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11 May 2016


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DH: This was a major theme of Chris Hayes's book, "Twilight of the Elites."



I guess my task would be to prevent people from attacking each other personally while still being able to disagree forcefully. pl




Ka*ching! Stop the spending! I keep trying to tell people that gridlock is good, else they tend to pass primarily kleptocratic legislation. But it seems the "productivity" meme gets stuck in people's heads and they think if congress "does stuff" life in the US will magically get better somehow. IIRC the Founding Fathers set things up to make it difficult to "get stuff done" because they wisely did not trust congress to "do the right thing."

Why so many still believe what politicians say is beyond me. Lucy (politician) - Football(promised stuff) - Charlie Brown (gullible voter).


I heard some guy on the John Batchelor Show last night from the American Enterprise Institute. He was railing against Trump, claiming he’s not a real Republican, that no one knows the real Donald.

Paraphrasing, but most is verbatim: ‘He’s been a pro-choice, single-payer health care guy for 69 years. [...] He’s against the whole pro-market turn in US policies since 1980. He was against the 1986 tax reform. He wanted wealth taxes. He’s against trade. And I thinking it’s shocking that he’s being held up as a pro-growth supply-sider because that’s what he been for the past day and a half.'



This is the conclusion of the article: "Unless Democrats or the New York City Board of Election can provide compelling evidence contrary to Election Justice USA’s findings, New York’s delegation also should not be seated at the Democratic Convention in July."

In other words, serious voting corruption.



Ah, I see you mentioned the Roosevelts as well. I didn’t read your comment before I wrote mine.

And I agree with the rest of your comment. I would add that our brand of meritocrats do concern themselves with their fellow-citizens, but those fellow-citizens live in Israel, which has sucked up far too much congressional oxygen over the past eight--hell, 15--years.


Trump's unbridled temper will continue to be a liability. Witness his violent attack this week on Elizabeth Warren with a heavy, blunt instrument - his wit.



Yes. Sadly our civilization is being destroyed, not with a bang but with a whimper by the likes of these. Had my son done what Biden's did he would be in prison.




True but Trump is not a Republican and Sanders is not a Democrat. They just run on those parties tickets.

Peter Reichard

Election fraud is a serious concern with Clinton. Exit polls, which using the same methodology, got the more complex Republican primaries essentially correct gave, with the exceptions of Vermont and Wisconsin,statistically significant higher results for Sanders than the official tally in almost all cases. Ironically it may end up that the Democratic convention is the one being contested.



Because they knew many women are irrational, immune to logic, and easily swayed by emotion. Often they want all the power and none of the responsibility that authority brings, and when something goes wrong it's always another's fault.


this description also applies to XY serfs, slaves, spoiled children, some courtiers, and many underperformers. Have only read about the courtiers (unless academics count), serfs and slaves.

you did not mention calculation and guile.


the shared crookedness of the timber is easier to spot in those with a more obvious difference.



I think that ticket would tear itself apart on the contradictions. So many cracks for a wrecker like Trump to drive a wedge.



Is this Adelson coming to HRC's rescue ???


LondonBob, I'm not sure Trump will go anyway near "smarter." He is obviously the "smartest guy in the room" in his own mind and is of such fragile ego that there is no way he is going to want to read pundits talking about how smart his running mate is and how that smart running mate is going to educate and inform the candidate. Actually, I'd be more hopeful if he does pick someone like that...but I'm not holding my breath.


Rakesh, you state it well. I totally agree that because of Trump himself, we are not voting on a party but on a person. Trump is not to be trusted on anything. Hillary is to be trusted to understand American government and its flaws and possibilities. Having said that, I'm SURE she will make decisions we all regret but she will waste our time and hers trying to remake our government Imperial...but Trump will.

Linda Lau

I remember when she ran in 2008 a random man in the Midwest who was said to have little use for blacks, said that he would vote for a black person rather than a woman. I have never been a fan of HRC, but Ishe is what we have (or what I have anyway) or Trump. I would surely hope that Jim Webb would never ally himself with Trump and dirty his good reputation.

Nancy K

Tyler, I understand that some men dislike or fear women however to imply that many women are irrational, immune to logic and etc, is just crazy talk. Most of the world's leaders have been men and we can see how well that has gone. This fear and hatred of women has led to horrific lives for young girls and women in many parts of the world. The sexes are different but neither is better than the other.



"This fear and hatred of women.."

You mean the areas with lots of Muslims...

Which liberal women don't want to talk about. Let's be serious here.

I know as a typical progressive you think that disagreement is "fear", but all I have to do is look at politicians like Hillary or Merkel and realize that stereotypes exist for a reason.

Nancy K

No I can't show or do I feel there is any gender bias in those two blogs. I think the left prefer Bernie to Hillary. To be honest I prefer Bernie to Hillary but he can not win. Most Americans are not going to vote for an older Jewish Socialist who went to Moscow on his honeymoon. I am a realist.

Nancy K

He is backing Trump, how is that rescuing Clinton?

Nancy K

I don't think I am a typical progressive anymore than I think you are a typical conservative. I also did not mean just areas with "lots of Muslims". Many religions are patriarchal and treat women as 2nd class citizens. I have found it is usually cultures or men who are unsure of their own masculinity who treat women poorly. I understand it but I don't identify with it. My husband is a nonreligious Jew, who lived many years in Israel. He is very secure of himself as a man and treats me as an equal. I can only hope that our 4 daughters and 1 son have relationships such as ours.
I will vote for Hillary not because she is a woman but because I feel she is the only candidate that can bean Trump.

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