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11 May 2016


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Nancy K

I agree with you completely. From many of the posts regarding Hillary, you would think she was the devil incarnate. Donald seems to be given a free ride. Michelle Obama was criticized for wearing sleeveless dresses, however Donald's wife can pose nude and no one seems to be shocked. I will admit she does look good in the buff however Michele Obama has very nice arms also. I think the main objection to Hillary is her gender.
I don't trust Trump either, he is not consistent on anything, changing your mind frequently is not a trait I think is desirable in someone running for President. He is also volatile and egotistical. A lot of posters in the past have commented on Obama being a narcissist and an empty suit, these descriptions seem to fit Trump perfectly.



"I think the main objection to Hillary is her gender" That is a remarkable statement. pl


I actually would prefer Trey Gowdy as Attorney General.

rakesh wahi

It is beyond my comprhension that someone would prefer a buffon with fascist mindset and a know nothing over a slightly flawed but intelligent person. trump is a sociopath and a patholoogic liar. You really want to turn over the country to him?


I can't believe that I'm still hearing people moan about how it's inevitable that HRC is going to win. You guys sound like Eeyore, fer christ sake.

Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if Bernie wins California.

The only people I've talked to who have actively supported her are gay men, blacks, and straight-ticket zombies. There are a lot of liberals that are not happy with the Dem choices.

It's all for Trump to pick up these disaffected voters with his VP pick.


Maybe The Donald is smarter than he let's on.


It's quite possible that many voters don't care that much about policy details since their experience is that candidates say one thing during the campaign and do the opposite when in office. Dubya campaigned against nation building and then plotted regime change in Iraq as soon as he got to the Oval Office. Barack said rule of law applies to the elites and promptly ran out the clock on the Wall St criminals. Bill ran on being a black man and then shivved them with his Sister Souljah moment.


rakesh wahi

What you have written here about Trump is mere name calling. You have to do better than that on SST. pl


Nah. Gowdy is a grandstander who is open borders and puts on a good show for conservative media with Benghazi.



As far as I know Hillary identifies as a woman still, but I'm sure shed describe herself as genderfluid for the all critical tranny vote.


Nancy K yet again with strong arguments for why the 19th Amendment should be repealed.

a slightly flawed but intelligent person

Thank you very much for the good laugh.


"DT will bring economic war to Iran
and indeed the entire world" I don't
know about Iran but economic war
has been brought to the American
worker for approximately 35 years
some might say more. Off shoring of
good paying manufacturing jobs under
the guise of neoliberal "free trade" being
one aspect of this. The mantra of "they
are doing the jobs Americans won't do"
another. What is it, his thatched look?
His cock sure swagger? The American
voters' choices have been which benign
dictator best represents us.

David Habakkuk

rakesh wahi,

You illustrate perfectly the mentality which is largely responsible for the emergence of Trump.

If the anxieties, and resentments, of those who support Trump had not been ‘beyond the ‘comprhension’ of ‘élites’ alike in the United States and Europe, there wouldn’t be a Trump.

Those ‘élites’ – if only out of a concern for self-preservation – would have taken some note of those anxieties and resentments.

This used to happen. After all, both Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt came from the ‘élites’.

(Indeed, when the Liberal government broke the power of the British aristocracy in the years leading up to the First World War, quite a few of those involved were themselves very much ‘upper class’, and they were in no way resisted by the King, Edward VII.)

It is a peculiar characteristic of the ‘meritocracy’, whose replacement of traditional ‘élites’ was supposed to be an unqualified good, that their lack of concern with what many of their fellow-citizens think and feel makes the pre-1789 French aristocracy look positively ‘in touch’.

Babak Makkinejad

"Genderfluid" - very good!

Babak Makkinejad

Ah, that reminds me of the drug-dealing son of Geraldine Ferraro; while in college.

I guess he lacked for money, having to work 4 jobs to pay for his tuition at Brown University - Not.

I witnessed analogous things in rich suburbs of New York City in Connecticut - I knew then and there that US was on a path of decline since the addled brain dope-head progeny of the elite were going to assume the leadership of ruling class in US in the ripeness of time.


what do you think of his chances against Clinton-Sanders?

Nancy K

I probably should have stated a main objection instead of the main objection to Hillary is her gender. I'm not even saying that the objection is from men. My mother is 91 and lives in an independent living community. She said many of the women there feel uncomfortable with a women being president. It is something they are not use to. There will be women who vote for Hillary only because she is a woman. I think gender and race influence us in ways we may not even be aware of. I'm sure identification with a political party is similar. My father use to call himself a yellow dog democrat. He said he would vote for a yellow dog if it ran as a democrat. I'm not quite that bad but there have been very few times in my 48 years of voting that I did not vote Democratic.

Nancy K

Tyler, your replay indicates why it took so long for the US to give women the vote.

different clue

Nancy K,

There are two leftish blogs I read regularly . . . Ian Welsh and Naked Capitalism. They both find Clinton objectionable on what they claim to be policy grounds. If you or someone else can link to a pattern of articles or posts on either of those 2 blogs that are motivated by gender bias, it might be useful and helpful to link to them here and explain why they are based on gender bias.


a buffon [sic] with fascist mindset

You appear to have the classic uneducated understanding of what fascism means and its history and methodology that prevails these days.

Fascism was a reaction to communism. It protected the rights of the presumptive 1% at that time, and used business and government to assure its interests would prevail. It didn’t give a shit about creating jobs for ordinary people so that their kids and families could eat, earn a living wage without going into debt to provide necessities (as Greenspan told people to do in 1998 when private sector debt soared under Hillary’s husband), and live with dignity in a society that acknowledges their right to the live with the protection of the social contract we call a republic. It was powerful industrial and financial interests that created the genesis and propagation of fascism. American industrialists applauded; it protected their turf. Elites like Republican Teddy Roosevelt and Democratic FDR stuck up for the little guy, incurring the wrath of the ruling class.

Hillary’s husband and his ridiculous VP unmoored the tenets of Eisenhower’s form of government that created the middle class and the greatest period of prosperity in America’s history. He welcomed the rebirth of fascism by handing the government over to the bankers, undoing the safety nets of the previous 60 years with no thought to the consequences. (His deregulations created the Great Recession, but I won’t get into that now.)

Bush and Cheney were the fascists, institutionalized it, and Trump correctly raked Jeb Bush over the coals last fall publicly for what his brother did as President. The only thing our Congress knows how to do is pass unanimous laws for Israel within four days, not use this immense constitutional power to fix the lives and futures they destroyed in 2008: fuck The People. But then Congress wants those donor bucks, doesn’t it. Cheap suits.

Who the hell do you think a president Hillary is going to talk to at 3 AM when she doesn’t know what to do? When she’s dancing on Monica Lewinsky’s rug in the Oval Office shadowboxing the stale air “fighting for us?"

William R. Cumming

IMO and could be wrong as always this fall's Presidential election all about who turns out and how they vote. While I still think neither HRC or Donald can get 270 electoral votes or more [thus going to the House for decision] IMO the selection of running mate will determine both turnout and outcome.

Given the importance of Virginia [should it flip Republican] would not be surprised to see on of the running mates for either party a Virginian by birth or more recent roots.


Jack: For me, it's about sharpening the contradictions. We won't have a non-Davos, non-Goldman Sachs-supplicant Democratic Party until the Clinton DLC'ers are defeated.

One term of Trump is a small price to pay for that larger victory.


mbrenner: Billmon has a pretty extensive Twitter string showing that Democrats and Republicans are pretty fixed in their loyalties--and the actual significance of any candidate is overrated. IMHO, this election will be close because the nation is--and has been--closely divided for 20 years.


Col: Yes, Colonel, Nancy's statement is remarkable....remarkably untrue. As a voting Democrat, I think Hillary's gender is a plus. Her character, in contrast, is a huge minus.



The 2016 election will test the comity of SST.

There are huge problems for the incumbent Democrats; the collapsing Middle Class, the proxy mini world war in the Middle East plus the restart of the Cold War 2.0 with Russia and China. Hillary Clinton can only be elected if the majority of the voters ignore these issues. It is Trump’s election to loose; for example, by selecting Newt Gingrich, an architect of the new America, as his Vice President.

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