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24 May 2016


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Russian MoD did set a dead-line for tomorrow, May 25, a few days back for resumption of air ops against the unicorns' supply lines into Turkey, as per this AP-piece:


"Shoigu warned that Moscow reserves the right to unilaterally strike militants refusing to respect the cease-fire, as well as weapons and militants crossing into Syria from Turkey, starting from May 25.

Russia long has accused Turkey of serving as a conduit for weapons and supplies flowing to the Islamic State and the Nusra Front — claims which Ankara has denied."

And if we look at the insurgent side of things, Russia playing ball on the negotiatery side of things for a couple months couldn't net them too much of any capital out of that.

How much - rather, little - of a "success" Kerry earned here can also be garnered from this here piece issued by the US Embassy to Syria "to Armed Syrian Factions":


Also issued in Arabic, as it happens:


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