would he, as a profit-making bussinessman, understand running a strictly cost-center branch of Government? And would his advisers signal a cleaner break from the Borg than Clinton's advisers will? Who would be his advisers anyway? And her advisers? etc. many such etceteras. . . .


Tyler wrote: 'until Emperor DJT ascends to the presidency, that is'

Unfortunately, for you, there aren't enough old, angry, white men for this to become a reality.


Tidewater to Nancy K,

Do you think that there is going to be a tremendous backlash from American women against Donald Trump?


Not only did Clinton use a private email server, but she was using an unsecured and unencrypted Blackberry to access it.

A smartphone connected to a malicious wifi network or cell tower can be taken over entirely. An attacker can steal all your data while streaming a video of the meeting you're at. Imagine all the fun hackers around the world might have had.

Unfortunately, there isn't much NSA can do against that.


I concur. He stumbled across Sid's email and the headers will include the IP address of HRC's server. From there it's an easy job to scan it for open port vulnerabilities. However, Guccifer's MO was more in the order of social engineering which, I believe, is how he got access to Sid's emails. He could be telling the truth or just making claims up as hackers like him are wont to do. However, it's hard to believe state actors weren't aware of the server.

Charles Michael

Yes Colonel,
and by the way DT so far has only been in private business, aka self intersts.
not exactly the very official main occupation of the Clintons
and specially not of a Secretary of State.


Not entirely off topic since it's about the "other side".
I've got a funny suspicion (nasty me...), what if the miraculously opportune end of campaigning is actually meant to PREVENT Trump to get the quorum of delegates (no more primary voting) so that a more convenient "arrangement" can be found out of the total pool of delegates?
(I am not knowledgeable on the details of US presidential elections so this may be moot)

Peter Reichard

Guccifer, already in jail in Romania, was indicted in the US in June 2014 for hacking many high profile Americans including Colin Powell but was not extradited until this March. The timing indicates that there are powerful forces within the Federal Government that are out to get Hillary. FBI head James Comey, by the way, is a Republican. The plot thickens.

Mark Gaughan



until even a fraction of a percent of the people in power learn the first thing about programing coding and how the internet works it will be a constant source of boondoggles and ridiculous stories such as 15 year old bypasses billions worth of security.

the only secure computer is one that has no connection to the internet.


"Evidence can be erased or modified in that time."

I basically agree with you. But I am somewhat skeptic it would only need active sysadmin interference. The ideal point for an investigation would be the at the moment it occurs or shortly after without the system shut down or in any way cleaned, it feels. PC forensics is an interesting field though.



Keep telling yourself there's enough BLM idiots, transgender activists, illegal aliens, and other unamericans to stop him.

America is gonna be great again and all you can do is cry about it.



Google image search God Emperor Trump for laughs.


Comey may be a Republican but he was appointed to head the FBI by Obama three years ago.


Tidewater, I am female, and I would like to stand in for American females here, fully aware of the "woman card" narrative.

Now ironically enough, I am not a fan of "Goldie", additionally I have to refer to, I guess, an angle of the larger Borg:

>>"Clinton’s assessment that “great nations need organizing principles, and ‘Don’t do stupid stuff’ is not an organizing principle<<

never mind my struggles in the larger context all the way back to Whitewater, this would effectively rule her out for me.

And now I'll return to my reading-only-default, I promised to keep for a while.


Please, GCP, keep underestimating him. And keep thinking only 'white males' r the only ones interested. Please keep thinking that. And disseminating your thoughts.


The current odds in betfair etc suggest Trump has a 18% chance. I think these odds underestimate his chances for a number of reasons and believe the race will be quite close. But I don't think you should assume this one is in the bag with those odds. Or rather, if you are sure you can make a lot of money with a bet.

Babak Makkinejad

Are you kidding me?

He was giving a speech in New York one time and all this women, young and old, were lined up to give him their business cards.

Women love successful powerful men; except Mitt Romney whom they hated because of the way he walked.



"out to get Hillary." or they are trying to stop the Borg, or the next generation of politicians from being equally stupid, or maybe just trying to enforce the law against people whose egregious conduct has harmed American national security.

"by the way, is a Republican."
I believe his allegiance is to the Republic and not a particular political party. Is that any different for Hilary?

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