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05 May 2016


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only chance is if no one (Chinese, Russians, etc.) knew Clinton was keeping that server at home. But what are the odds of them not knowing that fact?

r whitman

We need to get over it. This nonsense will not change any votes.

The Twisted Genius

Never underestimate a mother's basement as a base of hacker operations. I have seen drug addled kids run rampant in the routers and switches of INSCOM while its Information Dominance Center remained oblivious. The Army Online servers were owned from the depths of a mother's basement.

Any server linked to a domain name like clintonemail.com would be a magnate to curious hackers as well as the Russian, Chinese, Israeli and Iranian equivalents of NSA. The physical location of that server matters not. I think Clinton's use of a private server to skirt open-records laws stands a better chance to deep six her than her mishandling of classified information. Bernie is right to hang in there.


Should we not also take note of the fact that private commercial firms, such as the outfit that the FBI contracted with to crack the San Bernardino phone, sell their services worldwide? There is so much expertise out there for hire that the only prudent thing is to assume that any electronic data is potentially "hackable" unless protected by the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art devices monitored by officials more conscientious even than those at the NSC - witness Snowden


The best thing EVER (until Emperor DJT ascends to the presidency, that is) would be the media petitioning for the emails, and the government refusing to turn them over.

Only for Russia to say "Oh we have them. Here you go."


Well aside from everything else it would be completely possible for this guy to do it. Nothing he claims would be impossible for him to do. I remember when the group Lulzsec was embarassing the entire security apparatus and it turned out to be a handful of teenagers quite literally in their parents' basements...

William R. Cumming



"... the Clinton campaign issued a statement Wednesday night saying, "There is absolutely no basis to believe the claims made by this criminal..."

It is apparently only criminals who make Democratic politicians look bad who can't be trusted. Unlike the "ex-criminals", now to be considered honest and trustworthy, who, by executive order of the Governor of Virginia, had their voting rights (but not those 2nd Amendment rights) restored. We are also to have confidence in the politicians who believe many who are incarcerated should not be:
I wonder which party those politicians are in.

Old Microbiologist

It just keeps getting more interesting. This is a major problem for her as it leads to a completely separate crime. Now she has several potential charges, any one of which would put a mere mortal in prison, to fight. Then we gave the corruption charges for selling political influence for donations to the Clinton Foundation. I wonder what percentage of the non-profit is actually used for altruistic purposes?

The Twisted Genius

"clintonemail.com would be a magnate"
Of course I mean magnet, but the server was obviously used by a magnate.

Mark Pyruz

If Clinton (and Guccifer) related servers are intact, this claim should be verifiable.

Any competent investigative law enforcement agency can likely identify such a breach made in the past, and potentially corroborate the claim.

Furthermore, I expect the Clinton-related servers have already been thoroughly examined with the intent of detecting any possible breaches.

The Beaver

as well as the Russian, Chinese, Israeli and Iranian equivalents of NSA.

Come on, even the good allies of Western Europe will do it - that's how the game is played - there are no choir boys amongst "allies"

 Ishmael Zechariah

Col. Lang, SST;
Do you think there will be leaks from the investigators of these issues, and where do you think such information will first surface? Some of us here think that they will wait till Ms. Clinton is nominated and then start providing information to blogs. Some colleagues think there will be no leaks due to Borg control.

Ishmael Zechariah

Jonathan House

Some time ago, our host did an informal survey of this committee asking (I don't recall the exact question) which candidate each of us supported / would vote for. The consensus, as Pat summarized it, was to vote for Clinton while holding one's nose.

I wonder if any of those who said they would vote for Clinton (that included me) have now changed their mind (I haven't)?



IMO Obama is trying to keep the FBI under control. How that will work for him is unclear to me. these people all know of many channels to surface whatever they want. pl



The SIGINT stations in their embassies here would all belong to their national SIGINT service. You forgot Canada. pl

The Twisted Genius

The Beaver,

That's true.

Nancy K

The Donald has done so many questionable things, his bankruptcies, questionable at best university, business practices, hiring of illegals, etc., that it is the height of hypocrisy to cast stones at Hillary's activities. But perhaps like Donald's followers who don't seemed to be bothered by his rather repugnant behaviors, Hillary's followers are not turned off by accusations that she may or may not have done something illegal and some unreliable hacker may or may not have gotten access to some or none of her emails. I am so sick of this election. Wish I could wake up and it was over and Donald was back to selling steak and wine of questionable quality.

The Twisted Genius

Mark Pyruz,

The premise of relying on forensics at this point is severely compromised. Clinton had possession of the servers long after she knew there would be an investigation. Evidence can be erased or modified in that time. The FBI can probably still tell the servers were modified which could have something to do with the amnesty offer to the sysadmin. Add obstruction of an FBI investigation and/or destruction of evidence to the list of charges.


Nancy K
I never liked the business world but know a lot about it. Bankruptcies as a ploy in large scale business is nothing special. if he had personally gone bankrupt that would be a different matter. His business practices do nort seem unusual at all. pl

The Beaver

Oh I didn't forget Colonel. Canada does it for her own reasons/purposes as well as on behalf of some "friends".When I mentioned WE, I wanted to emphasize that not only the Five Eyes do it but also the allies.

Funny it's only last month that some discovered via a 60 mins segment that the smart phone can be hacked via the SS7 network but those in the telecomm biz knew that, since its inception in the 1980's, it is riddled with vulnerabilities. Some carriers even sell access to their SS7 networks to the spooks.

DSK was even surprised 5 years ago that the sitting govt at the Elysée Place , at that time, was able to monitor his phone conversations ( even the one provided by the IMF) :-)


Nancy K,

So that GM Bankruptcy was questionable or just the Detroit one? Were the bailout's repugnant behavior or only the gross malfeasance and in some cases outright criminal conduct that drove the later into that bankruptcy? Just curious since politicians didn't run GM but they sure ran Detroit into the ground. You won't have to search far in google to figure out which party and for how many decades. That conduct however pales in comparison to the conduct of the former secretary of state as it relates to handling of classified information that affects our national security.

Keith Harbaugh

I have four questions:
1) What did NSA know about Hillary’s email setup while she was Secretary of State?
2) What did they do about that knowledge?
3) Is the NSA IG looking into those questions, and if so,
will (a sanitized version of) his report be released to the public?
4) What is the legitimacy of former NSA executives, Michael Hayden for one,
publically carrying on about what a terrible thing her setup was,
how the communications of officials in her position are a prime target of all the peer competitors of the United States,
if their very organization was aware of what was going on at the time it was going on
and did nothing to stop it at that time?
Remember, security is NSA's middle name.

no one

Keeping the FBI "under control" so he can decide what to do about the case; how - or if - to use it in some beneficial fashion? Or quash it when he's ready? Or under control for some other purpose, like a thorough investigation/justice process?



People are more concerned with Hillary's campaign platform of "we're going to take your guns and import more violent foreigners" than they are stuff viewed through a mendacious lens. Also concerning is pictures of violent illegal aliens waving the Mexican flag while burning cop cars to prove that Mexican illegals aren't violent short tempered criminals with no impulse control.

Trump is going to be president and it's going,to be amazing. I hope you can be talked off the ledge lolllllllll

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