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11 May 2016


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"Clinton Faces Increasingly Bumpy Ride" http://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/Bernie-Sanders-Just-Made-Things-Worse-for-Hillary-Clinton-20160511-0008.html


There is a suggestion out there that what Hillary is afraid of is "personal" emails on her server that would shed unfavourable light on her private life.



Relevant to many of the people in denial on here.

The Twisted Genius


You're getting in the way of building the narrative. You clearly know nothing of how politics works.

Max H

I would love for Jim Webb or Tulsi Gabbard to be the VP pick, but I think it would problematic for a VP pick to be from another party. I'm not sure how that would work. And I don't believe there could be an expedited party registration process just to do this. Its slim pickings among GOP members. A few paleos I guess, e.g., Walter Jones, John Duncan, et al. But we know it won't be Carly "General Buck Turgidson" Fiorina, she's been tapped for VP slot by another candidate.

Btw, all the people who are making a lot of money in neocon political consulting are getting apoplectic about a Trump Administration. Neocon Russophobe Ian Bremmer's most recent tweet (this evening):

ianbremmer @ianbremmer
Teddy Roosevelt: Speak softly and carry a big stick.
Donald Trump: Speak loudly about your small stick.


I've been a member of this group for many years. Yet I don't recall a person being more reviled on these pages than Hillary Clinton. During the Bush/Cheney years a lot of criticism was leveled against their administration but never were words equivalent to "she-devil" used.

I am not a fan of Clinton, but she strikes me as a typical politician - slippery and inconsistent. While she probably won't be a great President, I feel like she will be cautious and stay away from major policy errors.

Trump on the other hand is egotistical enough to ignore policy advice from experts. He really believes he is the smartest person in any room. I honestly believe soon after taking office that he announces something like the "U.S will pay 80 cents on the dollar for treasury debt, first come first served. He will pay for it by ordering the Feds to print 10 trillion in new dollars. Imagine what that would do to interest rates, inflation, corporate bonds and the upheaval in world and American economies.

As I said, Clinton will probably not do anything impulsive but I do not trust Trump when he assumes to power of the American Presidency not to do crazy things because of his ego.

Mark Logan

I don't think the path is by beating on Hillary. He can win if he can successfully portray himself as the champion of the working stiff though, and embrace his inner Krugman for policy with which to do that. Undermining the Dems would be better than attempting to trump them with a VP. It's difficult to imagine any who would accept the offer, and impossible to imagine anyone who after doing so would drag significant numbers of Dems with him or her. The VP pickings are, for him, exceedingly slim. He's probably going to have to settle for Perry or Christie.


It took me awhile to warm to Trump but I'm there now. The value of Trump is that he is an outsider, he understands that our elected government is not functioning properly, life is not what it was here in the good old USA and he has a fire in his belly. The verbosity and character assassination is his tool of trade and his mechanism to push another's weaknesses. Just look at poor Marco completely out of character babbling about appendages. This is what he is attempting with Hillary. While it's uncooth and over the top it works. To me Trump wins the vote and ekes by in the Electoral College but what he will do is bring out a level of voters we have not seen in a long while.
Eventually you will hear in words with similar meaning from Trump but not Hillary. "First, we are Americans. We may be Male, Brown, Red, Yellow, Female, Black, Homosexual, Musliim, Straight, Catholic, etc. etc but we are all Americans first and we need to remember where came from, where our country was and where this country is going. Now join me in Making America the Greatest Nation on Earth Again". Corny or odd yes, but this is who Trump is and anyways what could happen in four years.



Has there been a 'damage assessment' made regarding Hillary's National Security Compromise?


I think Trump has an excellent chance of destroying Hillary by asking:
"Who is she really? Do we have any idea who you're really voting for?" It's
a good question. She is notorious for bobbing and weaving and posturing.
Does anybody know what she stand FOR? Does she stand for anything besides
her becoming the first female President?

The whole issue of her of attacking Bill's gals in order to protect their joint political career plays directly into this--does she have any principles, or is she just and opportunist?

Her speaking style reinforces this. Her positions are often so lawerly and laden with clauses and conditions that you really can't tell where she stands. It comes across as constantly posturing, searching for the perfect, politically correct nuance. For example, she can't make simple statements like, "I support a higher minimum wage." Bernie, by contrast, has no trouble speaking in simple sentences and makes his preferences unmistakable.

The irony, of course, is that nobody knows what Trump stands for, either.
Yet after so many years on television, he knows how to feed media audiences. People feel like they know him. And Hillary, with her convoluted, serpentine sentences, will have trouble countering Trump's strength and directness.


I suspect that the Clinton's have a contingency plan, an October surprise, in the event that Hillary falters in the polls. An anonymous video clip will appear showing Bill and Jennifer Flowers' daughter Marigold checking into a downtown Little Rock motel at 2 A.M. Then, the NSA will leak a surveillance recording of their ordering an extra large pizza with all the toppings from Domino's at 4:30 A.M. They'd expect the sympathy vote to be overwhelming - especially if this time Hillary announces that a divorce petition will be filed immediately.


In case you haven't seen this video yet
Jeff Daniels Goes 'Will McAvoy' on Trump



There's a part of me that's filled with visceral disgust for what HRC stands for. For me she stands "somewhere between a cockroach and that white stuff that accumulates at the corner of your mouth when you're really thirsty," to quote the venerable Cyrus the Virus.

On the other hand, as a principled non-voter, I can't help but ask so what?

BHO wants her to succeed him; the press treats her every misdeed as if it were a virtue, and most any democrat will be whipped into voting for her come November. But why agonize over the prospect her winning this race?

HRC is a known commodity. We know what we'll get with her at the helm: The country will go off the Borgist deep end. Trump on the other hand can only disappoint. Without a plan to deal with a post-disappointment Trump, rooting for him is going to sting as bad for his supporters as it did for people who bought hope and change from a community organizer from Chicago.

William R. Cumming

Interesting post and thread. Wondering what exactly the American voter expects to get from the fall elections? Does possession of wealth by an individual indicate worthiness to lead others or competence in governance in 2016 America?


I admire Webb but he comes across poorly on television and is too old. Trump needs to shore up his right anyway, both in regards to evangelicals and soccer moms in the suburbs. I would make it a choice between Scott Brown, Kris Kobach and Duncan Hunter (Jr.). All strong on immigration and all early endorsers of Trump. My money would be on Scott Brown, although I prefer Kobach as he is smarter and has a Midwest background. Soccer Moms prefer a good looking guy with a central casting family over a tokenistic female pick.

Shame Rand Paul is still in a strop about Trump's attacks, he could actually play a foreign policy role in a Trump administration.

Trump will get 10% plus of black voters with a lower turnout of black voters in general, they like him and he is addressing issues that concern them. The national polls and state polls indicate Trump is doing slightly better than where Romney finished, well positioned for the 5 point win I expect he will achieve.

Peter Reichard

When Tyler first floated the idea of Trump-Webb I wrote in to SST that it was politically brilliant but somehow it didn't post. Trump, however, has since stated that he will only choose a Republican and having already alienated the Party leadership so much he is unlikely to reverse course on this. Webb is the perfect guy to shake up the DOD but is temperamentally a poor choice for VP and I doubt he would want it.

Peter Reichard

I think Hillary has an excellent chance of destroying Trump by asking:"Who is he really? Do we have any idea of who you're really voting for?" It's a good question. He is notorious for bobbing and weaving and posturing. It works both ways and thus we face the worst choice in American political history. Either way may God help us.


I'm one of those that does not want Hillary as President. Although the current odds are she gets it as she is the Borgist candidate. The Borg is pulling out all the stops so she can be coronated.

My reasoning is 3 fold:

1. Hillary has backed every meddling war since the Balkans. She is the candidate from ziocon central when it comes to overseas military interventions that bring only costs and no benefits to the country.

2. The Clintons have always deeply aspired to be accepted by the financial and social elites. This deep seated desire has IMO led them to be duplicitous, corrupt and unprincipled. They'll sell their parents to be accepted by those circles they want to move in.

3. She reeks of smarmyness. Will say or do anything that is expedient to achieve her lust for power. She IMO holds ordinary people in contempt while playing to the gallery of how she is for the working man.

With Hillary we have certainty. More wars, maybe even one with Russia. More transfer of wealth to the elites using the power of the state. And a vindictive management style.

I disagree with your prognosis that she'll be cautious. IMO, it will be the opposite as she will want to prove that a woman Commander-in-Chief can be more of a warrior than a man. If she gets elected I'll be buying Wall St and Defense contractors and using the best of my abilities to dissuade my son from serving in the military.

ex-PFC Chuck

Just as SST is my go-to read each day for goings on in US foreign affairs, especially in the Middle East, when it comes to any aspect of the presidential campaign that has to do with Trump I go to a blog published by Scott Adams, the author of the “Dilbert” cartoon that appears in hundreds of daily newspapers. Back in August of last year, when almost all the MSM pundits were looking at their watches so as to document the exact time The Donald finally jumped the shark and crashed and burned, Adams put up a post asserting that not only would he not crash, but that he would sew up the nomination before the convention and would ultimately be elected by a landslide. Adams’ basis for this claim is that he himself has been a serious student of persuasion techniques since early in his varied career and that he has never seen anyone in any walk of life more skilled in that art than Donald Trump. Most of Adams’ posts since then have been either analyses of recent campaign action or predictions of how he might respond to attacks on him and proactive initiatives he might take. As events have unfolded Adams has been right in these posts much more often than he has been wrong.

Below are links to a post late last month regarding the woman issue as well as one to the blog’s home page.



ex-PFC Chuck

And Trumps response will be: “We already know what Hilary stands for: Business as usual with her owners the banks, the 0.01%, and their coat-holders running the economy and gutting everyone else. How’s that been working out for ya?”


Yves Smith had a thoughtful post on HRC vulnerabilities yesterday that suggests to me that HRC has serious challenges ahead. And Smith confesses that she had underestimated Trump.


She also cites a recent Quinnipac poll that shows Trump in a dead-heat with HRC in the key swing states of FL, OH & PA


What would be so bad about four years of doing nothing more complicated than gilding the Washington Monument??



"Possession", creation or destruction:

Well the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it?


Clintons and their marriage continue to be the Great National Inkblot Test.

Babak Makkinejad

The perception among some in Iran is that HRC will bring War and DT will bring Economic War to Iran and indeed the entire world.

Neither candidate are sensible.

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