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11 May 2016


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"... with a heavy, blunt instrument - his wit." I heard it land with a dull thud.

Those that believe Trump will save America will not be dissuaded by his compulsive lying. His ego is big enough to ignore the self-made verbal traps that ensnare him.

I voted for Pat Buchanan in 200 because he was against free trade, American jobs being shifted overseas,illegal immigration and for isolationism and a military strategically designed for defense and not offensive or preemptive wars. He was called a racist for bewailing the fact that that due to hispanic immigration American whites would become a minority, resulting in the depreciation of Western Culture. Clinton was praised by the same media stars for saying it was good that whites would someday be a minority in the country he led.

Too many Americans have lost the survival instinct and I have no one to vote for.


By putting people off Trump.



I'm a nationalist. "Conservatism" has conserved nothing.

You're engaging in more pop psycho analyzing BS. Women have it great under the Christian West compared to the rest of the world. You're trying to compare the how the majority of women are treated under Islam and other religions with outliers, which shows your fundamental dishonesty.

Yes, you are a typical progressive.

different clue

William R. Cumming,

What if the brilliant analysts at Clintocrat Central decided that means Governor McCauliffe as Hillary VP?


the Dems became so iron fisted they managed to alienate both Clinton and Sanders supporters in Nevada.


Thought at first it was political theater but it seems to be more than that. No idea how it is being reported on Official State Media. There is another report of the results being posted by a local station three hours before the vote was taken.


not suggesting there is any sort of conspiracy.



The DNC is going to nominate Hillary no matter what the voters want. The MSM ignores the questionable tactics of the Democrats while concentrating on Trumps past girlfriends, real and imagined.

Brent Wiggans

Colonel, if you were contracted by a client to analyze the possible effects on policy - and their probabilities of realization - of Jim Webb being Donald Trump's vice president what would your executive summary be?


Brent Wiggins

Are you a client? pl



Warren's flustered "triggered" response to his tweet spoke more volumes about Warren than it did Trump.

Trump is the guy who says what everyone is thinking. He's right to point out that Warren's claim of Native American ancestry as a lever to achievement is nonsense.

This is only going to "hurt" him with people who would never vote for him anyway.

Brent Wiggans

No. I was just trying to elicit your most steely-eyed assessment of what Jim Webb is likely to be able to do and what influence on policy he is likely to have in the roll of Vice President in a Donald Trump administration?


Brent Wiggans

OK I dub you honorary client. IMO Webb should be SECDEF, Rand Paul should be SECSTATE and Tulsi Gabbard, like Webb, should be lured to a VP run even though she is a Democrat. pl

Brent Wiggans

Thank you. Honored. What I am really trying to get at is an eminent intelligence professional’s assessment of the likely effectiveness of a Jim Webb (and now a Rand Paul and a Tulsi Gabbard) in a Trump administration given Mr. Trump’s personality, his career leading an organization with his own name on it and his absence of experience in working within the constraints of American government. Conventional politicians have public records that can be at least suggestive of how they will work with members of their administrations. We can imagine how a Hillary Clinton or a Ted Cruz might get along with and utilize their own people and others to shape policy. Mr. Trump is anything but a conventional politician. His public record is of a very different kind. What are the predictors of how he will work with his own appointees to deal with others who hold power and are beyond his direct control?


Brent Wiggans

Flattered. IMO the kind of administration that I outlined would have no problems on most issues with a Republican Congress. There would be some grumbling but the general outcome would be cooperative. In foreign affairs his non-interventionist views coupled with an aggressive re-negotiation of trade deals are, in my view, doable and desirable. pl

Brent Wiggans

So, the answer to my question is that this group of appointees would have a high probability of having great influence over policy in a Trump administration. I can imagine that this might happen in one of two ways: Donald Trump would largely be quiescent to the views of his cabinet members or he is simpatico with the positions of these people on their signature issues. As to the first, it is difficult if not impossible to conceive of Mr. Trump being content to ride shotgun in the vehicle of his own administration. With regard to the second proposition, I do not think that what is in the public domain justifies much confidence that we know his real positions on much of anything. When challenged he invites us to not take too seriously a seemingly categorical pronouncement because it was merely a “suggestion” or a trial balloon or he may deny having said it at all or he may make a new and contradictory statement. Perhaps there are members of this committee who have a reliable fix on what Donald Trump truly believes.

It appears to me that people who were not initially persuaded to support Mr. Trump based upon his temperament and are - now that he is assured of being the Republican nominee and the alternative to Hillary Clinton - looking for other reasons to support him are underestimating him as a disruptive force and discounting his willfulness and unpredictability. On the other hand, those who oppose him based upon his temperament may be over-estimating its likely effects. I would have to believe that the greater strategic downside is in underestimating him.

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