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05 May 2016


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Dear Colonel, it seems worthwhile to note that the reason the hacker was in jail in Romania was for hacking (and getting caught) into Romanian politicos. To me this gives his story significant credibility.

Mark Gaughan

Funny stuff, thanks.



I'm not underestimating him. In fact, I won a couple of bets that he would end up the Republican nominee. His problem is the electorate as a whole is a much different entity than those voting in a Republican primary. Not to mention he has big problems in the electoral college.

And no, I'm not happy about Hillary. Not a fan just like I wasn't a big fan of her husband. Things are set up better for her though when you look at the 'big picture'.



Define 'great'.


Obama golfs and relies on a tight inner circle. I've thought Obama was an empty suit since his famed 2004 DNC speech, and I've decided the vaunted Obama campaign strategy of "no drama, Obama" was a message he wouldn't hear bad news. Does anyone except Republican leadership get near Obama who isn't a disgusting sycophant?

This is a guy who just went to Flint to announce the filtered water is safe for kids over the age of six as if that was a success and then said bad attitudes are preventing growth or whatever nonsense Obama peddled.


What's the alternative?

no one

All, CNN is reporting today that FBI officials are saying that they have just about wrapped up their interviews and no criminal wrong doing has been discovered at this point. Much to do over nothing then?


How did he get caught by ... the Romanians?



Don't you know that Putin is laughing to himself about the whole Hillary affair. Still Russia is very wary of Hillary and her anti-everything-Russian entourage should she manage to land the oval office posit.

Hillary would mean war and endless wars, that's what the globalist want, to sap our US strength even more. Trump talking America-first appears to be scaring the bee-jeez out of the globalist types, as it would mean an end to their belly-up-to-the-hog-trough of endless US funds that they have become so accustomed to.

Babak Makkinejad


US deputy national security advisor:

"Most of the outlets are reporting on world events from Washington. The average reporter we talk to is 27 years old, ... They literally know nothing.”


Full Interview here:


Old Microbiologist

He already said they weren't keeping logs. He would have deleted the evidence of his penetration but didn't need to as the feature was turned off. Open ports is just plain dumb. Clearly run by amateurs.

Old Microbiologist

Perhaps it is because he sent her classified emails to her private email account making him guilty as well. If she goes down then he will need a pardon as well. Trump won't be the one to do that (we assume) so he needs either Clinton or Biden to be his replacement. I am wondering if Huma is given immunity what she will say. Clearly someone is going to get tossed under the bus and there aren't too many people in the loop available so she might be thinking about self preservation. I am enjoying it but expect that if it ever comes to an actual trial it will be merely a fine.


Yep, wait till after the Dem convention has given her the nomination and then release the juicy bits via 'anonymous'.

Nakib Ahmed

DT has connected with some deeply felt yet unstated undercurrents present in the vast majority of non-elite Americans who believed, worked hard and sacrificed for worthy human ideals.

WW2 and decades afterwards were America's glory years. After the assassination of JFK, most of the American leaders, except for Regan, have been blackmailed puppets of a certain group of elites, and the white Americans have been the cannon fodders. Their patriotism, and other altruistic intensions have been manipulated to make them impotent. They are still polite, but for how long will they remain compliant?

They are a humiliated population segment. They see they don't own newspapers, TV stations, and their leaders have to get certain country's approval before getting appointed or elected.

These patriots do not hate blacks or immigrants. They would like to make their country systematic, functioning and prosperous.

And they are done being owned by some else.



The current odds six months out from the primary said Trump couldnt win either.

I made a very pretty penny betting those odds. Odds had Romney hearing Obama, McCain beating Obama, and Carter beating Reagan at this time.

6 months is an eternity.

Keith Harbaugh

TTG, my speculation (nothing more than that) on what happened is as follows:
Many people in the USG did take notice of what Hillary was doing, were concerned about her making her communications so accessible to so many parties in the world, and conveyed their concerns to whatever part of the NSA to which they had access.
The question is what NSA did with those concerns.
Stuff them in the circular file?
Or share in the concerns, and point out to the president, through the channels (ODNI and DOD) they have to him, the problems that are now being so gleefully outlined by such NSA alumni as Michael Hayden?

In particular, NSA has a liaison office at State, handling the various cryptologic issues that arise in diplomatic communications.
Did no one at State drop by the NSALO and pass on a "heads-up" about what Hillary was doing?
Hard to believe no one alerted NSA about this.

Nancy K

Yes, but of course not all women. Some religious conservative women might vote for him, women married to the supposedly angry white males, and Republican women who just do not want to see a Democrat or a women as president could vote for him. I think the majority of black, Hispanic ,white urban, and women over 30 will vote for Hillary. As for the younger female voter who favors Bernie, they may not vote for Hillary but they definitely will not vote for Donald. I so could be wrong however. This is a good time to be a Political Science teacher. It is definitely not a boring year.



Yeah Yeah yeah sure you did.

He has no big problems other than trying to figure out how to fit himself on Mount Rushmore. Meanwhile Big Grandma is running on a platform of "taking your guns, firing coal miners, black lives loot, and import more violent foreigners!"

A winning platform, but when you consider she's also trying to hide her stroke from a few years ago and now she can't speak without going into a coughing fit, I have to admit you convinced me; she has it in the bag.



Whatever makes you cry the most the day after President Trump is inaugurated is a good start.


I would agree with Trump that the Democratic Party establishment will do their best to cover and whitewash the HRC' server gate. An independent special commission should be requested to look in this matter.


Because the secret services want an easy to crack system. See for example GSM and their encryption which was purposefully weakened by the French.

Will Reks

My thoughts are that it's not going to matter one bit that she won't be indicted. Criminal intent is going to be hard to prove. But, as far as politics goes, Trump is going to be playing up the "crooked Hillary" angle and the anti-Hillary crowd will keep believing that she belongs in jail having gotten away with it. So, I don't think it will affect the election much at all, no matter how it goes.


Tyler wrote: 'He has no big problems other than trying to figure out how to fit himself on Mount Rushmore'

So in your world someone who advocates not paying our debts should be on Mount Rushmore?


I'll take a bet with you. Name it or shut up.


google ben rhodes - see what turns up.

it's a freaking festival of high dudgeon!

different clue


He doesn't want to upset the golden applecart coming his way. "Let me just sleeeeaze on out the side door here . . . "

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